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The name's Essence, and at the moment I'm in the land of magical rainbow ponies, magic, and stuff. Woo hoo. While it isn't the worst place I can imagine being, It can be a hassle sometimes, especially when the princesses decide to imprison you in stone and trap you in a star... on accident, of course.

I don't blame them, really. I've had time to think back and I realize my actions were... unwise? Yes, I think that describes it well. My appropriating story took a bit to form, but honestly, most of my adventures were very random. There's also the fact that other people like me are out there. Who knew?

I say like me... well, a little like me. Well, not quite.

I wasn't sent by some weirdo selling items and I'm not in a costume.


Arc 1- Initials
Chapters 1 and 6
Arc 1.2- Seriousness Averted (Ignorable Chapters)
Chapters 2-5
Arc 2- These Revelations
Chapters 7-12
Arc 3- Renovare of Hope
Chapter 12+

1st One-The Baron and Some Spiders
- The life and times of Xante, Baron of the Frozen Wastelands, First among Liches, Lord of the Dead, and Fabulous Rainbow Magic User by Ssendam The Masked
2nd One- The Demise Begins, Voidlings, and Away We Go
- Applegate by Flutters Is Shy
- Angels of The Empress by ZephyrStife
- I Am Titanfall by SolemnBlade
3rd One-Essence Reaches the Next Level of OP
-The Cosmic King by Theyellowninja13

Chapters (18)
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Looks like you got into that superpowers lottery challenge...

yes and no.
I'm gonna be putting my own take on all the powers so its not gonna just be like they've flat out got the powers. More like they develop the powers.

Is his/her power summoning or conjuration? Also, why is Celestia a warlock?

That's a really good way of doing it, that way she'll(I'm goin' with 'she') only gain the powers when she needs them. if she's in the badlands, the Changelings will be a good way to give her Knowledge Absorption, but untrained so she can't retain it long term, and it's contact sensitive(for now), and just enough to know she can.

Maddening. I love it.:pinkiecrazy:

Although, Celestia is a bit of a bitch.

4299970 What do you mean? The looking into her mind thing was a specialized branch of alicorn magic

4300841 mind magic is a kind dark magic. Like bokorism(that is not even close to the right name probably) which is often confused with necromancy.

4301062 I have to make this Equestria unique but if Celestia can use dark magic in the show why shouldn't she be able to look into minds?

4301085 it's not that she CAN use it, but using it so casually, on someone she had no real reason to mistrust...

4301101 Actually she had a reason to mistrust it was that Essence randomly appeared so therefore there was suspicion and that she was allegedly, in their eyes, imprisoned.

The whole 'hurff durff imma just read your mind' thing has always irked me.

4301130 .... they're the rulers of a nation, it's not never hard. And the Elements are national heroes, any bozo on the street should be able to tell you their names.

I know a particular pony princess who's going to get her pony ass handed to her on an exotic matter platter should one of my OCs ever get a hold of her.

I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely lost reading this.

4313894 This chapter was a way to increase background and time in Equestria. So no big deal the other chapters should be easier to follow.

Do you have ADD? I feel like this chapter was made by someone with ADD. The pacing is so off balance, that I had to laugh at how stupid it was... keep going.

4313947 Read the previous comments.

Someone has a bad case of misanthropy. I'm sure his obviously fat American ass has been so deprived of life's necessities from war.

4314152 Excuse me?
And besides not all Americans are fat. that stereotype is insulting.
I'm a perfectly healthy 120 pounds.

4314157 That's not actually very healthy. Then again, the pound to kilogram conversion ratio is two and a half pounds to every kilo, so you can understand why it doesn't sound healthy to me, a 140Kg giant.

4316060 You did it backwards. In kilos I would weigh 54.4311kg.

4316186 That is still not a healthy weight, eat some bloody red meat or something, you're probably just skin and bones. Unless you're really sort, I mean vertically challenged.

4316355 I'm taller and trust me I've tried that.

so did he/she go back in time or did he/she 'move' to another verse in time?

4371893 Celestia and Twilight messed up a spell sending her back in time. (Refer to essence as female. It makes it easier)

4314157 how old/tall are you? I'm 16 and 150

4937895 Sorry. I will work on more this week hopefully I will get the next Chapter up.

I'll edit and proofread for you!:derpytongue2:

4955537 Oh my god thank you. I PM you my email.

... I am confused

Well the story is just all over the place
Like there's no focus

4964684 I can elaborate on the focus. At the moment I'm defining backstory and characters.
Chapter 3 is where the real story starts.

4984206 Hm? Would you elaborate please?

4984767 What He/She meant to say was [youtube=Qmb9cnx__hA]

4985179 exactly I was confused about this chapter because dw and 4th wall breacking and the authorian its just so mind boggling :derpyderp2:

4986334 Pinkie breaks the fourth wall. No one else really does it.

Methinks Essence be not so strong. Then again, my LoHAV is a being strong enough to cause the princesses to resign themselves to accepting their presence.

5077860 I'd rather not make her OP
Edit: Too late...

5077866 Mine kinda has to be, since dragons are powered by their egos... Basically, fighting an egotistical dragon in my characters universe is a death sentence, and they're fairly active fuckers too.

Is this a Displaced story? I'll read it anyway, but I want to know what I'm getting into.

5181209 Yes and no... it's a displaced story, but it breaks a fair number of displaced formats.

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