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You know, Equestria seems to think of things in a completely black and white view. Either somepony is completely evil or somepony is completely good. But that kind of thinking has always rubbed me the wrong way and I'm sure other people think the same as well.

So this group is dedicated to the stories that show the "grey" spectrum of things; where seeing what is good and what is bad isn't as easy as Equestria believes.

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415371 I'd add Chrysalis to the list of truly evil characters, at least if the comics are any indication - in them, she not only has an extremely unpleasant personality, but is almost gleefully evil.

The comics have also altered my perception of Sombra, who was my favorite villain up until Starlight (although part of my like of Starlight comes after her reformation, so I'm not sure that counts). The comics reveal a lot more depth to his character, which was great given that he wasn't so much a character as a plot device in the season 3 opener. That was deliberate on the writer's part given he was based off Sauron, who was really more of a force or a presence rather than a character.

As you mentioned, though, MLP isn't really black-and-white, not how it's usually meant. A lot of times in fiction, especially fantasy works, "black and white" means that you have heroes who are unambiguously good, and villains whom the heroes can fight with no guilt at all. But MLP isn't that kind of story. Nightmare Moon was turned into Luna rather than being destroyed, and that pattern has followed for several villains, who sometimes (in the case of NMM and Starlight in the show, and Sunset Shimmer and SciTwi for the movies) even have reasons for their actions - and also potential reasons for them to be redeemed.

Otherwise, most of the antagonists the characters face are simply jerks like Suri Polomare or Lightning Dust, who are bad ponies but aren't actually Equestria-threatening monsters, and they are treated accordingly.

Really, it's more of a "White and Grey" morality if anything - the few instances of "black" we see are aberrations. And maybe that's why I don't mind that so much in MLP - it's the kind of setting where I can believe that white and grey can really happen. And this is from someone who enjoys putting shades of grey in most of his work...

The common theme in Equestria is not painting things as black or white, but in promoting friendship.

Discord did bad things. He's now a friend. Starlight did bad things. She's now a friend. Both are now saviors of Equestria even.

Even the, blech, changelings, have not been treated simply as "evil."

Indeed, the only beings in Equetria treated as evil are Sombra, who was a shitty character, and Tirek who was also not a very interesting character. Both were shallow.

Equestria also doesn't show things to be predominantly white/good either. Many episodes are about compromise, understanding, and getting along. The main characters aren't good just because they win over foes like Tirek and Sombra. They're not good because they befriend former villains like Discord and Starlight. They're just these ponies, y'know? And they have their own faults and shortcomings.

I wouldn't say this group is pointless. But it is astonishingly misguided. The show is already doing a fine job of promoting this very ideal, frankly.

Do you think some bronies see most things as black and white the same way I do? Don't get me wrong, I know the group's focus. I just think it would help if viewers could try seeing things the same way if we're putting out unsolicited material to promote grey.

I support this "grey spectrum" insight on things. However, if you want people to post their stories, you should enable it.

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