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Lately, the feature box has featured quite a few questionable stories because of its... questionable readers, while fics of higher story quality, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and prose are brushed under the rug of obscurity, so to speak. Inspired by a recent viewing of Dallas Buyer's Club, I wish to make a group that honors stories that truly deserve their placement in the feature box or deserve a placement within in the hopes that its addition to this group will give it the recognition it deserves.

Note that this is not going to be a revival of The Featured Box Crusaders, but it will be a group controlled solely by me, and the fics added will be added by my approval and addition only. Feel free to send me a personal message over a story that you believe should be in the group, but do not make any threads that do any sort of e-begging, public promotion, or anything that will turn this group into the second coming of The Featured Box Crusaders. First offenses will be issued with a strict warning. After that, permaban. For serious.

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