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Anon-A-Miss has become a plague on the halls of Canterlot High. Students are on the brink of a fight every day and tensions are rising in order to stomp out Anon-A-Miss before the winter break.

With no-one in Canterlot High to turn to, Sunset Shimmer braves it alone and decides to pull out her old blackmailing tools in order to get the job done. It might be illegal, but it's the school's last hope for order to be restored.

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well the comic has ALOT of issues, like even the timing of it.

I suppose any half decent write can pull it off better.

Like me.

The end is cut off.

I fixed it. My bad.

Okay, that was good. Sunset still can be a bad-girl when she needs to be, and good for her on that. Nice to see an original take on this, with Sunset actually fighting back and using some of her old skills to take down Anon-A-Miss, instead of just rolling over. One song to sum her up here, I think.

...you know what? I’m surprisingly okay with this.

Yup. At this point I think fabric writers have a better idea then the show's staff.

Thanks. I was partially inspired by some advertising material with her wanting to be a game designer or some shit like that. It sticks out in my mind because that was never mentioned before, so I decided to incorporate a bit of computer wizardry to the whole thing.

Good to hear!

Hmm, interesting. I'd say she's got potential ahead of her in doing that, really, in this story's universe.

Sitting down, she booted up her computer. It was quite the powerhouse... When she first got it. The years had taken their toll, and it was thoroughly average now. It was by no meas bad, it was just not up to the standard that technology dictated in this day and age.


"Fantastic. Then this can be sorted before the school day even begins. I'll be sure to make an announcement once first period starts. Then we can put this mess behind us." Celestia replied, before striding off the library with the tranquility of a murderous swan. Sunset simply walked in the other direction, no longer needing to hide the deviousness plastered on her face.

Let me just say, that I love that description. "The tranquility of a murderous swan" XD Perfect way to describe an angry Celestia. Because yeah, swans are damn scary when they're pissed at you!

All in all, this was pretty good. I like the idea of Sunset breaking out her own computer skills to take down Anon-a-Miss, and I *really* like that you just told a straightforward story and didn't dive into any of this dark-fic angsty crap that tends to clog these Holiday Special stories. Here, having Sunset be down/upset at first, and then bust her ass working on a solution to the problem, feels SO MUCH MORE in-character than ANY of those "realistic" fics that have her fall into depression, get beaten up, contemplate suicide, blah-blah-blah.

Have an upvote, and I am definitely considering a favorite! XD

Thank you for the correction and the praise! Means a lot, especially as it's a sign that I'm either improving or am cracking the secret of getting Featured.

No problem. ^_^
And also, I've faved this story, by the way! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I guess it's not too bad for taking the idea in a new light rather than focusing on the edge factor. Can't feel too bad about that.

Wow.. brilliant can totally see sunset being an hacker type :) great story

The EG Holiday Special wasn't made by the show staff (hence the poor quality), none of the comics are. Which thankfully makes them non-canon.

Eh, I kinda enjoyed the Holiday Special, but I was bored and procrastinating work at college at the time, so that might have influenced my decision.

Plus, canon or not, they're still pretty aight. Most of them, anyway.

a nice story also i picture sweetie bell strangling apple bloom as im guessing apple bloom is the one who fell for it thoe it may have been scoots as sweetie bell is the only one with brains

the ending was a little too happy go lucky, but otherwise good story.

I personally have a big distaste for the IDW comics, as they all suffer from one major problem: bending the characters around the story, as opposed to building the story around the characters.

The CMC from the show would never do something like this of their own volition, but because the plot demanded it, they did. Even though there were far better choices for the culprits: Trixie, the Dazzlings, a new character who Sunset previously wronged.

Your story is still great though.

Eh, everyone has their own tastes and I haven't even read the comics in a while, so you might have a point there.

Still, glad you enjoyed it!

This was very well done, well done indeed. Happy ending and all that, I like it.

Good show.

Sunny, get down with your bad self. Nice one!

You get a like for this line alone: "...Celestia replied, before striding off the library with the tranquility of a murderous swan."

Plus good job overall. My only suggestion would be that the Rainbooms' apologies should be a bit more abject. Just a thought, though. These are the human Element Bearers -- I think guilt would be a powerful force...

The show staff are responsible for Mysterious Mare-Do-Well and Princess Spike. I consider the ratio of Great-Average-Bad between show and comics about the same. The show staff does score a point for producing nothing quite as bad as The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies. But they have a lot more time and people producing an episode than IDW does a comic so you'd hope they'd catch anything that bad before it went to air.

