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Instant full body flush, just add vitamins... · 9:42pm Nov 10th, 2016

Tagging FtFoNR because medical shenanigans...

So, interesting experience today. I'd like to think I know how to handle dealing with vitamins and supplements. I do my research, I check safe doses, antagonists, read warnings.

But sometimes, something just slips through in a moment of complacency.

No, I didn't almost kill myself. But the following quick ramble is a lesson that had it been something else, I could have.

I usually take either a Centrum, or a combination of C, and B vitamins since my diet is weak in those areas. Recently, we were going through the medicine cabinet when my mother started getting confused about several bottles of niacin. Still good, barely touched. Two, giant bottles of the things. She doesn't want them. So I'm like... Oh, Niacin. Vitamin B3. Giant bottle. That shit's expensive. I'll take it so it doesn't go to waste.

Mind you, this is a month ago.

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Follow your nose... · 2:23am Oct 2nd, 2016

For those following me, see my Monthly Mumble on Patreon. It contains updates to my activity.

For those just seeing this while it flashes up on the front page...
Eh, try checking my stuff out. Or follow me... Or follow the links in my mumble, then follow me.


Which bonus chapter should come next? · 7:24pm Sep 16th, 2016

It's not front burner. I essentially write these the moment they pop into my head. But I think I'll let some readers take control on this one.

Which character does our good Nurse Redheart need to compile a medical dossier on next?

We have the CMC, which could be any number of refreshingly normal crusading bumps and scrapes.
Or maybe King Sombra and his Narcotics addiction for 'Crystal' (Meth).
Is it already time for Luna's 1,000 year overdue booster shots?
What about Discord? I hear he's allergic to himself. Kind of happens when you get that many different species mismatched in the same place...
Is Spike getting enough gems in his diet? Or is a lack of live meat stunting his draconian physique?

You decide!
Vote by commenting. Vote is open from now, until Monday the 19th. Voting will close at 12 AM turnover from Sunday night to Monday morning. Central Daylight Time (GMT -6). Votes cast after that time will be ignored.

- Sombra
- Luna

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Laughing my rear off at this idea... · 5:18pm Aug 7th, 2016

Anyone ever watch Sakamoto Desu Ga?

I watched a little the other day and found the OP track is awesome.

And thus did an idea pop into my head... A Hilarious idea.

Take King Sombra, sprinkle in some Emperor Kuzco, glaze with Sakamoto...

And theme with some NateWantsToBattle and also make Nate voice the new Sombra...

Teen Sombra: The Coolest

After being defeated in his comeback bid for the Crystal Empire, King Sombra finds himself in a strange parody of the world he knew. A world of string-limbed bipeds with the most trivial of life concerns; self-moving chariots; and a total lack of magic, crystals, and slaves.

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Arrow 18: Declassified... Reclassified. · 10:24pm Aug 2nd, 2016

Bad news to those who were just boarding the HYPE train.

Apparently setting up Arrow 18: DECLASSIFIED breaks the collaboration rules for Fimfic.

Your story, Arrow 18: DECLASSIFIED, has been revoked.

This seems to just be a collection for other authors to post their stories to under your name. While collab are similar to this, they require the author themselves to participate and have all chapters complete at the time of submission. Because this story is neither complete nor does it involve any chapters from you, it has been revoked and will remain as such until both issues are resolved.

If you want to repost it, anyone who is interested in participating must have their chapter completed and ready to be published. You must also write a chapter of fair length yourself. Once those are done, all chapters must be published simultaneously. This is the only way collabs are allowed.


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A call to my fans for help... · 7:35pm Jul 30th, 2016

Quick Link for those who are going to TLDR, please help a content creator out.

I've been out of a PROPER job since last year as of the 31st (Tomorrow). I've been an UBER driver since November and when Austin decided to screw everything up, I've been stuck with a Pizza shack job as an additional stopgap.

But this isn't going to cut it. Between all but nobody looking at my Resume when I send it out, and the way the economy continues to slog along with growth, I've had a grand total of 3 callbacks, a bunch of 'sucker' offers by call centers who just want warmbodies, one almost-mistake by a company with a history of making payment for your work extremely difficult (very sketchy), and one interview that I was certain would have landed me a good job last week... Except they got a 'hiring freeze' right in the middle of it from their corporate overlords.

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Just a quick diagram... · 9:33pm Jul 10th, 2016

The latest audio-drama/dramatic reading of an Arrow 18 chapter should be going up soon. Not sure exactly when, but I'm thinking this week or next week if rough timelines were accurate.

I put in a little contribution to the imagery side of the video portion.

Thanks to D48 for assisting with the mechanical engineering aspect of it. It may not LOOK like there's much of that, but he ensured that what I have there is mechanically accurate for load bearing.

Also, that's not a drawing. It's completely vector work and made to LOOK like a drawing that was inked.

Have fun translating 'equish'. It's not hard. Just figure out what the characters are. It's otherwise written in English, and everything says something.

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Flim Flam Bros. Entertainment Presents... · 8:49pm Jun 24th, 2016

...A tale of two mares against the world.

(Image Sauce)

While trying to take it over.

Hey'ya Nimmy! What're we gonna' do tonight?
The same thing we do every night Pinkie.
Try to take over the WORLD!

They're Pinkie and Nightmare.
Yes, Pinkie and Nightmare.

One is real jealous,
The other don't care!

"We're magical ponies-"
"Would you be SILENT please?"

They're Pinkie, they're Pinkie and Nightmare
-mare -mare -mare,
-mare -mare -mare -mare,

Before each night is done,
Their plan will be recalled,

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Arrow 18 Mission Logs Dramatic Reading: Archive 6 · 6:47am Jan 25th, 2016

Archive Six's dramatic reading is now up thanks to Kovabomb and Nimbus Productions. This is the longest yet at 40 minutes.

Listen here:

Kovabomb's 'losing it' acting is spectacular, and Princess Ril's performance as Twilight is as adorable as always.
Drop in and give them the Kudos they deserve.

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Now on Bandcamp · 5:08pm Jan 13th, 2016

So I finally got around to posting my musical work up on Bandcamp.
Right now, just one album for Trans-Atmosphere: The Cosmic Concert is up. Give a listen if you want.

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