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Seeking Dusk

Myriad the ideas in eternal blossom, Meager the words ever written, such is the plight of the one Seeking


Caught up in a massive teleportation spell array, I was dragged from a convention and cast into the frozen wilderness of Northern Equestria. Despite missing a couple years of development and the a talking ermine fairy as a companion; the new form, new skills and even the new world are beginning to seem to like the least of my issues.

I can't help but wonder if some greater game is afoot as destinies and fates seem to shift unto entirely new paths, some of them crossing the roads of others. Even worse, it seems as if I just might have to play a part in keeping everything from ending in a complete disaster.

With new skills and an ever expanding circle of new friends beside me, I can only hope it all works out. With any luck, it won't just be me getting thrown into one dangerous situation after another. Keep moving forward, not getting held back by the past but not forgetting it. It's a promise I made to myself. One made twice over, even. I don't intend to break it. All it takes is a little bit of Courage.
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[A Negima/MLP Crossover][A Displaced Story][wikipage][Editor: Regreme (c.7+)]

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Me--a long time veteran of the whole LoHAV fad.

This story--an offshoot product of LoHAV-ish type of subclass known as Displaced.

I shall review this story later.

Nice job man. Can't wait to see more

OK, this story looks great. I'll fav it.

In the short description

or is my presence is causing the world

get rid of one of those "is"'s, if you get rid of the first one, then it's more certain.

getting rid of the second one will result in a more questioning tone.

Oh I like this a lot. More story please.:raritystarry:

5744665 Many thanks. That last 'is' slipped in from the first draft.

I like it can't wait for more

Um... how human are the "ponies" here? Are they like Satyr's?

I want more.

Also, if we have a crossover, Lecila and Flynn will hug him. Luke will probably just talk about magic with him.

5744745 Hoofed legs, hands, muzzles, full fur coat, tails, horns and wings (as the case may be).

5744789 Okay, good. I have this thing against full-human ponies. This kind of Anthro may push it at times, but it shouldn't be an issue.

this is really cool ^_^ i hope there's a good amount of adventure :D

This seems promising enough. I just hope that you won't make ponies be assholes just for the sake of being assholes. Sadly it's far too common with HiE fics.

EDIT: Tracking for now.

Alright I'm in. What's next?

This is interesting but I don't get the reference sorry!:raritydespair:

5746595 There are a few.
The little intro has a call out to Gurren Lagann and Fresh Prince of Bel Air in it.

The wares on display from assorted shows, books and Manga:

The Blasting Rod and Pentacle are from The Dresden Files (the books, not the TV Show), a cop/detective urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher (read it, it's amazing)

The Harry Potter wands are from Harry Potter (also read it if you haven't.)

The Devices are from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. Worth watching. None standard magical girl fair. The main character is often called a Gundam.

The Medallions are from the webcomic Skin Deep. Pretty decent read.

The Morpher is from Power Rangers Mystic Force (which I admit I never got around to watching.)

It's an anime called Negi Magister. Although i could be spelling the second bit wrong, i think thats the name. It's been a long time since Ive watched it.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

5747027 :facehoof: How did I forget the most important one?

i imagine that the pactio contract is going to be a thing in this fic:moustache:
if so, do you have an idea of the abilities the character may gain?
i would like it if Shining Armor and Cadence formed one, since they are maried and all.
though i have no idea on the kind of ability Shining or Cadence woud gain.:applejackunsure:

When do you think there will be an update??? I've yet to read a fic with this cross over and im SUPER excited lol :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::trollestia:

I think i´ll wait for when the chapter comes out.
Don´t want to spoil the story by knowing stuf ahead of time:scootangel:

huh a negima story didn't honestly see that one coming... really should have. Not really sure why your bothering to change the name to much but please continue.

Well, despite me avoiding Anthro stories this interests me. It helps that you are keeping Negi's lighthearted attitude with Noah. Surprisingly you don't see enough Japanese-isms ("eeeeh?!") in MLP stories.

How familiar is Noah with MLP? I'm guessing very little. Then again even if he was the Anthro nature would take anyone by surprise.

Looking forward to more!

5747027 Thank you both for your information!:pinkiehappy:

By the way this story is really good I can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiecrazy:

Ok. Totally gonna follow this.

Love the first chapter but i got a question : Is the crossover with the manga or the anime adaptation ?

