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Horrifically Fun


Sunset Shimmer goes to a couple slumber parties with her friends before Hearths Warming, and then a bunch of really stupid stuff happens.

Thanks to
Tired Old Man and Steel Resolve for their edits and suggestions! And special thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil for the cover art, edits, and suggestions!

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At this rate, the girl's gonna die of blood loss before this is over.

Seriously girls, WHAT THE HELL?!

I'm just glad it's a lot easier to cover a comic issue than an episode, even a longer one... Like... I'M going to have several "funny aneurysms" trying to get through this! I kinda wonder if the story was originally meant to take place before Rainbow Rocks... Aside from not having Twilight, everything would make a ton more sense in context.

It’s going to riff all the plot holes of the original comic and the cliches of the stories, isn’t it?

Only unless I Anon-A-MISS a few... :trollestia:

ok, what the heck did I just read?

I love it XD

On the one hand, this does feel a tad late, given the age of the comic and that there's actually some good Anon-a-Miss stories out there now.

On the other hand, this was a good start, and I'm already looking forward to more.

A comedic take on anon-a-miss? Sign me the hell up!

Let’s see how you deal with the Anon-a-mess.

Nurse Redheart: "Don't worry, dear. We have more than enough spare blood for transfusions."

Sunset: "...dare I even ask?"

Nurse Redheart: "I have a deal with our janitor."

Mr. Discord: "On a good day I mop it up by the gallon. Incidentally, your little fountain display earlier already earned me today's dinner. Don't you just love this school?"

I agree.

Not another one of these stupid stories.

I freaking hate the Anon-a-Miss comic, especially since those 5 never actually apologize for what amounts to a massive betrayal of Sunset's trust

I don't think that kind of discussion really fits here. Both because of the mood of the story and because nothing you say could have half the impact as what the story itself does to the comic.

Well, you came to the right place, because this story is going to be mocking the hell out of that comic and all of its flaws, and it's written by someone who knows how characters should act.

Sunset is fatally allergic to stupid, eh?

...Amazing she made it through to her rainbow redemption given that she hung out with Snips and Snails all the time.

“Uh… right…” Sunset replied, her expression tightening. “Both aneurysms were caused by sheer stupidity,” she informed.

Wow! Didn’t think you were that stupid, Sunset.

That aside, this was hilarious and I hope to see more of it.


No but seriously nice start, I want so where this is going:pinkiecrazy:

What the fuck did I just read and why am I loving it so much? :rainbowlaugh:

That should have killed her a long time ago.

Normally I would skip yet another Anon-A-Miss fic, but I look forward to you applying your brand of insanity to that comic (as well as any divergences your fic take). Poor Sunset, so often it feels like she's the only sane (or at least smart) one in the room/school, and its not going to get any better any time soon.

I'll never understand why they didn't just put the comic in between EQ 1 and 2. Its still a weak story, but with a bit of tweaking, I could see it as an example of Sunset settling into the group.

Sunset: Girls wait!! Apparently those aneurysms I had were out of sheer stupidity.
Pinkie: Wow, didn't think you were that stupid Sunset.
Sunset: AHHHHHH!!! Chapter 9 paragraph 18. Chapter 9 paragraph 18.
Rarity: What's that darling?
Sunset: Happiest. Moment. Of. My Life.

Hands Sunset a sense-beating-stick and matches.

So the legendary justice tackles the comic that ruined the EQG series for the IDW series.

I am SO looking forward to this.

Will it be a prequel of sorts to Sunset Shimmer is Mad About Everything?

Well, it's apparently just after rainbow rocks, because Sunset is still unsure about her place in life, even if she feels a little more settled. It's got to be before SSiMAE, because she still says she and her mom had a falling out and she's not welcome home.

The Equestria Girls Holiday Special was an awful comic. It actually could have been really good if it just ended after the first slumber party.

“ME?!” Sunset exclaimed. “You’re the five throwing around baseless accusations that sent me to the school’s emergency room…” Sunset turned slightly to look at the door labeled ‘ER’ with a big, bold red cross. “Which is still something I’m surprised we have.” She turned back to the girls present. “What makes you think I’m Anon-A-Miss?!”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “You only ruined our friendships before because of the whole Spring Fling thing!”

