Our prayers have been answered!
This group is now pointless! ^.^

So, we can't use a new chapter of a fic to link to a sequel... or give any new info about the fic...

That's okay, because we can just story-tag a blog post about it, and all the people who favorited that story will be notified about it, right?


Because story tagging blog posts doesn't work. The fimfic staff have at least acknowledged that now, but it still isn't available, and we still have no way to notify our readers of sequels or important news about a fic.

This group advocates finding a timely solution to this problem and a fix or a workaround for this important site feature.

Possible solutions:
A) Fix the story tagging of blog posts feature, so that it actually works. (How hard can it be?)
B) Provide a temporary respite from the non-story story update rule, until (A) can be accomplished.
C) Do (B), but provide an option when posting the update that will prevent the update from bumping the fic to the top of the update list and prevent the update from putting the fic into the feature box. Require the use of this option for any non-story story updates.
D) Like (C), but automatically apply this option to any story update under 300 words.

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*pointless group is pointless* :pinkiegasp: I MUST JOIN THIS! *click* :rainbowkiss:

If this site wants to keep the adds then it has to get rid of all the links pointing to mature content. Losing adds has happened recently and they had to work on it for a month to get them back. It's hard for a site to prevent you from linking to mature content. It's much easier for them to just abolish all the links.

Just wanted to point out a different view of the same subject.

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