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Seeking Dusk

Myriad the ideas in eternal blossom, Meager the words ever written, such is the plight of the one Seeking


This story is a sequel to A Dog and Zebra Show

Janga has holed himself up in his workshop for far too long, so Jali and friends take matters into their own hooves to address something long overdue.

With so much world building and plotting put into the expansive setting of A Dog and Zebra Show, it would be a shame to waste these characters, so here is a short vignette in their lives.
Reading A Dog and Zebra Show is not required, but this does have a few spoilers for planned events.

Janga by pridark :: Jali by Hedgehog | Polaroid Film Frame by Annamae :: Background from Freedesign file

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Hi. My name's Davis, and I have a date to plan. It's something of a milestone for us. Unfortunately, things got complicated. They tend to when an entire continent turns into ponies overnight. It's not going to stop me though. We are going to have our magic evening together no matter what.

I mean... how hard can it be to take your girlfriend out on a date?

Set in Shadowflame's Cool Story Verse. Take the time to give the original and it's sequels a read.

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The city itself is the same. The buildings and streets remain untouched and unscathed by what happened. The population wasn't so fortunate. As far as I have been able to tell, they are all gone now with no hints as to how, why, or where they are. Only the empty city.

I'm still here, however. Whatever end happened, I missed it.

If only I were so fortunate to say 'I fared as well as my city'. I'm still here in the suburbs of my empty city, but I'm far from the same as I was. The Limestone City might be unchanged, but I have been left with new hooves to walk on.

I have no intentions of letting an unknown tell me it's the end.
[A Ponies After People Fic][Art by Zutcha]

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The Text is a mystery; appearing to people selected based on a criteria known only to itself, offering to open doors and paths. Such as it was for Nathan Bell. Now in Equestria with little to his name, Nathan's out to find out just where this path that was opened for him leads. The first stop? The ever enthusiastic Swift Mist and the ill-tempered Doppler; long time friends, coworkers and roommates.
[Part of the Silver Verse]
[image source: generalzoi pony generator, Billie W MLP Game]

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Years have passed since Equestria emerged in the Pacific, bringing with it the magic of another reality. Since that day, a doom counter has been hovering over the world and humanity that build upon it. As the time ticked away, the impetus to do or die remains, no matter how much some my feel about it.

The Eastern and Central Ontario Branch-Grant Conversion Bureau, colloquially called the Eco Office, easily the largest Bureau in the province, celebrates it's eight year anniversary with the largest batch of conversions since it's doors opened. Among them is Troy Shaw, finally taking the conversion, his best friend at his side.

All is not as it seems, however. As events begin to escalate, the actions of a few just might have far greater impact than they realize.
[A Conversion Bureau Story, set in the Cloudyverse][image source: various google vectors]

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Caught up in a massive teleportation spell array, I was dragged from a convention and cast into the frozen wilderness of Northern Equestria. Despite missing a couple years of development and the a talking ermine fairy as a companion; the new form, new skills and even the new world are beginning to seem to like the least of my issues.

I can't help but wonder if some greater game is afoot as destinies and fates seem to shift unto entirely new paths, some of them crossing the roads of others. Even worse, it seems as if I just might have to play a part in keeping everything from ending in a complete disaster.

With new skills and an ever expanding circle of new friends beside me, I can only hope it all works out. With any luck, it won't just be me getting thrown into one dangerous situation after another. Keep moving forward, not getting held back by the past but not forgetting it. It's a promise I made to myself. One made twice over, even. I don't intend to break it. All it takes is a little bit of Courage.
[sources: vector, background]
[A Negima/MLP Crossover][A Displaced Story][wikipage][Editor: Regreme (c.7+)]

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Making a character for a franchise you enjoy is something a lot of people do, either in passing or from a diligent effort on their part. Now, how do you react when you suddenly get hit by a tangible flash of light that starts the slow process of becoming a character you yourself created, all while in a world that they don’t fit into?

It helps to have your friends around you as you try to deal not only with the issues of your own life, but the difficulties that come from changing in a society that hates change, and the problems of the life you created.

Part of the OTVerse

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Not every wishing star is real, nor do those that are have any real power, but when three friends wish on one that meets both criteria, they end up in Equestria, missing more than a few years of maturity. Tossed into a new life because of a blotched attempt at wish granting, coping is going to be the first challenge they face in a world that isn't quite what they expected.

[Image made using generalzoi's pony creator.]

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The Sun and Moon; both powerful symbols of magic. This is a constant that seems to hold true across many worlds. When a conjunction of the two brings the power they represent to bear and the walls between worlds is breached as a result, one young man's life is changed. Having fallen from his own world, he lands in a realm of magic and populated by creatures he once considered fictional.

Now fate has left him with the expectations of adapting to this new world and the trials and complications that come with it. Amid it all, his passage stirs up old memories that some would rather have left lost and forgotten, while the world itself is left with the scar of his arrival.

While it is true that coincidences are common and not every event is an omen, the line between the two can be paper thin.

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