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Writing and reading has been something I've always enjoyed. So, after reading the original Fallout Equestria by KKat, I felt compelled to write my own Fic!


Even in death, Innocent Winds has a job. A Namer. She was given a name and lived her destiny. Now she chooses the names and destinies of others. It seems the name Twilight Sparkle will solve all her problems. No world altering, destiny changing, future Alicorns to be found here. Nope. Not one.

--- Rated Everyone, but there are a few brief dark lines! Please take care! ---

This facet of the FIM universe had been rolling around in my head for some time until the full idea hit me and I spent a solid twelve hours just writing this. Yes, it's strange. Yes, it is 'out there', but I still think it's enjoyable. So stick out your thumb and enjoy the ride.

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Comments ( 4 )

I loved this. I have no other words to discribe how much I liked this story.

9775658 That is more than enough, thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:
A thumbs-up would be greatly appreciated if you want to help others find it . :twilightsmile:

Ooooh, this was nice {draws, though... would they be drawers? I'll need to reread to see if there's any other potential errors}. A rather original wrapper on the whole "is everything chance or is there purpose" conundrum, with some enjoyable characterization along the way.

“In your terms, yes, thousands, tens of thousands. A friend of mine, Magrathea, has become rather popular for his creations. He now takes commissions too.”


9777747 Fixed the Drawers :twilightblush:
I'm glad you enjoyed it. It initially started as a poke at the prophetic naming of characters and it snowballed from there. Clearly still works though :twilightsmile:

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