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I always wanted to feel like I was a powerful warrior that could use magic. But I never expected anything like this.

My Name is Nicko and for me, life sucks. I live at an orphanage with my egotistical twin brother, have a best friend who is a Reckless daredevil, and everyone who comes to adopt us always turns a blind eye on us. Maybe it's because I have autism? Maybe it's because anyone who refers to my height leads me to going off like a fireworks show on fourth of July? Honestly, I don't know.

Then came the day before our birthday. My brother suggested (since the party was going to be a costume party) that we go as something nobody else but us would recognize. He considered it as a "personal touch" since it was our 18th birthday. He heard of a new anime/comic store opening up at downtown that he wanted to go to. So, taking his suggestion, I decide to go there first.

That store was where I found a Rune Slayer costume from Elsword. My favorite character class from the game. Without even thinking twice, I bought the outfit and the sword prop. That though, was when things took a turn for the worse. After going to my room, putting it on, adjusting the pants and put the fake tattoo's on my shoulders, I end up falling asleep in my room. When I wake up, I find myself inside a warehouse filled with film props and was found by a Unicorn whose name sounds like a record label company.

Now, to sum things up, I'm in another world that has magic, mayhem, and talking ponies. A little girls dream come true for some people. But for me? I honestly don't really know what to make of it (Especially with all the corny names of the towns and cities). Not only that, but it seems like three other girls have already arrived here under similar circumstances. Something tells me that my journey through this place is going to get crazier the longer I'm here. Especially since now that a ticked off bug queen is wanting to kill me, a spirit of chaos is playing around with my head and everywhere I go, I somehow always attract something that might want to kill me, ask me questions or have the guts to call me short. I don't think all my time in Social Therapy is going to help me get through this.

Fortunately, I have the powers of a Rune Slayer now and have some idea of the powers I am capable of. That can't be too bad right?

A story I came up with based on an old fic called The Burning Crusader By ElementBrigade (Note, their will be some aged up characters and rule 63'd characters as well.)
Also a Displaced Story
Not my first time writing, but actually my first time putting up any of my written stories... Well, anywhere.

I do not own MLP or Elsword. MLP belongs to Hasbro while Elsword belongs to KOG and KOG games. Character tags will be updated over the course of the story.

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Love the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference!!!!!!

Where did you get the cover art? What is this a crossover of?

Comment posted by Elric of Melnipony deleted Nov 25th, 2014

5309686 If you check the burning crusader, it's an MLP HiE Fic with the main character being a character in elsword. The image itself is from elwiki.net
5309023 Thanks a million

I somehow liked that game, but i stoped playing it because i didn´t wanted to pay for some extra stuff and i don´t really play much online.
I guess i liked Eve the most, honestly i think i only played her, and Raven a little bit befor i stopped.
The Rune slayer class or how it is called looks good, but i think ravens class well, i don´t know how good it is, but i think the comander thing looks better.

I don´t know if i like the new characters, on the first look they don´t seem to fit in between the other characters, i think i like the old characters more.

But what i really wanted to say, i think i could like it. The story looks not bad and even if i usually don´t read anthro mlp storys, i somehow like it in a crossover with Elswword. I have to read a second chapter to say how much i like it but i give you a thumb up i think.

5316135 Thx for the feedback. I wanted the classes to fit with the characters personalities. More will be explained in later chapters

so when's chapter 2, good story, thumps up

5323537 May be a little bit. I take my time when composing these stories and self check it a lot for possible grammar mistakes. Plus I hate it when I release something rushed.

5325502 okay i was just wondering about if you plan on posting soon i did not want to make you feel rushed and like i said before good story and i hope more and more people think the same.

:pinkiehappy:oh dashie's gonna be pissed if she find out leo stole her reserved copy of darring do!!!

I like it when the humor is subtle. Keep it up.

5335017 It wasn't stealing... It's called Unknowingly borrowing something that isn't yours
5335299 Thx. I'm glad it's working out just fine :pinkiehappy:
5335842 Thx. I really appreciate it

5337451 Also great job portraying the kid's autism. And this is coming from someone who has autism. The same autism as the main character's, which is called asburgers (I did not make up the name).

