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After the debacle of the Storm King's short-lived invasion and the fall of Canterlot, the former attacker, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (Commander Tempest Shadow), muses that the princesses' ability to fight was sorely lacking. Considering that she pretty much took them all down in seconds.

In order to prevent such an abysmal display in the future she has, through a few contacts around Princess Twilight, recruited the aid of a combat master who should be able to teach four princesses avoid such embarrassments in the future...

...Or kill them trying.

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Well, you get points for the titles. Both of the story and the chapter. They are hillarious.

This...story...is...the BEST IEDA EVER!!!!!

I am going to love reading this. And yes, I am as confused as anyone else as to the question of where the entirety of the Royal Guard was during the movie.

Hint: I think Discord took them all out to play hopscotch with whiskey and rye.

I love how the DBZ:A version of the characters has become our default.

And I saw that nod to the Overlord's list.

I see that you are using Team Four Star’s Piccolo for this story. So who will get the owned count here? I vote Luna so as just for this story I am putting up a Luna owned count.

Luna Owned Count: 1

Dodgeball! Equestrian style.

"Now, this is a wrench. It's not going to turn you into stone, but it's going to smart when I--"

"Ow! Muther-buck--"

"--throw it at you. Ok, the pink one seems to get it. Who's next?"

"I don't think-- OW! You little-- OW!!"

"That gets you two. And you didn't dodge either one."

Luna: how?

piccolo: DODGE!!!!!

I swear, if you abandon this fic I'm going to be so disappointed.

Now don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the hell out of this chapter, but I think you need an editor.
Also why the Abridged piccolo?

Point 1) I agree.
Point 2) Because abridged Piccolo is the best Piccolo, of course.


No, don't need an editor. Need the formatting of my Doc file not to get suddenly ignored. And then, when I press the 'helpful' buttons that should fix it as provided, they shouldn't make it WORSE.

Congrats your story got featured.

Oh, this just became a placer in my "Top 3 Fanfictions on This Site"! Nicely done!

Great now I'm gonna have "why didn't you DOOOOOOOODGE" on the brain if I see that movie.

Oh, so this got popular because DB: Abridged..

I'm waiting for the TFS Make a Man Out of You song.

Geez, Equestria better have their own set of Dragon Balls just in case Piccolo accidentally kills someone. I also hope he brought a supply of Senzu Beans with him.

Considering the niche of a niche of a niche you're working with here, your readership will be rather small for this story. But those of us that "get it" are all highly entertained so please keep going! :)


Probably. But I'm honestly surprised with the amount of time the Movie's been out that someone else didn't beat me to it. You know, with Princess 'I'm going to bark orders at my little sister while standing in place for ten seconds as our opponent parkours a petrification orb at us' Celestia not doing any reasonable defensive action. Like moving. Or fleeing. Or taking potshots at Tempest.


I'll let Abridged Piccolo the mirror-morphed changeling beat on them for a bit.

How did Sunset even meet Piccolo?


Hint: I think Discord took them all out to play hopscotch with whiskey and rye.

Do you mean that they were playing hopscotch while drunk, or that they were playing it with the whiskey and rye? Because knowing Discord, it could go either way.

Because dodging shouldn't be an afterthought.

Really, it should be a thought at all. It should just happen.

Like Vegeta blasting something that moves. Or Piccolo hanging out in the wasteland. Or Freeza getting cut in half. Or Yamcha.

There's no thought involved. These things just happen.

Ok, so, maybe with Piccolo there's some thought involved; it was some pretty kickass wasteland.

Love this! Four stars in the sky must be proud of your work!


PICCOLO: Annual Former Bad Guys Now Good meeting. She was one of the few who wasn't afraid to talk to the big green alien in the room. Probably because she's technically also an alien, just, not big and green. That, and she could talk to Kami and Nail just by touching my arm. That was a really interesting game of mental poker. Kami won the pot. But only because his poker face is... Godlike. Also, that BETTER NOT be Kami snickering in there.

Try playing Dodgeball with Pinkies version of The Increadibles expanding sticky foam?:pinkiehappy:

When i saw the title of the story i chuckled, but when i saw who wrote it I knew i had to read it :pinkiehappy:

Piccolo in Namekian means "From another world."

I am thankful this is incomplete, because MOAE.

God I can breathe!!! More!!!!!!!

8704560 Considering the story is already third on the feature page and climbing, I don't think it will be as small as you think.

I saw a few homophone errors, the more glaring of which was, "the fight had been a route." The military loss is spelled rout. The path to a destination is a route, which in the case of a physical road can be pronounced 'root'.

That was a decent first chapter. I wasn't sure what to expect given the premise, but the way everything is set up and Piccolo's character give the story that nice comedic edge. Guess that means I'll track the story and see where it goes from here. :twilightsmile:

I'll have you know that FighterZ has Nappa getting Yamcha'd by Yamcha...That's about it, really. It has nothing to do with canon, I just like the reference.

Anyway. Bookmarked and looking forward to more.

I had to watch an obligatory video after reading this.
Awesome beginning. I was just cringing inside at that opening invasion too.

Yeah, I now see that is was posted already. But what could I do with already copied link? Post it!


I don't normally find crossovers appealing.

But I have literally just finished a binge re-watch of DBZA, followed by a good couple of evening's worth of random DB clips on youtube (I think I will have to get Super on DVD). And then I find this in the feature box.

With TFS!Piccolo (written with sufficient proficiency that Lani's voice automatically sounds in my head) and dealing with my single biggest - if sadly predicted and expected - gripe with the movie.

I can't not favourite this, can I?

(The only way this could get better was if Krillen was in it... Yeah, I'm one of those daft people who happen to have Krillen as their favourite. Even - and especially because of - DBZA.)



“How did one angry pony almost beat all four princesses, the greatest quartet of magical power in the world, in seconds?”

^^ This ^^
Wtaf man, wtaf.
It makes no fucking sense...

Good work on this also, lmfaoo

Screw the tracking, screw the read later, screw the bookmarks, this story is going right to the favorites! This is already awesome right off the bat and feels exactly like DBZA should feel.


Possible Typo

Wtaf man, wtaf.

Worf man, Worf.

Wtaf = What the actual fuck :rainbowkiss:

Simply great, i guess this can be based on the gohan training period on DBZ ( just a suggestion because there is the everfree :moustache::derpytongue2:)

Please finish this

Not a DBZ crossover, but a DBZA crossover?! Yes! And given the movie, this training from Piccolo is overdo. :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna be so fucking fun.

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