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Prince Noctis did everything he could. He went through hell collecting the royal arms, fought freaking gods, watched his fiance die, went to a coma for ten years, fought Ardyn to take back the kingdom, correction, ruins of the kingdom, sacrificing himself and his ascention to free the world from the darkness. He sacrificed everything and, in the end, what did he get? A rewardless death!

Luckily, a certain equestrian goddess thinks this isn't fair.

So now, Noctis, reborn as an earth pony, have another chance to prove himself worthy of ascention in the magical land of Equestria! (NOW FULLY EDITED)

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Interesting story. I kinda felt like Noctis got the short end of the stick in the game. Nice to see that he gets better here.

asi que ahora es el hermano de cadence? Shining va a pasar una prueba para resibir su aprobación de salir con su hermana?

wait, but then maybe twi and him, as well as cadance and shining ??

I was planning on a FFXV crossover eventually, I'll see where this one goes later.

I say this isn't bad. It's a more comedic take on Noctis. I'll be keeping am eye on this.

In all honesty I am very impressed. Turn the works of your stories you can tell that it's not done by a typical story writer that only deals humans with humans with humans. You can also tell you yet you're not trying to make the characters seem like a Gary Stu in all honesty I am impressed not many people these days try to make a story as a story they just try to copy a story from other people. As reference when you read a fantasy novel or fanfiction about where a human is sent into a fantasy world. All they care about is Harem that is full of humans or stories where the human is giving a mission to save the world human funds the very first person he meets falls in love settles settles down and then the world gets destroyed because he forgets about it there's even an anime about that. All I know is I will be trying to read and hopefully read until the end finishing the stories

Can't wait for the next chapter :D story's great

Interesting start to your story. I can't wait to see where you are going from here.

One thing, however... you have more than one person talking in the same paragraph. It makes it a little hard to read at times.

This story has real potential as a ffXV fan im impressed on how easily you managed to perfectly exacute noctis's character im definitely gonna stick around and see where you take this though i dont comment much ill be a silent observer

You really think so? Thank you so much!

Way ahead of you! Sorry about that. I was kinda panicking. Clouds started forming again so I was saving erratically before the internet's gone again so it came out rushed at the end there...

Great chapter a little short though and if you haven't played the game (or cant afford too) id check out a no commentary playthrough...unless you actually want to play it yourself some day

Yeah, I know. There's going to be a huge jump of a time skip and it just feels awkward to put it in this chapter. Expect the next one to be longer.

I’m seeing the beginnings of magi-tech in Equestria with the latest chapter. Can’t tell if that’s good or bad.

So which anime is this crossing over with?

Is this a joke or are you serious?

I had to look it up, too. I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since X-2, because one franchise was not enough to sell me on PS3/4.

Final Fantasy XV

Anyone know why this hit the feature box now? There isn't a new chapter.

There was absolutely nothing in there that could have gave them a clue. No chemicals, fur, bomb fragments, no everything, not even soot.

That's what happens when one casts Ultima.

great chapter. cant wait for the next one.

Did you intentionally have Faust incarnate as a reference to Stella Nox Fleuret from the early builds of FF Versus, or was that just coincidence? Either way, it works out.

I had also wondered if Noct had any access to the Armiger, but it makes sense he wouldn't, since it would be in another universe. That would also extend to Warping and Blinking, but he seems to be experienced enough to just dodge those bullies on his own. Makes sense, due to his retention of his memories.

I accidentally tapped the Publish button for CH 4 before it's ready and unpublished it quickly. Sorry.

... Also, holy shit! It got featured!? What the heck?

No, the name's just a coincidence. I was planning on having her in the story, but decided against it. There's just isn't anything she could do for the plot.

Yep got featured. I personally am looking forward to this.

Plan to read this later in the week though I must ask, any plans for Ardyn making an appearance?

"Behold, my love. The perfect little miracle we have created together." Rose gazed fondly at her foal. "Nocturnal Solstice, our majestic prince of the night."

A qoute from 'The Mare in the Moon'. Night realized, though, decided not to call her out on it.

Suddenly like magic, a strange idea popped in Bright Night's head. "Noctis..."

"Hm?" Rose looked at him curiously.

"Nocturnal Solstice. Noctis for short. It would make a cute, little, nick name for him, don't you think?" The mare considered it for a moment and smiled.


Was this chapter partially inspired by Fall of the Crystal Empire?:unsuresweetie:

this story is quite interesting. BUT (and please dont take this the wrong way as i am still gonna read it) You REALLY need a pre-reader/editor I took note of a few typos, wrong words, and even one instance where you called Cadance's mom a he

so I have read all the current chapters, and I have to say its an interesting story But also like I said before, you could really use a proof reader to check your chapters for spelling and grammar errors. That aside I Look forward to more. :twilightsmile:

This sounds interessting, but I want to know if there are harem elements and if the godess (probably Faust again), is going to play a bigger role in this story. I want to know if she is going to appear more often. I'm already not so sure it this is exactly my thing but with those elements in it I will probably not enjoy the story that much.

I thought I better ask before I read it, that way you not even collecting any downvotes because I didn't liked it in the end.

I wounder if any FF MONSTERS are going to come?

Awesome! Consider this amazing story liked and favorited.

I'm especially enjoying Noctis's relationship with Cadence. Is she still going to be paired with Shining or will she start pursuing Noct when she learns that their not related?

I just hope u have adventures out of eqrastea some people for get that the planet is full of sentient animal not just poneys and if the harem rout is up plz pare with not just poneys it opens new paths to take

"Just pathetic. You think so highly of yourself when really..." Noctis paused. Building tension for dramatic effect. Making sure that his next words would crash to her head like a hammer. "... You're just a crybaby..."


I enjoyed the update. I do wonder if when Cadance meets Shining Armor if Noct will play the part of the over protective big brother and give the mandatory "If you ever hurt her" speach XD Or will that be Noct's mom giving that speach? (maybe both lol)

Looks like we know where Nightmare Moon comes from this time.

Plot twist! Shining Armor will end up with Noctis and have an alicorn baby together! 🤯

Well, I finally got around to starting to read this.

Couldn't finish it.

Typos and constant past/present tense switches and a wtfbbqton of extra commas aside, this changes tone from dark to "awesome" to slapstick to random so fast I expect some readers are experiencing whiplash injuries trying to keep up. And I mean that as someone familiar with Final Fantasy doing just this... this is an order of magnitude beyond that. Oddball expository comments crop up that kind of almost might work as interjections from a narrator, but they're as random in nature as the rest and don't tie anything together the way narration would.

I wanted to like this. I like Final Fantasy, and I like ponies, so the two ought to go well together. They may very well, but not yet. Sorry, mate, you need an editor. Badly.

You did give me a good idea of the overall gist of FFXV, at least. I won't buy a PS4 just for one IP so I hadn't played an FF game since they stopped making them for PS2. :twilightblush:


I really enjoying reading this so far. :pinkiehappy:

Excellent chapter! I would've reviewed this sooner but for some reason I didn't receive a notification.

To be honest, I'm kind of rooting for Prism to win Noct's heart in the end. True her rivals are the princess of love and a literal goddess. But you should never underestimate the underdog.

Also, will Noct become a big brother figure to Twilight when they meet?

Press F for our fallen Bro. He was a cool dad.

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