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Asking for chapter ideas please · 6:58pm Apr 13th, 2021

I am sorry that I am terribly bad at coming up with new chapter ideas for my stories. If you have any ideas for chapters or what Twilight and her wives can be up to, then I am welcome to any of them please. I will give credit if used. thanks.

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Sorry all that happened to you but I don’t know what to say about tracking down an author outside of a fanfic site

Why not mlp the queen of shadows was my favorite twibra story
I'm trying to be polite but sometimes I get a little mean and also a bit crazy plus I have this disease in my eyes that is slowly blinding me it gets worse each year I lost my grandfather two years ago he was murdered in cold blood by someone he trusted his own daughter my aunt just for some petty reason money she killed her own dad because she wanted his money
Last time I saw her she had this greedy look do you know what she said to me and what she did to me she said she would kill her sisters just so she could get her grubby hands on more money just so she can gamble it away I was scared for my mother what she did to me was she traumatized me by pulling a gun and firing it right near my ears causing them to ring
All the time I was so scared I went into shock and just fell unconscious a few days later I woke up in a hospital my ears still ringing as they are now right now my aunt is in prison for murder I have had nothing but nightmares for the past two years since my grandfather died I haven't had a peaceful sleep ever since the only thing that I can do is read
Game and listen to music to deal with my stress tonight I couldn't get any restful sleep because I had another nightmare
That was pretty bad and shook me up something fierce I wish I could sleep peacefully but alas that's not going to happen

Sorry I have absolutely no idea how to

I have a favor to ask you that favor is if you can track down the author of mlp the queen of shadows and get it back on the site if that's not too much trouble mind you

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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