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So, I saw that she doesn't have her on group, and immediately thought that we have to fix that! So, here you go! All Mayor Mare fans join!
NO clopfics allowed, please!
If the story got sex tag, put it in romance, and romance only!

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Can there be a folder for where Mayor Mare gets a cameo appearance?

Politics are serious business.

Comment posted by Leapingriver deleted Dec 12th, 2013

What do you recomend?

Yeah I saw. I added all the Mayor Mare stories I know. Which is like, three. But it's something ^^ Mayor Mare is so underrated.
Btw, if you haven't found a picture for the banner, I have a couple I could recommend.

Yeh, noticed that and fixed one, so your welcom to start adding stories!

Actually, I was going to ask you that. There's quite a few mayor mare stories I know, and I tried adding them last night, but there's no folders for us to put the stories in :/

glad you like the group! Your welcom to post threads, post storys and so on!:pinkiesmile:

Oh Finally! I was tired of her not having a group, I'm like "if I don't find one today, I'm mak-"
ohmygosh someone made a group for her :pinkiehappy:!
Mayor Mare needs more love :heart:

Okay... I'm in it too! seems like you have biger problems and/or have been member on this site longer than me.... your addiction is allmost as bad as the founder of the group, Oclehoun's addiction!:rainbowlaugh:



I'm already in that one:rainbowlaugh:.

Shadow of the night, I took a look at your page, maybe this group is something for you?
The group for us joining group addicted!
Excuse me if it isn't like that, but I shure look like that to me!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for joining! She isn't my favorit, but one of them and I really think she deserves her one group!:pinkiehappy:


She isn't my favorite, but she's one of them.

Mayor Mare is Best Pony :heart:

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