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Queen Chrysalis, disguised as Princess Cadence, is hard at work preparing for the invasion of Canterlot. Over the last few days, she's been carefully milking Shining Armor, captain of the guard, for all the information on the capital's defenses she can get her hooves on.

But one such defense leaves her confused and curious. A brief conversation with Shining later finds the changeling queen trapped, terrified, and in for the wildest ride of her life.

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Is that you in the pic?

First ponified planes in equestria now planes in equestria? Pure comedic gold.

Awww, did poor Chrysalis have a bad time going supersonic? I would have been screaming and laughing my ass off.


Yea, tomcats can only pull around around 5 G's

Well, flying a jet sounds like fun...

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww yeah top gun for the win muther fucka

Officially, the F-14 Tomcat can take 8.75 "instant" G's and 7.75 "sustained" G's. It was generally run below that.

Some little grammatical errors, but other than those little slip ups this was great!! You described the gut wrenching physics of flying extremely well!!


Okay. F-14? One of the best fighter-bombers flown. Great against MIGs.

And that's just the F-14A Tomcat, wait until the B, C ad D variant, the F-15 with its variants, F-16 with its variants, F-18 with its Variants, the F-22A Raptor, the F-35A,B,C Lightning II, If Crysalis is thinking in just sending the training detachment away the day of the invasion she will have another thing coming when the rest of aircraft models incluiding multirole and attacker classess, Bombers and Gunships(Such like the AC-130 Spooky), even combat helicopters, scouting choppers, troop transprt gunship helicopters and so on will come from all the nearby airforce bases(Specially the Everfree Forest Air Force Base, home of the Stealth fighters, bombers and Experimental aircraft)

One question: will you be limiting yourself with just American manufactured Fighter Jets, or will you also be adding to the Equestrian Military Russian, and European Fighters (EF-2000 Euro Fighter Thyphoon, Jaguar, Grippen, Rafale, Mirage, Tornado and others)?

She just saw how a "simple" practice flight was, she wil be terrified when she see the Ground Forces Main Battle Tanks, Light Armored Vehicules, Armored Personal Carriers, Light Transport Vehicules(Here comes Car-Fu and Tank-Fu masters coming trought the road and some building) let alone the actual ground forces who actually carries modern warfare weaponry, going from the basic combat knife, handgun(or hoofgun, don't ask me how but is canon that ponies can grasp objects like humans because some sort of invisible finger-like magic, so common that is actually overlooked and not considered anything special), personal deffesne weapons, carabines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machineguns, rocket launchers to Anti-tank rifles, Missile launchers, landmines, C-4 Plastic Explossives, Claymore Mines, etc, The Royal Guard and thier weaponry she had seen them carrying trought the Castle are actually Ceremonial with not so much combat efficiency

Please give us more. This was brilliant.

Fixed the G's pulled. I figured someone would come along and correct that soon enough. I couldn't find a good clean referrence on the F-14s G envelope.

"For just a moment, she felt it was a mistake as she caught sight of something shiny and fast ripping past her field of vision, they did the Cobra? :pinkiegasp:

Eh? imagine her being in a black bird


*turns around*

"You still alive pri-OH GOD!"

*sees the Queen Changling limp in the seat with her tongue out and eyes blown out of her sockets, her body the width of a pancake*

Paraphrasing Gohan from Dragonball Z Abridged:

XD Chrysalis needs an adult. XD

That is all.

I'm not sure what I just read. But I'm pretty sure I liked it.

Yea. The USN pegged it at 6.5G because these things cost a lot of that money stuff and so wanted them to last as long as possible with all that horrid stress stuff and all.
Iirc Grumman did a slew of tests and a demo to prove that it could take 8G+ with a full load of Phoenixes, and still come back for more but the Navy was having none of it until the late 70's.

However..... The F-14 was an "old school" stick-and-rudder ride (all mech. cables) with no limiters so it was pretty much up to the pilot if he wanted to push/pull that stick a bit harder as there was nothing to stop him (except fear itself lol).



I see what you did there.

"new edition to the training grounds" maybe "addition"?

Have these ponies been in contact with the humans and worked out a trade agreement?

901503 Question

What happens when an A-10 Warthog 'Brrts' the hive? :D



What happens when an A-10 Warthog 'Brrts' the hive? :D


The hive 'Brrts' the dust! :rainbowlaugh:

There’s a certain helicopter in the air and it goes soi soi soi.

You are the second person to get it.

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