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This group is dedicated to making this pairing popular by featuring stories that are fixated on either the romance or budding friendship of the duo. Their popularity status is very low; we're here to change that!

Rarilight is one of the more newer ships, so thousands of possibilities and chances are out there to write about.

Feel like you want to go on the ride? Hop aboard and enjoy the cruise on the Rarilight ship!

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I ship rarilight 5ever!


I love this ship

Me and my friend actually ships rarilight

My top two of the Mane Six (well, Pinkie ties with Twilight for me really) and my second favorite Rarity ship/most favorite Twilight ship...



I agree and they're my most favorite of the Mane Six :fluttercry:

Not a problem!
And yes...it's a shame. :L

Ah, well the more entries the better:twilightsmile:

353908 No, I have authors still wanting in, and as long as there's active participation, I don't mind extending

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask you. When is the contest officially over? Or did you already end it and I didn't notice it because of no group notifications?

350385 You're also a judge in a Rarilight contest right now

Let's see, I'm already in two RariLight groups...
Screw it, Rarilight is awesome:rainbowkiss:


I never knew you were a Rarilight fan! c:

ridin this train forever:raritystarry:


That feeling is mutual. :raritywink:

Feel like you want to go on the ride?

This is one ride I do not want to end.:moustache:

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