Anyway, keep up with the good work !

5747238 I am glad that some one is doing a Negima/MLP crossover because it seams that there is only 5 of them on the internet, not including this one (I should know I have been looking all through out the internet for them), and it seams like such a good series to combine with MLP.

Even though I don't usually like this type of crossover I just love the Negima series so much that I just have to read it, although if this is using the Negima Neo series instead of the original I will just drop this story because Negima Neo was crap by comparison.

5747027 don't watch it read it. The anime only covers the first arc accurately and rushes through the second arc before creating a rushed BS ending. then there is the OAD episodes which covers part of the last arc where it goes slowly through the parts that are not very important and rushes through the important parts before ending during one of the biggest parts of that arc.

In summery read "Mahou Sensei Negima"

5748537 5748709 This is based on the Manga. I tried the anime. Didn't work for me. The Ala Alba OVA is good though even if it's only based on the summer vacation transition chapters between the major arcs.

5748832 I also liked the OVA but it was just to short and didn't cover the fight with Jack Rakan

Ok. Can't hide it : I'm relived. ;)

That picture, it means...
This crossover is...

Read it, don't watch it. The anime doesn't even approach what the manga is. If I were to make a comparison, I would call the anime the Star Wars Holiday Special to the manga's Episodes IV-VI.
Alright, so that might be a little bit harsh, but the point remains.

A small bit of logic-ing and research I did for my ff.net Negima fic, regarding ermine fairies and just wtf they are supposed to be. It mostly comes from British folklore about the animals, and involves a bit of connection to cait sidhe from what Chamo said in his introduction. I don't suppose it would be of much story help, but it might be useful if you delve further into what an ermine fairy is supposed to be:

Cait Síth: Also called the "cat sidhe" (or you could switch the words in those two different names around), this is race of spectral fairy cats in Celtic mythology. The cait síth was large and black, with a white spot. It was said to be able to steal the soul from a corpse, or to give blessings to households that treated it well. In a very, very interesting little fact, cait síth are in some myths said to be witches who have transformed into a cat nine times and become stuck in that form, instead of fairies. Chamo compares ermine elves to the cait síth, and ermines are what mages are transformed into as punishment (if this was intentional in the manga, then my love for Ken Akamatsu grew three sizes).

Ermine Elf [*note* depending on translation, he's called either a fairy or an elf]: [...] Ermine elves don't exist in myth; presumably Akamatsu invented them. Ermines in [folklore] from the British Isles were viewed to be creatures that held family as important, as well as terrible thieves: Chamo calls practically everyone by some sort of sibling term, and the thievery bit is obvious too. To encounter one before a journey is bad luck, but if you greet it as a neighbor then you can avert this...

Hmm, interesting, but why anthro?

5750333 For sexy times in the future, can't have negi without boobies!

5751830 i hate how right you are

5752294 were talking about a class of 31 students whose idea of having a good time is playing strip poker, half of which have bodies that a 15 year old has no right having.
Yeah Negima = Boobies.

5750333 5753447 Negima is the troop namer for Marshmallow Hell.
Also; don't forget Strip English Lesson.

But Pactio is part of the reason, Chamo (Al) is another, just because it always one, there's also the fact that I wanted to write an anthro-equestria story, and to be honest, when I envisioned this, I saw him standing before an anthro cast.

I still had all my old cell phones, and a few of my parent’s old ones when they were changing them, including a relic of a Nokia that I could probably use to kill a man.

Same for me... and my moms old phone from like 2006

5748054 Totally forgot to respond to this. You're right when you say very little. It did exist, but he was never exposed to it. Maybe a few commercials and ads, but no real knowledge of it.

I love it so far, can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

The princess of love and the Ermine Love Fairy working together.
Let the shipping begin¡¡¡¡¡¡:moustache:
Once Sombra is delt with

i cant wait till the next chapter ^_^

I really enjoyed this chapter. I can't what for the next one.

5766415 Ouch. They are going to drive our protagonist and/or the elements crazy. Especially Twilight. Can't wait to read more.

So the local spirits are breezes?

Wait, Cadance and the love Fairy are left alone and the elements of harmony, a group of all girls, is coming to help. While the little ermine knows that Noah's magic calls for him to have one or more partners.
I can see the ships incoming, and they are many.

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