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An alumni Electronics Engineering Student from ITT Tech (Top of his class), 'Admiral Tigerclaw' is known in the fanfic community for his work on Sleeping With the Girls and Arrow 18.

With approximately a decade of fanfic writing experience, ATC has seen it all, from MSTs, to garbage SI scenarios, to more 'unmentionable' genres, there is little he hasn't experienced or at the least, doesn't know about in the world of fanfiction.

Admiral Tigerclaw strives to write for quality and entertainment, often citing the famous line from gladiator 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?' as his primary goal. His work has had its ups and its downs, but agree or disagree with his work, he believes that if he made a reader stop and think, or smile, or cry, he's done his job.

As an engineer (in mind at least), ATC strives to put the 'cause' into 'causality'. He believes staunchly that no story exists in a vacuum, that a lot happens behind the scenes where readers and viewers can't venture, and that characters/events are the way they are for a reason. Through this element, he strives to build upon even the most seemingly insignificant elements to create a whole that has greater depth than the sum of its parts.

Though one may disagree with his opinion, he asks that his attempts to world building are respected, and that even through his efforts, he's not perfect and mistakes occur.

ATC also claims the loose title of Sound Engineer. He has composed no less than three-dozen songs in the last decade and has had professional advice on his mixing skills from a member of the music industry. (Credentials of said member include doing work for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Member's identity will not be disclosed.) ATC's work can be found here as his primary music account, while additional 'scrap' work from him can be found here.

ATC's music may now also be purchased here at Band Camp. Please lend your support.

Admiral Tigerclaw claims expertise in no field, but would like to consider himself strong in the fields of Electronics Engineering, Aerospace, Aviation, Space Travel, Audio/Music, and creative writing. (ATC also considers it presumptuous to claim expertise in anything unless years of experience and agreement by peers elevates him to that level.)


Instant full body flush, just add vitamins... · 9:42pm Nov 10th, 2016

Tagging FtFoNR because medical shenanigans...

So, interesting experience today. I'd like to think I know how to handle dealing with vitamins and supplements. I do my research, I check safe doses, antagonists, read warnings.

But sometimes, something just slips through in a moment of complacency.

No, I didn't almost kill myself. But the following quick ramble is a lesson that had it been something else, I could have.

I usually take either a Centrum, or a combination of C, and B vitamins since my diet is weak in those areas. Recently, we were going through the medicine cabinet when my mother started getting confused about several bottles of niacin. Still good, barely touched. Two, giant bottles of the things. She doesn't want them. So I'm like... Oh, Niacin. Vitamin B3. Giant bottle. That shit's expensive. I'll take it so it doesn't go to waste.

Mind you, this is a month ago.

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Definitely hoping the hiatus on Higher Flyer part two lifts, as I was extremely fond of the details you've been writing for the characters. A lot of which has helped me with forming my thoughts as I write the expansion to the Roan RPG book!

Have a hug.


Maybe cuz your stories always give me a smile when I'm feeling down. Or maybe just because :)

What ever hapend to. That. Story err continuation. Of. Arow 18

It was about what happens. after he wakes up ...?

What's with "Change is Good"? Is it on hold or just cancelled?


Curious as to whether

Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Sparkle's Notes

is on a permanent or temporary hiatus, will it ever be finished?

  • Viewing 146 - 150 of 150
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