Thought I'd say that this is a fairly good fic. Best Anon-a-miss I've read as of late, despite not reading the original comic. (googled what Anon-a-miss was/is)

What I like about this one compared to other "fix-fics" that I've read is that, like what


pointed out, it feels more in-character for Sunset to fight the problem rather than mopping around and falling in depression because of it.

Anon-A-Miss: Sweet! I'll claim that now! Thanks a lot!

Sunset blinked several times at the reply. She was either being taken for a ride, or Anon-A-Miss, despite her treachery was really naive when it came to internet scammers. There was only one way to find out, though.

I was like Sunset when I read that. Was it really that easy to trick Anon-a-miss? :rainbowlaugh:

Mini edit: didn't realize it until I posted. Congrats on making the feature box!:yay:

I feel like this Anon-A-Miss Incident thing was... kind of a really ham-handed attempt at making a human-world equivalent of Gabby Gums. Which is especially ironic? messed up? clumsy? because during Gabby Gums they were forced into it by Diamond, but this whole Anon-A-Miss thing is supposedly of their own volition?

Is there any reason why there's been a sudden influx in Anon-A-Miss fics? Counting this one, there's three in the feature box right now.


I was like Sunset when I read that. Was itreallythat easy to trick Anon-a-miss?

The CMC are lucky they didn't get a pop up telling them they had a virus and that they'd have to call a 1-800 number to fix it, whereupon the person on the other end tells them they need to buy $500 worth of gift cards, which happened to someone I met a few days ago as they were buying the cards. I talked them out of it, but this kind of stuff works on people.

she saw the three members of the Canterlot Movie Club standing around a powered on computer monitor that was facing away from her, watching some silly video about what appeared to be a children's card game.

Why does these games always seem to determine the fate of the world?

This feels like something Sunset would do.


Great story!!!

It might just be my dislike of EQG but this was a super weird subject for the show and even weirder for a light hearted fanfic.

After several minutes of starting at steam...


My favorite one directed at me was a series of random phone calls saying I needed to contact them or else they would take legal action for 4 separate unnamed offenses.

The head writer has shared what is Hasbro's stance on the level of canon of the MLP comics: anything in the comics is considered canon unless proven non-canon by future episodes/specials.

Which if they were the same characters from the show, they would never do.

a broken in copy of photo-editing software, taken back when couldn't afford that sort of thing...

I do believe this should be "when SHE couldn't afford", and the next part is more subjective, but "a broken in copy"? I think it should be "a cracked copy" or "stolen copy".

Grabbing some bland-name noodles

I've never heard of a "bland-named" anything - though I have heard of "bRand-named" things. Might be just me, though.
Also, food with the store's name on it (e.g. Coles, Woolworths) tends to be cheaper, from what I know.

This either meant that Anon-A-Miss had access to her phone during that time,

he couldn't pin the leakage onanyof her friends.

Maybe, just maybe, it wasn't your friends. Think back - who else was present at that sleep-over? I'd say three young adolescent girls, coloured orange, white and cream, were there; you should at least ask them if they know anything.

Hi! Got any dirty laundry you want aired Anon-A-Missely?

I know "anonymously" doesn't have an 'e' in it; should "Anon-A-Missly" have one?

password: CMC4ever

Yeah, that's not suspicious at all; I mean, a bunch of people use the acronym "CMC" everyday, don't they? </sarcasm>
Seriously though, why haven't three young teenagers entered your 'suspects' list?
Also, I've just checked howsecureismypassword.net, and that password would take a computer TWO HOURS to crack. Weaksauce. They really should've used Galloplane, an awesome password manager that can generate ridiculously-hard-to-crack passwords. Like "w_JQdD_~udbK;?G%-Q3", which would take 36 quintillion years to crack.

having Celestia eating out of her metaphorical palm

Now, if only you could do that to the other Celestia; you'd be all-powerful. And quite possibly an evil, manipulative witch, but hey - all-powerful.

whispers of being Pinkie Pie in disguise.

Another Pinkie literally has zip-up costumes of her friends (I remember one being used in the Crystal Empire), so this isn't too far-fetched.
...Though I'd have to wonder how that'd work in this world, considering she'd have to wear clothing both on top of and under said suit in order to avoid a scandalous "teen-only" rating...bah.

Makes more sense to blame the girl with a history of deception and bullying than it is to blame your own flesh and blood."