5337829 I think theres an e where the U is. as in asbergers

crazy good chapter man i'm sorry that i could not read it whene it came out though still a really good chapter

5344494 don't think about it and think i'm just that good and by what i said i meant you should think that your just that good that is what i meant just trying to clear any misunderstandings

:D Oh snap can't wait to see how this turns out in the next chapter lol.

Elsword. its a online game based of a Korean magna.

This chapter is awesome. The fighting scenes were great and I didn't expected to see so many humans crossing over in this chapter. I hope to see the duel soon.

Oh, i soooooo love this. I am impressed, i myself am trying to write a few stories but I'm unable to write such amazing and long chapters. I have to praise that. Now, get working, cause I really want to see that duel!

Max praise! :raritystarry:

5351746 Told ya you like it
5351794 That duel might take a bit of time. But I hope to get it released soon
5352078 Thanks
5353111 Indeed

frost the wolf are you and ElemetBrigade helping out with your stories ? like ElemetBrigade post a chapter you read it and run your story around it just with different pov and then ElemetBrigade reads your posted story and wrights something that refrenese you in his or her story?

q.1 yes or no and why

q.2 did i get that right or wrong if wrong what did i get wrong by the way anything in red is question 3

by the way this was a super epic chapter and thare is no font or font size to express that small epic and i should know i tried. if i had 100 computers 100 thumbs up bro

5361297 Well, to put it simply, it goes like this. Since she (ElementBrigade) made the setting and the world it takes place in, I show her the chapter to make sure everything so far seems accurate. Additionally, we have both been helping each other out with each others stories, making sure they are accurate. Additionally, this chapter is taken from Nicko and Leo's preference. Which means you hear them speak and sometimes think to themselves, but don't hear what Amy and Yuri are thinking. Thank you again for the encouragement and support

5362292 no is should be thanking you for responding to my questions and i think that your and ElemetBrigade story are coming out amazingly because that is what those stories are amazing so keep up the good work and well if you get the chance get this comment by ElemetBrigade so far so good and apparently i can't spell vary good so auto-correct is a curse so when i feel like using big words i have dictionary near by and again both you and ElemetBrigade are really good and make a good team keep that team alive and this comment got really long didn't it oh well........i ran out of things to say

ah thare's my second wind make a team name and if you a already did good job you beat me to the punch long live (enter team name here) keep that good story streak going a lot of us believe in you and ElemetBrigade no presser meant to be caused here just a commenter commenting his believes and again good luck if you and ElemetBrigade need it is.... in a whisper your just that good

This concept reminds of possession sue fics. :facehoof: Also, I wouldn't call this a crossover either.

5368385 My bad. was half awake when I submitted it

Interesting to say the least. Although I was wondering what would happen if someone ended up in this world as the base class, with no skills at all. THAT would be awesome to read, unfortunately I can't write so I was wondering if you would add a character that is a 'newb'.

5372753 U bring up a good point. Maybe you just gain new skills the more you adventure!

Okay, elsword+mlp, this is officialy the 4rd thing, most random that I read :rainbowlaugh:

*Keep reading*


I played that for a bit then got bored. It's not bad just tedious

5379831 Glad you like it I guess
5379949 It's fun once you get pass second job advancement. Also, the raids, events, PvP, Battle of Ereda... But still, personal opinion

What is up with Artemis and Gleaming Shield? Is this a selective R63 universe or something? But on a sidenote:

In other words I enjoyed it.

5388792 In a way yes. Only some of the characters are Rule 63'd while others aren't. Also, glad you like everything so far.

Its his brother isn't it?
Or his da.

:D can't wait to see what happens next

This chapter was awesome with the surprise appearance at the ending, the fight between Leo and RD, and Nicko's interaction with Twilight.

Wow, didn't expect that class to appear so early. Although I was thinking a lord knight would come out, that was really awesome.

Also, this is probably his brother. The attitude checks out, and since he arrived in Apploosa, he wouldn't know about Niko and the train. Same base class also links them as well, but that's a small one.

5401244 also, you said it yourself, that his brother is in Equestria.

Now, not only am I here, but my brother Anson is here too.

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