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What happens when Science experiments of geniuses combine?
And what if they were used to watch MLP FiM?
Well all bronies are ponified of course!

We welcome you the the OTverse!
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No Alicorns.
No random new characters. Please apply to add more people than yourself.
Changelings are allowed but not to change appearance constantly.
Other races are allowed but please no monarchs.
This is not one-shot please do more than one chapter.
To become an officer apply with MidnightChaos.
In order to make a story you MUST join the group and MUST apply with an admin.
If anything too similar is seen please notify an admin.
Finally, have fun!

Ensue Chaos!

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You've SERIOUSLY got the wrong idea. I didn't make him a self insert, I made him the first non-perfect alicorn OC since Lauren Faust. Also, I absolutely HATE how self inserts turn out. The only one I've read that's actually any good is Distorted Resonance.

Alicorn OC SelfInsert? Just no

My OC is an alicorn, and HE isn't OP. In fact, his backstory, personality, and qualities are mine, but slightly tweaked to fit in with Equestria. Also, the reason they're OP is because people MAKE them OP.

Not in the folder.
They go through the folder click on a story and then it shows the status.

Um... They'd see it on the story.

:facehoof:that's 2 min of my life I won't be getting back.
You could have told the readers that.

No point. They're all incomplete.

Can you label the folder incomplete and another complete?

The fic this started from.

What do you mean parent fic?


:flutterrage:WHY ARE ALL THESE STORIES INCOMPLETE!!!:flutterrage:

across time and space is cancelled
so remove it.
I read an incomplete story and I couldn't stand the cliffhanger.

Hai, I want to make a story, but my OC has mech wings. Is this okay?

Comment posted by ColdHardPlace deleted Oct 10th, 2015

Remove across time and space I learned my lesson to not read unfinished stories.

396701 Fun thing with the Changeling, it is an option to avoid choosing between wings and horn, without the problem of instant OP..

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