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Lord Beerus, God of Destruction of Universe 7, woke up after several years to face a warrior that his Prophetic Dream says will be his ultimate rival, The Super Saiyan God, Son Goku. During the fierce battle between the 2 deities that is able to shake the very Universe, Beerus's Blast Attack is able both to destroy Earth and send our Hero to another world.

Son Goku finds himself in a land called Equestria as an Alicorn and must adapt to his new home and get stronger in order to protect it from any threats. Will Goku surpass the power of the Super Saiyan God with the help of his new friends or will he fail once again to protect the ones he cares?

Set after the events of the Battle of Gods Saga of Dragon Ball Super and from the beginning of the 4th Season of MLP FIM onwards.

1) Battle of Gods Saga

2) Lord Tirek Saga

3) Resurrection of "F" Saga

4) The Dazzlings Saga

5) Starlight Glimmer Saga

6) Tournament of Destroyers Saga

7) Revenge of Starlight Saga

8) The Dragon Lord Saga

9) Goku Black Saga

10) Wrath of Chrysalis Saga

11) Tournament of Power Saga

12) Broly Saga

13) Rebirth of Daybreaker Saga

14) Return of the Pillars Saga

15) The Storm King Saga

Chapters (21)
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...What kind of name is Cozy Glow for a story arc to have?!

gohan reborn?
vegeta coming back?

i havent read yet so maybe anything.

lookin forward to this xd

Quick question: how long until goku gets ultra instinct?

This story is really good so far and I am eager to see what happens.:pinkiehappy:
My only complaint is that there are some grammar and typo errors and while I do not have a real problem with this since they are not to bad and I can still what your trying to say but I would still suggest getting a proof reader as it might turn others off the story

I don't know. I just wrote the name of the future antagonist of the 8th season of MLP. Besides i can edit it anytime.

I'll try to add new chapters as fast as i can but i can't tell you how long it will take for that. However I'm as impatient as you to give Goku the Ultra Instinct.

Thanks, i'm trying to do my best and thanks for the advice too. 👍

This could be interesting. Hope to see more of this.

The grammar needs work but i do like the topic.

Wow que casualidad que haya este fic tan interesante supongo que es mi dia de suerte):pinkiehappy:

another question..

Are there more characters from DB that will be in this story?

If yes, drop a hint on who'll it be just to avoid spoilers :twilightsmile:

Yes, there will be more characters of DB in the story. 👌 Who? well one of them has a number as a name.

Vaya ,vaya, vaya se viene las malas plantas de la discordia:ajsmug:

Will Frieza's ultimate fate still be the same as it was in Super?

just have goku eat the vines. prob solved.

Yeah, but something will be modified. I'm thinking of something very special for the Tournament of Power Saga

He would still be hungry, maybe the entire Everfree Forest will satisfy him :rainbowlaugh:

This a great and interesting story, can't wait to see where in goes. By the will Goku use his Dragon fist for a epic finish on a villain?:raritystarry:

The Dragon Fist technique? Well i want to avoid spoilers but i can tell you there will be a surprise at some point of the story that has to do with it.

Okay, wow. You really need a proof reader for this. It was kind of painful to read.

Vegeta,tu orgullo sera debastado pronto XD
(Aunque ya lo hicieron muchas veces en el pasado pero bueno)

"So are you saying that that winged horse is Kakaroth?" asked Vegeta and then started to laugh, "AHAHAAHAH i have to say that that look suits him!"

LOL I absolutely love Vegeta's reaction here and I can't wait to see him turn into a pony. Also I am curious to see where your going with Twilight having a crush on Goku, at first I thought it would just be like Bulma's crush on him in original Dragon Ball where it just goes away without Goku ever even realizing she had a crush but with how Chi-Chi specifically is staying in other world I am now thinking there might be more to it then that and I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Comment posted by ReinelDownTown deleted May 29th, 2018

Not bad, but you need to work a bit on your pacing there, it's a tad bit rushed and I is always capitalized, yes. But, yes, another DB story.

