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A thousand years ago, the greatest evil and the greatest good were both sealed away in stone.

Today, after Discord's defeat, they are set free. And now it is time for them to do battle once more.
Well....not really. The great 'evil' isn't really that evil and kind of easy to get along with. In fact, the villain and hero are friends.

...What is going on?

A collaborative Displaced story with Catwolf1266(I'm on the same site). Also, Lunar_Impact with his Power Lotto character.

Character design of Pecila belongs to Aeria Games/Aura Kingdom.
Flynn is from Tales of Vesperia.

Editor is Mountainmanmad.

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 83 )

I like it, hope too see more.

5577087 Don't worry. More is coming.

The backstory is in the next chapter.


Could use a quick spellcheck, but it's still pretty interestin'.

poor main characters.....

5578611 Yeah....you won't be thinking that of Pecila for long. Instead, you might be calling her an idiot.

5580361 We'll be working on it.

One of the next things to happen is Flynn meeting the Elements of Harmony, Peclia meeting up with her Eidolons, and mmmmaaaaaaybe some tokens being made.

The plot won't be really started until like the fourth chapter.

5581896 No idea.

Gotta talk to Cat about hers.

I didn't bust out cackling like a madman when I read this chapter. Nope, not me.

5601213 It was even worse for me because i was helping make it :p

I ... what... seriously there should be a chat box saying you cant summon a creature from your dimension to you or something

5601392 It was not from his dimension. It was from a paralelldimension with the only difference that she ate 13 donuts there and not how-many she ate in this. Tch tch tch, always these unexperienced.

5601392 is that really a thing?

If it is, I did not know but we'll just blame it on the Plot Hole for now.

5602651 (the box no, but given there game characters I'd expect it to come up just the same)

also from what I understand the summons creates a copy of the individual and there equipment so as travel to the summoned universe and help, which is why the individual can die or be dismissed with no consequences as only the memories are sent back.

the key basically means either your summoning from the same universe and creating to duplicates of someone without a time dilation to make them different or you've pulled from alternate version of a person from said alternate version of equestrian.
I ... prefer not to qunatumplate what effect that might have given certain shows attribute meeting yourself alone is a bad thing let alone meeting an alternate copy of yourself.... Seriously this could turn adult at best and well I don't have the physics masters to discern worst case.
(either way think this is the first case where to people from the same reality have received a summon item from the other in their reality .... though all the partner/friends trapped in same version of equestrian have created there items together.)

5601730 well assuming that, then we've unleashed a large problem as you could summon a practical army simply from receive summons from alternate you's, also who's to say that's the only difference and that the current summon wasn't interested in her summoner companion or Celestia. we only have the message of the key to go by, ultimately so if she was from an alternate version of this equestrian than there could be a lot more different. (this is probable why we don't see duplicates of people receiving keys for there own character because it overdrives the multiverse theory. that results in things getting really consulted, as a result of multiple variants of you with differential potential ideologies and personailites )

5603142 What?

It's not a copy sent, it's the original.

Comment posted by Lunar Impact deleted Feb 20th, 2015

Not bad, it's certainly funny! After you asking to use my token I almost expected Robin's book to smack Flynn in the face :P

o.O Uh...

Well, that was interesting...

This is not going to end good...
Oh well, he is dead. Looks like Pecila has won a game of Murder.

HA Pecila just jumped on my like list for knowing Bohemian Rhapsody!

5656665 Well, I hear it almost every time I get in my car so it's pretty ingrained in my head.

Pecila is lol... 'twould be a shame if something were to happen to her.

5718510 Thanks. THe next chapter just needs to be looked over and then it will be out.


I feel like you guys are going for 'slap-stick- comedy here! :derpytongue2:

5748852 Don't worry, there will be serious moments in the future.

I mean, there still is the wedding and Sombra and Lezard and Tirek and whatever is going on in season 5.

Hey, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I enjoy slap-stick when done right.

Let's get 'em rolling and eating a claw.

5776671 I would advise you not to eat the claw, but you are probably going to ignore me.


*super cool transformation sounds... I know*

*pang* *päng* *ping* *pung* *peng* *Vrooooom* *Ssssss*


Ah! What happened?

Wakes up in Equestria with the power to transform into any character you could even think to cosplay of (AKA all characters there are) and back while gaining / losing their powers!

...transforms into the draconequus he ate the claw from so he can go around and say he's the lovechild of Celestia and Discord.

5776697 You do know that was from his foot, right?

5776708 It still worked.

And how do people call it? Cheesefeet?

5776713 I don't know.

And now, the comments have been doubled.

5776722 They do. And I expect to hear more from how Celestia and Discord's lovechild came to be (the version of the popular newspapers)!!

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