Sunset nodded. “Yeah! And I was good at it! You five never suspected me until Twilight showed up and got you five talking to each other!”

The give girls exchanged glances, the confident anger that had been on their faces slowly being replaced by unsure sheepishness.

Sunset continued, “Furthermore, I had motive then! What possible reason would I have to embarrass you all like this?!”

Again, a series of increasingly uncertain expressions where exchanged.

Pinkie cleared her throat. “Er… Reeeveeeeeeeeengeeeee?” She said though it was more question than a suggestion.

“…For WHAT?!”


Applejack gave Sunset a scrutinizing look, “But the Anon-a-Miss avatar looks just like your silhouette!”

“Yes!” Sunset said throwing up her hands in the air. “Which is a tactic I’d use to defer suspicion onto someone specific! You know…” Sunset rubbed her chin for a moment, “…if I thought everyone at this school was dumb enough to fall for that… which… considering the lazy-photoshopping that almost worked on Twilight, you all kind of are…”

... the opposite of being smart.

Sunset closed her eyes and groaned before giving the girls all serious looks. “You guys, I didn’t do this!” Sunset exclaimed. “I could never hurt any of you!” Sunset began to become misty-eyed. “You’re basically the only family I have now, and I’d have to be criminally insane to jeopardize that for, apparently, no other reason than to make you all upset at me again.” Sunset sniffled quietly. “Girls… I love you…”

This is very heartwarming. Too bad it didn´t work.

A good story that makes fun of the stupidity of the situation.


I honestly have to wonder how she can possibly forgive them after this.

I am so glad everything about that comic was declared non-canon in so brutal a fashion as Equestria Girls went on. Because, like Sunset here, I have a very low tolerance for complete and utter stupidity.

It’s a plot-driven story, not a character-driven story. It’s not even enjoyably bad.

So, really, the comic would have been totally fine. I understand the girls are all high school kids, and we all know how those kinds of people jump to conclusions. But the resolution lacked any of, well, THIS. Sunset logically explaining why they were being unfair and having them repent. Then it would have been a great story, because it'd bury any lingering doubts in the Rainbooms' mind that Sunset was bad

I don't usually put things into my favorites before they're completed, but this is just too beautiful of a takedown to resist.

[EDIT]: Now I blame you for the new spate of Anon-a-Miss fics. There have been at least two others on the featured list concurrently with yours. Hopefully twenty more aren't on the way.

This started off well. I like the idea of someone being medically allergic to stupidity. Of course, if i had that condition i’d Be dead by now.

You know, every time I read stories based on the Holiday Special case I wonder if I want to write another story about it. Then I think, nah that s:pinkiegasp:]t doesn't need any more time wasted on it. An absolute clustertruck of a story.

I am looking forward to your unique take on things. :pinkiehappy:


This was beautiful, in a gloriously deranged way. I eagerly await what further stupidity/insanity will come Sunset's way in the future...

Agreed. Without Twilight and before the battle of the bands, it makes a load more sense. AFTER that, it's just bonkers in the worst way possible.

I shorthanded Sunset's pleading with the girls but added a little bit to get out the full emotional impact. It's pretty heartbreaking (and even hard to swallow BEFORE the girls starting forgiving everyone who so much as looked after committing horrible, horrible magic crimes) how quickly they shoot her down in the comic

Really hope this isn't gonna be another 'fix fic' that spends the entire time saying "Sunset wouldn't do that!"

Doubly so since Justice's Sunset is typically characterized as just 2 steps away from indulging in old habits anyway.

Sunset made an odd gurgling sound for a second as a small stream of blood half-trickled, half-squirted out her nose.


“N-no…” Sunset informed, “I think I’m going to—” Her turquoise eyes rolled back into her head and Sunset suddenly tilted forward falling quickly towards the group of girls who quickly moved away and let her hit the ground wound a heavy ‘thud!’

Oh dear.

