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Being a role in a story for a long time can really stress ponies and changelings out like with Celestia and Chrysalis. Celestia has been the caring ruler for so long she's almost forgotten how to let loose and have some real fun or a real life for herself. And Chrysalis has played the villain for so long she's all but completely forget what she was before her time as a queen. I think it's time to change that.

Editor: The Fan Without A Face.

Featured: 5/9/2017

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why is it all in bold. i know for a fact fimfiction won't allow it.

Its a good start. I want to see where it goes.

“I would rather be caught dead then look like the ‘new’ changelings.” :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia and Chrysalis have been playing there assigned roles for far too long

It’s in the short blurb, that appears on the Featured box... Not really a good impression.

So why don't you change the text color when the voices in their heads are talking. Also. You could make the changes of the POV more better. It will help with the flow of the story. And for the love of Luna's flank don't tell me this is a one shot cause the way you made this demands to be continued until celestia and chrysalis find out about one another and have hot kinky sex afterwards. And also. Let's get lyra and have her find her Queen. Give her some peace of kind knowing her Queen if fine and dandy

Hmm, not bad, me likey. Very interesting idea of what happened to NMM.

I love this pairing too. I'm not usually a huge fan of Chryssie turning into a pony, but this actually worked for me. Wouldn't mind seeing her retain some tiny changeling characteristics, though.

Is definitely read the sequel. Might help with proofreading, too.

'You are your own pony remember?' - pony, remember

'I'm in your head after.' you - after all.

'You're just apart of my imagination' - a part

Actually, I might just sit down and proofread it at some point, it'll be easier.

I am intrigued....but you do need an editor or something, there are noticeable mistakes

Pretty good, I wouldn't mind a sequel.

Very interesting story.
It;s just NEED a full-body sequel.

“I would rather be caught dead than look like the ‘new’ changelings.”

To be fair if becoming turns me into that then I'll be evil

Great story.I do really want a sequel... Ohh I just can't stand it anymore... I want to know where this goes!
The only thing which needs to be improved is POV changing

Sequel please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good story

Agreed very much, me if I were to be turned in to one of them "new" changelings I think I'll kidnap the sun godess and go evil

Fascinating story! I really enjoyed it though I'm a bit confused as to what happened...and admittedly I struggled to understand how Celestia's new forms looked like. And unless I'm just being forgetful I don't think Silver Law's appearance was explained at all! But yes I would absolutely love a sequel so that we could see their romance actually develop and perhaps give "Mimic" closure!

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