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The Point of No Return · 4:25pm Sep 30th, 2018

Yes, I am spoiling the ending of MLP:FiM Season 8, and I am doing it because after looking into it, the ending is WORSE than "Twilight's Kingdom", WORSE than "The Cutie Re-Mark", WORSE than any of those bad MLP:FiM episodes than I've seen put together, and WORSE than the dark times of Spongebob! That means WORSE than "Demolition Doofus", "Pet Sitter Pat", "The Card", "Oral Report", "Boating Buddies", and all that other junk shit. The ending to Season 8 is where I can officially say that the

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A psychotherapist from Canterlot. Graduated from Celestia's School for the Gifted Unicorns in calming magic.

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Sunny Sweet

The mother of Smiling Princess and the loving and supporting wife of Artissimo.


A game designer from Vanhoover and a representative against bullying. Father of Smiling Princess.


The young daughter of the mysterious Shadowstealth and the fifth Cutie Mark Crusader after Babs Seed.


A shady stallion who travels Equestria, monitoring the ponies to see if friendships are in fact the key to holding Equestria together.


A ruthless bully, created by Black Kyurem to represent the headcanon of Tyrantlestia and the Alicorn Twilight drama. Martinet leads the Bronies, a group of dark alley ponies who represent the bad side of the fandom with the same name, to overthrow Princess Celestia and seize the throne of Equestria.

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