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Does it irk you that someone as incompetent as Shinning Armor is captain of the royal guard? Does it infuriate you when the same idiot acts like a self important prick, or does something idiotically rash thanks to his pride and is never called out for it?

Well look no further!

This group is dedicated to sharing stories were Shinning Armor’s rash decisions bite him in the ass, and recognizing that he’s a colossal dumbass.

After all, what kind idiot:

-prioritizes his wedding before national security

-can’t tell that his bride-to-be isn’t acting like herself, regardless to stress or not

-trains an army that -within minutes- is overrun by an enemy that’s using a strategy that would fail miserably against an army led by a general with any kind of common sense

-expels said invaders that can FLY to parts-unknown and expects them not to come back (wishing your problems away is no way to solve them)

And now this guy is a prince, and rules an empire?

Let's face it:

Shining Armor is an IDIOT

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He sucks, he's not smart enough to be Captain of the Royal Guard, let alone Prince, and I don't like him!

I've always hated Shining Armor. ...Except for his cameo in "Magical Mystery Cure", maybe.

*Random Pony* Theres a great evil at the crystal empire! What do we do!?
*Shining Armor* THROW YOUR WIFE AT IT!

I like to think of him as a overeager dork personally.

I hate shining armor.I hate everything about the stallion.His voice,his mane.everything.He looks like he's 28 or something and he's the captain of the royal guards?That stallion is truly an idiot.

read the story S.S in Equestria, it will REALLY make you hate shining armor!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:
The worst part is that the changelings are near reatarded, in the sense of actual fighting ability... and shining's guards got it handed to them.

I find it hilarious that the guards got their asses handed to them, and six civilians with no prior experience in any sort of combat or training managed to beat off a small horde of the insects.
They more than likely use the bits they earn to craft their shiny armor, it's obvious.


Who's Shinning Armor. Is that some kind of OC someone made. :trollestia:

I've joined to make one obvious statement. In order for me to make him "pony up and do his job" I have to break character on so many characters. That is all.

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