Rarity scoffed. “And risk getting blood on my ensemble?”

“Er… So you at least considered itbeforeshe hit the ground?” Fluttershy asked.

Rarity have Fluttershy an unamused look. “I don’t think believe I have to explain myself in this situation!”

Rarity, outfits can be cleaned.

Rarity’s forehead wrinkled. “So, you’re suggesting Sunset’s plan was to embarrass us, and plan ‘b’ was to kill herself if we should figure out she was the culprit!”

Pinkie shook her head up and down. “Yu-huh!”

That's stupid.

Sunset flopped over onto her back, her hair falling into the small pool of blood she had left on the floor while small trickles of blood continued to pour from both her nostrils. Already, it was apparent she had a bruise on her forehead and some blue-black discoloration around her right eye. She glared up at the faces mere inches from her own.“TAKE ME TO THE NURSE’S OFFICE!”she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Oh dear.

Nurse Redheart met the question with a short, good-natured laugh. “Oh, this is nothing, you should see the budget for the upcoming Friendship games!”

That doesn't answer the question.

“Really, life is kind of one big extended series of events where we roll the dice every second and hope we don’t drop dead!”

Yup. Pray for Nat 20s, dread Nat 1s.

“Uh… right…” Sunset replied, her expression tightening. “Both aneurysms were caused by sheer stupidity,” she informed.

Didn't know you were that stupid, Sunset.

“It seems the new tiles for the girl’s bathroom in the school are a couple shades off from a color ideal for stimulating mental facilities.”

What? Celestia, it's a school. Even if they WERE, I can't begin to go into how not a single student will care.

Redheart nodded. “Well, you should be fine so long as you avoid any stressful situations… Say, concerning yourself over your social standings within the school or how you’re treated by your peers”

I generally never gave a shit about that.

Redheart chuckled. “Maybe just focus on the holiday and spending time with your family.”

That may be a problem.

“Oh, uh…” Redheart thought for a moment. “Well! You know it’s a lie when they say that suicides increase this time of year! See, they actually go down because most everyone is usually with their supportive family and… uh…”

Your tried.

“Are they here tofinishthe job?!” Sunset suggested snidely.


Readheart just smiled. “You can try working as a nurse at a school where magical related injuries are fairly common on top of students throwing smoke bombs or setting up trampolines for impromptu photo shoots, and we’ll see how happyyouare.”

She has a point.

Sunset nodded. “Yeah! And I wasgoodat it! You five never suspected me until Twilight showed up and got you five talking to each other!”

She's NOT that sloppy, and it's too easy to link her back to Anon-A-Miss.

Pinkie cleared her throat. “Er… Reeeveeeeeeeeengeeeee?” She said though it was more question than a suggestion.

“…For WHAT?!”

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Rainbow Dash snapped her fingers in an ‘ah-ha’ fashion, “Because I wouldn’t let you become lead guitar of the Rainbooms.”

She doesn't care, and even if she did, this is a bit petty JUST for that. And if she did want that and went this far, she'd target JUST you.

“Yes!” Sunset said throwing up her hands in the air. “Which is a tactic I’d use to defer suspicion onto someone specific! You know…” Sunset rubbed her chin for a moment, “…if I thought everyone at this school was dumb enough to fall for that… which… considering the lazy-photoshopping that almost worked on Twilight, you all kind of are…”

It's too damn easy, and again, Sunset isn't this stupid.

“… I admit, that apparently you are all stupid enough to fall for this trick and apparently I was trying WAY too hard last year, sure,” Sunset said casually.

She has a point.

Pinkie pursed her lips into a tight frown for a moment. “Well, maybe you just took your time with your sweet revenge! You know… revenge is a dish best served cold?”


Applejack smirked. “How about when we stopped your plan to take over Equestria!”

She could have thrown her lot in with the Sirens and backstabbed them last second if she wanted that. And even then, she's want revenge on Princess Twilight.