This is really great stuff. As I say to other authors, we need more DBZxMLP fics up, going strong, being completed, and/or maybe with sequels. So I pray this one will add to the current small numbers in those categories. May inspiration stay strong with you. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes. :eeyup:

This more concerning the Arc list than the story itself. EQG: Rainbow Rocks happens inbetween Season Finale 4 and Season 5 Preimiere. The Introduction of Starlight Glimmer, (or the Starlight Glimmer Saga as you have put it,) happen afterwards.

Merely pointing it out if you are following chronological order. Also The Friendship Games happens concurrently with Season 5 Finale: The Cutie Remark, ( or the Starlight Revenge Saga as you had listed it as.) While Princess Twilight was not present due to dealing with Starlight as in the original canon, however she does appear later and gets clued in by Sunset and co. So it is optional on how to adapt or consider that part of the story.

Thank you and I hope to check this story as it proceeds further.

Thanks for letting me know about the mistake, i really appreciate it. I don't know if i'll consider the very end of EQG: Friendship Games yet, but we'll see that later. Hope you liked the story so far and hope you'll like it as it proceeds further.

i dont mind the errors at all,but be sure to doublecheck and fix them if you make any more chapters,which i REALLY want

I can't wait either for the next chapter. Plus I can't wait to see Vegeta's reaction when turn into a pony. :rainbowlaugh:

Good to see a fic with a saiyan pony. Not many of them unfortunately. However you do need to have your fic edited. It isnt bad enough so i didnt know what was going on but there was lots of words in wrong places like before or after their intended place. Other than that it was a good start.


One question: WHY A PONY?!

Because there are many stories of Goku going to Equestria keeping his original look. I just wanted to do something different. However do not worry, since there are going to be sagas in which Goku will be a saiyan again.


Uh, Celestia is, at highest, 10,000 in terms of her power level. Saiyan Saga Vegeta (whose power level was 18,000 at the time) would wipe the floor with Celestia. Discord might be a 20,000 if only because of his reality-warping powers.


Is there even going to BE a next chapter? I mean, it's been over 3 months...oh. Over a month since you've last uploaded. Well, I stand corrected.


Oh, okay then. Just...I think I would immediately kill myself if I ever found myself in a pony body.

He has still all his powers. The ponification didn't remove his might, in fact it gave to Goku something more: magic.
Celestia has just suppressed her strength. I mean, of course she is not at Goku or Vegeta Level but remember that her energy combined with the rest of the princesses's was able to keep up against Tirek who absorved the magic of a reality warper like Discord ( and many others ). And yes, there's going to be a next chapter.


No, I mean UNSUPPRESSED, Celestia's power level would be 10,000 AT MOST. Heck, saying her power level is 10,000 is generous, in my opinion. Alright, looking forward to the next chapter.

I don't agree, since it wouldn't make sense that Twilight with Celestia's, Luna's and Candence's magic was able to stand up to Tirek who absorved Discord's Magic ( and he is way stronger than Celestia and Luna together ). I mean, the other princesses are weaker than the main ruler of Equestria and Tirek didn't absorved just the Draconequus's magic but also the magic of the rest of the ponies.
I think that in terms of raw power she is very strong but since she is not a fighter she would lose against most of the Z-fighters. That's all.


Tirek would most likely be around 15,000 with all magic absorbed, but if I wanted to be generous, I'd put him at 30,000. Celestia hasn't been shown to be capable of one-shotting the planet, so until officially stated otherwise by ones who created the MLP series, Celestia's power level is lower than 18,000.

Well Discord is a reality warper. He can break dimensional walls like nothing and modify reality, yet Tirek was strong enough to steal his powers. i don't think someone like him is less than 1 billion. Now imagine Tirek after draining his power. The show is not like Dragonball so we'll never see villains that want to wipe out the planet or universe, we'll see only villains that want to conquer. But if the 4 princesess's strength is equal to Discord's, Tirek's and all the ponies's combined, I think Celestia's magic is a force to be reckoned with. Besides power levels became obsolete on Super.


I'd put Discord at 20,000, honestly, despite reality-warping powers. It's Discord's natural magic. He doesn't have to be strong enough to rip holes in dimensions with raw power, because it's a natural talent of his.

Well, i just want to write an interesting story and i rather don't concentrate too much on power levels ( but keeping a certain degree of logic when it comes to decide the strength of a character ).

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