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Let me give this to you straight. I'm a doctor. My title says 'Nurse', but I'm a doctor. I deal with sick and injured ponies daily, and give both treatment and advice to them with trust and confidence. That includes a certain six friends and their own medical needs.

If the rest of Equestria actually knew that disaster was one missed pill away, I don't think 'riots in the streets' would be sufficient to cover it. But I'm bound by Doctor/Patient Confidentiality, so I guess I'm the thin red line between civilization, and eternal enslavement by some horror from beyond.

That eternal enslavement thing sounds better every day, mind you.

*Cover image original artwork credited to mysticalpha

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Maybe that's why they keep pigs around.


Really cute funny story. You never disappoint with any of your stories.


Man, I kinda wish this story would get expanded

Though honestly, I could probably point out a dozen medical issues for whichever monster or villain I come across. And they'd probably listen. Maybe we'll get an evil doctor one of these days. Then I can be his pretty assistant and ensure all his minions are always following my guidelines for healthy living.

I'd be genuinely interested in reading this.

Great oneshot. It's not all too often someone writes a non-clopfic with Nurse Redheart that actually explores her character in a meaningful way. Bravo to you. :twilightsmile:

You know, Redhart really should meet Maud someday.

When Boulder gets chipped.

In the excersize room.

Dammit Gym, Im a doctor, not a bricklayer. :trollestia:

Not bad, but honestly, I was hoping to see a Christmas update for Sparkle's Notes more than a new story.


Dammit Gym, Im a doctor, not a bricklayer.

Not sure how to respond to this, seeing as how I grew up watching the original series, and now despise the new movies...
Good Job? :rainbowlaugh: :unsuresweetie:

Bahaha, nice! Nurse Redheart, True Hero of Equestria. :rainbowlaugh:

Though honestly, I could probably point out a dozen medical issues for whichever monster or villain I come across. And they'd probably listen.

Changelings should be great at following instructions. The drones, at any rate. Maybe she should consider overthrowing Chrysalis. :derpytongue2:

You're really good at writing interesting journal-style stories :twilightsmile:


Maybe that's why they keep pigs around.

I wish I didn't understand this reference

Nothing epic.

I'm pretty sure I saw this in the feature box...

Yeah, keep your modesty. Just know that this was definitely epic.

Wow that was awesome. That was very well written snark. There must be more. Plus I'm with Razalon the Lizardman on this one the whole bit about the evil doctor. Would love to read a story like that

A wonderful little gem right before the holidays. A very enjoyable read. Thank you very much!


If we don't end up with a cameo somewhere of Discord on Ritalin after this, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.

I always assumed that Nurse was her actual NAME. Which in this story would make her Doctor Nurse Nurse Redheart. Which is hilarious to me for some reason.

Evil doctor's pretty assistant eh? Of course she gets a redemption story in which the handsome hero whisks her away to a life of tropical bliss in stress-free Tailhiti. :raritywink:

Yes. Yes there are new movies of Star Trek.

Followed by

Followed by

My mom is a doctor, and I wonder if any of this is accurate.

Sounds like Nurse Redheart is one meltdown away from becoming the greatest villain in Equestrian history. She could easily incapacitate the Mane 6 and then force everyone in Ponyville to obey her medical genius.

This was really enjoyable, and it was so short, too. I'd love to see more stories like this. You do a pretty good job with journals.

6758914 He did that in the original as well you know, I think.

BTW, nice to meet a fellow Trekie here, 2 questions. 1: is there a group for our kind? 2: which captain?

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Dec 25th, 2015

6759507 But you could never predict what the drug would do to Discord day-to-day... chaos and all.

I did mention how I grew up watching the original series...Damn! I just realized that that's a direct quote from the original series episode "Devil in the Dark"!
Yes there's a group for our kind, and it stretches from The Original Series all the way to Star Trek: Online. Here's a link to it.

6760547 Thanks, you still haven't answered my other question though, which is your favorite captain?

Either way, these are Equestria's greatest heroines. A diabetic, a countdown to a heart attack, the athlete too cool for medical science, the self-medicated princess, the crash dieting diva, and the cowpony who doesn't trust anything that she didn't see growing herself five minutes ago.

Well, if you describe them like that, they don't sound very heroic. :rainbowlaugh:


That very well done, although that is to be expected from you. I do feel like the three hours of flight a day you mentioned in relation to Fluttershy sounded a bit too high (one hour would have been more reasonable) and it felt like you were stretching a bit for Rainbow because she could not have gotten to where she is physically if she wasn't paying attention to her diet (I would have gone with jumping back into practice before she is fully healed), but those were both minor issues that really didn't affect the story as a whole with how much sense the rest of it made.

6759963 No there aren't, and if there were they absolutely would not shove a female character into a series that has always been known for being very socially progressive for the sole purpose of a tity shot. :twilightangry2::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Oh...Um...damn. I don't have a 'favorite captain' really, as I judge each captain with the crew that they have as well...and with those standards, it's a tie between Kathryn Janeway, and James Tiberius Kirk. And not the Chris Pine mockery of Kirk either. William Shatner is the one, true Kirk.

Maybe we'll get an evil doctor one of these days. Then I can be his pretty assistant and ensure all his minions are always following my guidelines for healthy living. It would be a step up from the madness of Ponyville these days.



6761670 I agree with your decision that Shatner is best Kirk, but my favorite is definitely Sisco.

he doesn't start out as a captain though! And Janeway gets to have a Borg Drone on her ship, and her ship gets to become part Borg ship later on in the series, and can actually stand against the Borg! How can you not like Janeway? As for Kirk, he's a must have on a list of favorite captains, because without the success of that series, we would never have had any of the others! But not Chris Pine's abomination. Never Chris Pine's abomination.

6763104 Mainly because I haven't watch a whole lot of Voyager.

Ha. This is actually really good. I've never given Redheart much thought but the idea of her as the long suffering nurse (doctor) to Ponyville is just delightful to me.
It deserves it's spot as being featured, you did a great job.

That was...that was funny. I'm not sure which part is my favorite...

Comment posted by Disavowed ASH deleted Dec 25th, 2015

the next time I see discord, I'm dosing him with methylphenidate just to see what it does to him

Ethics, Redheart! :pinkiegasp:

A fun story. It's good to see you writing more material.

Comment posted by FortunateKitsune deleted Dec 25th, 2015

Well.. I liked it... Did you think about a Sequel? Maybe put other character like Mayor Mare, Time Turner, Discord, Vinyl Scratch, Celestia, Blue Blood, Spike, Big Mac, The Crusaders....

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