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To those who are reading, there is but one question: do you know the Filly Guides?

In that case, this is the group for you lot, a warehouse for stories featuring them as main, major, or even supporting characters; of course, any character that joins them can count as well.

In regards to their identities and goals in question, they're a youth organization based in Equestria, just like the run–of–the–mill scouting organizations consisting of both Boy and Girl Scouts of America; likewise, their values reflect them, for the most part.

Aside from the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Tag–A–Long (aka Ginger Snap/Thin Mint/Charity), there are others as well; after all, there are other scouts as well, several of which are OCs created by the likes of Art–Anon.

The Mane Corps Troop:

  1. Do–Si–Do: erratic worrisome square–dancer from Appleloosa.
  2. Dulce Deleche: youngest of the bunch; little experience, lots of enthusiasm.
  3. Savanna Smile: primadonna/drama queen who's also second–in–command.
  4. Trefoil: the leader and go–getter.
  5. Berry Munch: easygoing eccentric who likes cookies.
  6. Samoa: commonsensical quiet thinker.
  7. Tag–A–Long (aka Ginger Snap/Thin Mint/Charity): the everypony and face of the troop.

*Please take note that this group in no way, shape, or form whatsoever is affiliated with real world scouting organizations at all nor does it represents or reflects the viewpoints and/or opinions; in addition, this group is not sponsored by the likes of Art–Anon or his associates of any walk of life thereof at all.

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