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"RoMS I love you even though you OTP Rarijack!" Monochromatic~

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The base picture for my current avatar was made by Kerpupu and can be directly found here.

What about the username?

It means Realm of Mere Shadows. Yes, I know, oh, the edginess!
Today, a Riot of Many Stallions works too to be honest.

Hello There!

Have some cuteness!

Picture by Siden

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Thanks for the offer, but I am currently not interested in stories about Ahuizotl. :twilightblush:

I’ve been wondering if you’d like to come join this group here. I sent you an invite, but I didn’t know if you got it or not.

:pinkiehappy:you're welcome:pinkiesmile:
:rainbowdetermined2:ps: read what's below my scraps:rainbowkiss:

Thanks a lot for the follow! It's always a little burst of pride when one of the veteran authors enjoys my work.

I ran so far but alas responsibility caught up with me ;-;

So I'll start here: thanks so much for the fav and follow, I really appreciate it :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 173 - 177 of 177
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