♥♪♫♪♥ "Hello, and welcome, darlings. This is a Rarilight group, except it is magnificent, beautiful... Oh wait, give me a minute, dears...... What's this? OK, FINE TWILIGHT! Twilight wants to add 'punctual', but I have no clue on how that fits in here. Anywho, see you later everypony!" Rarity exclaimed to you. Yes, totally, just you. Not the amazingly huge audience around you.
"...and ....I guess that was our 2 guests of honor! Now, go write some stories and put them in here!" Diamond Dead exclaimed as she walked away. ♥♪♫♪♥

♥♪♫♪♥ ~Rules~ ♥♪♫♪♥

Of course, like every group, there has to be rules. But these are very simple..

1. Put your stories in the correct folders, it pains me to have to fix it.
2. Make lots of threads! Be active, my loves!
3. Invite friends or perish in my Rarilight unicorn power.
4. If your story does not have Rarity and Twilight dating or as sisters, then you are not allowed to post it. It needs romance! Love! Or sister love! Just get it done, and done right. :twilightangry2:

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The 2 perfectionists combined together are perfect!

'ello, compadres. Let us bask in the perfection that is the best intra-mane-six ship for Purple Smart.

:pinkiecrazy: I think Pinkie Pie is jealous of what Twilight has with Rarity. :twilightblush:

my people...

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