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A Fresh Start · 9:58pm Aug 27th, 2015

Hey guys! :)

I disappeared for about a year or so, I know. I had left to go on another fanfiction site, and to be honest, I wanted to learn. I was, and am, ashamed of the crap I let you guys read that came from my keyboard. I needed somewhere to learn, and so, I did. I wrote for other fandoms, and I've seen all the errors and mistakes I made, that at the time, were pretty much unfixable. My writing was... get ready for it...


And I'll admit to that.

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Mini Autobio:
I love cats, I love ponies, I love cat ponies.

You now know my entire life story.

Gotta love that AJ kitty faceplant.

♥♫♥ Thank You! ♥♫♥

I would not be writing stories if it weren't for you guys. You all make life better and happier. Thank you!

~ ♥ Diamond Dead ♥

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Thank you very much for the Watch! I'll keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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Thanks for favoriting Celestia's Oldest Friend! I hope you enjoy. :scootangel:

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