Even if said bad girl always had an ulterior motive when she did such things, and this Anon-A-Miss scandal had no other motive than "humiliate Sunset"? Really, if Sunset really was the culprit, what did she stand to gain from it? Public ridicule and the complete loss of hard-won friendships. Not likely to be her, then. Furthermore, "bad girl" Sunset always did her best to hide her identity; this is the complete opposite of her old M.O., in that it all but said "I AM SUNSET SHIMMER". Oh, and it also used a very active email that was also linked to the school, instead of a private, no-other-use one.

If this was the CMC's best attempt at channeling the old Sunset Shimmer, they utterly failed. This only succeeded because everyone was so bucking gullible and ready to believe it was 'old Sunset' reborn. This says a lot about the school's populace...:facehoof:

Anyway, I'm supposed to be at Pinkie's slumber party soon


But the show has not adapted or referenced anything from the comics since they started in 2012. Plus the comics frequently retcon or dismiss events from FiM to best suit whatever story they're trying to tell, as opposed to building the story around those events.

Example: In the EG Holiday Special, it is said that Sunset had her "first sleepover" with the Rainbooms during the story... but she already went to one back in Rainbow Rocks... so...

But like I said; the comics can't construct a solid story around the characters, so they have to bend and twist the characters to fit the story instead.

Take the Election Arc for example, not only was it a poor attempt capitalise on an event that no one wanted MLP to touch, but the conflict sprung from a simple miscommunication and as soon as Rich (who acted exactly like his wife here) threw his hat in, the whole of Ponyvillle (including the mane 6) went all Captain America: Civil War on each other.

The characters of Friendship is Magic would never let that happen, and that's why I hate the comics so much.

I'm good at this writing lark, that's why I have so many errors. I've adjusted your corrections accordingly, aside from "Bland-name noodles." It's a play on words, referring to the fact that it's a cheap substitute for actual noodles. The kind you find on discount in [insert supermarket of choice] but aren't very good.

Also unfortunately, I did have to give Sunset a bit of an Idiot Ball in order for the whole thing to line up with the comic's story. You can only bend the source material so much when you write these sorts of things.

True enough; Idiot Balls are sometimes necessary for plot points to develop, and aren't always easily-spotted - and it's certainly realistic (everyone has 'derp' moments in life).

However, depending on how big the Ball is, it can sort of ruin the moment when spotted.
My favourite example of this is near the end of Mass Effect 2, where Shepard and all of his teammates board the landing craft to "go on a mission" (this occurs regardless of whether the player's got any missions left to do or not, making it also Gameplay and Story Segregation, to use TVTropes lingo). This, of course, leaves the Normandy guarded only by the mostly-background crew - and allows the game's evil alien species to invade and capture everyone except Joker, thus forcing the player into the endgame if they don't want to lose anyone.
The "Idiot Ball" moment is when Shepard and ALL his teammates board the shuttle; all other times the player embarks on a mission or lands on a planet, they select two teammates - thus implying the rest stay on the ship. Why they all went this time is never explained, either, making this particularly noticeable.

I've never read any of the MLP comics (I don't read comics in general), but from what I know about Anon-A-Miss, it makes zero sense whatsoever - and I consider its Idiot Ball almost as big and noticeable as ME2's, once you're no longer distracted by the drama and able to really think about it. Heck, even Harry Potter has a canon-wide Idiot Ball, in that no-one actually stops to think about how much of a criminal Albus Dumbledore is, what with neglecting his duties and child endangerment and withholding critical information and stuff.

Never played Mass Effect myself, but I see where you're coming from.


But the show has not adapted or referenced anything from the comics since they started in 2012.

There was an entire episode using Ogres and Oubliettes as a backdrop and Leadwing and Bittersweet (Andy Price and Katy Cook's ponysona's) has been background characters in at least 2, maybe 3 episodes.

I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure Twilight's parents were first officially named in the comics, and did so long before the show credited their names.

Good story but not what i was expecting given the discription.

I like this. Sunset possibly has a future as a white hat (hacker that works for the law), I'm ok with that. That being said...


If you ask me, any Anon-A-Miss story worth reading is going to be a fix-fic, due to the original comic story making no sense whatsoever. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this; always nice to see Sunset use those old villain skills for good ends!

I liked it. Most Anon-A-Miss stories, I thoroughly dislike, but this one doesn't feel like you bent any character out of shape to rake them over the coals. It feels a lot more natural.

Quick tip: In dialogue, when characters address one another, put a comma before the name. That makes it much clearer and easier to read. Here's an example why:

"I want to come inside Rainbow Dash!"


"I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash!"

>implying either sentence could be incorrect in any context

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