Sunset raised her fingertips to her head and leaned against the wall for support as another trickle of blood went down her nose. “If I wanted revenge for THAT, first off, I deserve an Academy Award for the show I’ve put on since then. Second off, I would have thrown my hat in with the sirens, or even just not helped you when they showed up? I mean, without my book to reach out to Twilight or even my at-the-very-end help, everyone would have been pretty much hosed!”


“We’d love to help you, darling,really,” Rarity said. “However, we all agreed that the best thing to do was to ostracize you while barely letting you get a word in edgewise.”

... You're a cunt. That is so beyond retarded I don't know where to begin with you.

The girls all turned and began to walk away, Pinkie raising her hand up high. “Bye-bye Sunset Shimmer! We’re sorry we ever trusted you!”

And a hearty fuck you to you too! Goddamn, it's a miracle that she even considers them friends after this.

Most of the comics are awful, especially any involving Sunset.

As a friend of someone who has aneurysms from the source as Sunset, I find this story quite hilarious.

You know, there's being late to the party with your hot take, and then there's arriving the next morning. :rainbowlaugh:

The comments, tho... :raritydespair: ::sigh:: God, we're still doing this, I guess. Whatever. Personally I always thought the first Special was worse by magnitudes and commended the second for actually trying even if it failed, but my Eternal Waifu wasn't on the line in either of them, so what do I know?

Go nuts defending Sunset's honor or whatevs, y'all.

(The story itself made me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in quintessential apathy. Quite frankly, I'm too old and have seen too many "clever takedowns" of children's material in my lifetime to be moved by them anymore. By all means, get it out of your system--just make sure to have fun. ;))

Sunset shimmer was just an ordinary girl in an ordinary high school with ordinary friends

SS - "None of that is true."

Till one day, after having her friends stolen from her, she discovers she has a special power: the ability to have multiple aneurysms and not die.

SS - "I don't think that counts as a power? I mean, still a good thing for me but doesn't really help outside of the not dieing part. And my friends weren't stolen, they abandoned me."

RD - "Yeah, we just sorta left. Didn't even look back either, just gave a backhanded wave and everything."

SS - "See! Also, what are you doing here Rainbow, you just walked away all high and mighty after yelling at me just seconds ago?"

RD - "Yeah, shame to ruin such a dramatic exit but forgot a book in my locker. Got it now though, so later backstabber hope to see you never."

SS - "..."

With her new found power, she sets out on a quest for justice...or vengeance...justingeance? Wielding two newspapers, Sunday editions, and a red outfit to hide the blood, she'll serve her revenge on the ignorant masses like she serves her attitude: Smok'n Hot.

SS - "I do rock that leather, don't I."

"She's the beauty with the bacon, the pony with the pout; She's Shimmy Sham in her new action adventure 'It's Shimmer Time'."

SS - "No I'm not and I refuse to answer to it."

"Coming to a theater near you...eventually."

Okay, despite this being comedy, this story manages to be somewhat more cruel than other Anon-a-Miss stories I've seen. :rainbowderp: Edit: Or at least this chapter came across to me as more cruel than funny.

Also, the HuMane 5 either are the most idiotic and moronic beings I've ever seen or they are downright psychopaths or never really forgave her and just were waiting an opportunity/excuse to ditch her... In anycase, you really have a very distorted way to depict them. :rainbowderp: And I haven't been sure how to feel about that since I first saw this "joke" on "Sunset Shimmer is MAD about EVERYTHING".

Anyways, I hope that when things do get better a goddamn miracle happens to Sunset, because if this is just the beginning? She will fucking need it. :ajbemused:

Okay, normally I hate Anon-A-Miss fics with a burning passion, but considering how this is meant to be full-blown parody of the entire bout of stupidity that goes on in the comic, and hopefully certain fics as well (Looking at you Dainn), you've caught my interest.

She could turn into a blood bender to save herself.

“Uh… right…” Sunset replied, her expression tightening. “Both aneurysms were caused by sheer stupidity,” she informed.

Better make that three now. I feel like Sunset's going to have to figure out some way of having the girls make up for their nosebleed-inducing stupidity. I do know that Sunset is DEFINITELY going to make it her mission to berate her friends for not thinking.
Glad to see I'm not the only one reminded of TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

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