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She didn't think. She just jumped through the portal.

Then it closed behind her.

Stuck in the body of a human teenager, Princess Celestia finds herself trapped in the same world as her bitter student. Even as she and Sunset Shimmer both work to adapt to their new environment and bodies, Celestia is faced with an additional challenge: Sunset Shimmer is attempting to become the queen of Canterlot High, and the only way Celestia can fight back is...

...by becoming more popular.

(Book One preread by DrakeyC and Zef.)

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issue with this idea is that no matter what Celestia would be an adult not a teenager.


So you accept a magical transformation from one species to another, but the age transition is where you draw the line?

ETA: Let's try it this way. When the series begins, Twilight is very arguably an adult. She's graduated from her initial schooling and has a job, which comes with a place of her own. She may be a post-graduate student or in early college with a part-time position, but she's no longer a minor. The same thing applies to Sunset -- and given the lack of intersection between herself and Twilight for school and palace, she's probably older. With the exception of Spike, none of the Mane Cast are kids.

And yet when Twilight goes through the portal, she winds up in the body of a teenager. As did Sunset.

So why can't we just postulate that the mirror assigns everypony passing through it to the humanish world into a single default age? The transformation can work by reassigning the transitioning body to a pre-programmed template. And if it has to trim off a few years to make somepony fit that template, then that's what's going to happen, because the portal doesn't know any other way to do it.

7187343 Try to be a little more open-minded, please.

7187361 Yeah man. I'm of the theory Sunset and Twilight were aged down when they went through the mirror.

Good to know Luna has her priorities straight: Food first, potential existential crisis second :rainbowlaugh:

I completely and unbiasedly give thems a thumbs up and follow. I am sure this story will be good with such a sexy, smart pre-reader helping Zef make sure it is awesome.

Can this please be what the Equestria Girls was supposed to be? This would be one awesome movie!

Sunset Satin? Yeah, with a name like that you'd expect Princess Celestia to look a little bit closer at Sunset's family. Then again, in Ponyland you could have a name like Evil McBadGuy and it'd probably fly over most ponies' heads.

I need an ambulance at the corner of Thiessen and Haber

i c wut u did thar

Yep. Definitely following this. It's too intriguing not to.

Is Equestria a nearly dead world when she gets back, or are the unicorns going to take back the heavens?
What about all the monsters-of-the-week and Discord?
Is Canterlot even standing after the Twily surge that Celestia wouldn't be there to stop?
I can barely wait to see how this AU plays out.

I hope pony Cadence is a quick study when it comes to celestial mechanics. Otherwise, Equestria is up a creek without a sunrise, to say nothing of the political upheaval, the international issues, the impending return of Nightmare Moon...

But those are long-term problem in another universe (and really, Luna can accept time travel and cloning but not parallel timelines? What kind of nerd is she? :raritywink:) For now, the butterfly effect with which I should concern myself is how Celestia being in the human world at the same time as Sunset will influence things down the line. After all, she's not going to just stand by and let Sunset run roughshod over the school... though going by that first Fall Formal picture, that isn't what happened. Sunset seemed to go for the sweetness-and-light route at first, which means that this will be a massive political struggle.

(Well, yeah, FoME. That's what it says in the description. :derpytongue2:)

Oh hush, self-criticism. The point is, this seems like it's going to be all kinds of fun, even if the tags don't fully support that impression. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go from here.


with a name like

With a name like what, a synonym for Twilight and a type of material? Don't read things into things that aren't things. In 80% of my stories where Sunset has parents, her mom is named Sunset Satin because it's analogous to Twilight Velvet and for no other reason.

7187543 Lots of good questions that I have no answers for, because that isn't the purpose of this story. Not for a long time, anyway.

7187560 I refrained from tagging Comedy even though, well...it's me, you know there'll be some. But mostly, this is going to be teen social soap opera type stuff, with "Oh my god Equestria is doomed without me" being a constant thing Tia has to worry about. You know, in between being a cheerleader, making friends, dating, and studying for exams.

Another Sunset story from MythrilMoth? *faves and likes*

7187543 I have a feeling that Discord will become the reigning leader during Celestia's absence.

7187583 Well, hopefully I'll still be lurking about when the answers are ready to come to light. Until then, I'll just read this as it updates and wait.

Well, this certainly an interesting idea. I do have one question: if the human versions of Sunset Shimmer's parents were really living close enough for them to coincidently run into/over her under these circumstances, than why didn't they encounter each other in the original version?

7187357 I think admiral has a point. While it's true Sunset and Twilight are adults they're at least in their 20, 30's since it's not stated exactly how old they are and all the time stuff you have to factor in to figure out their age what with events and all like Twilight still being a filly and when Sunset ran away in bitterness and anger over her destiny being denied because of how she was acting.

Celestia however would be a special case I think since she's literally in her 1000's by now. It'd make sense she'd become an adult human if she went through the mirror if we use logic. The Dazzlings are an exception to that logic cause while they are 1000 years old too, it's only by Equestrian standards as they were banished to Earth present day from Equestria's past instead of sticking around to live in modern Equestria, so that sort of screws things up a bit agewise. They might've been in their 20's or older too when banished across time and space.

7187614 Because they don't exist in the canon movies? :derpytongue2: It's a fanfic, dude. Don't ask silly questions like that.

7187648 People who argue points like this because it doesn't fit in with their own headcanon tend to miss the point of the "what-if?" scenario that is the very heart of fanfiction. :twilightsheepish:

New pony words from MythrilMoth? Sign me up.

No romance yet sex tag? Huh, let's see where this goes. It already gets lots of points for seeing Celstia as she should act.

For a thousand year old goddess who can lie and manipulate as easy as breathing, Celestia sure sucked at coming up with a cover story here

Okay, so far so good in the first three chapters. Celestia's met her counterpart along with her sister's counterpart and Sunset has met her counterpart's parents... Hmm, I see interesting things in the future and I'm not even psychic.

7187503 Oh my god, that would be the best character ever.

He's rivals with GoodguyMcGee down the street

Ewerope, heh. So we are sheeps‽

Then again, when I see so many of us buying thing or following fads just because of a brand, it kinda suits us.

I have a feeling that at school she will be referred to as "Tia" by her friends. Anyway, the idea that Sunset gets taken in by her alternate self's parents is a nice touch. Would explain how she was able to live in that world for years and sustain herself. It's a lot to take in. Anyway, 'Tia' might actually be able to enjoy herself, but at the same time worry about her kingdom. Who would run it in her absence?

7187877 ...why do people always assume the sex tag means actual sexual intercourse? It also applies if there is sexual humor or references and the like. (This is why it never should have been made a tag in the first place.) :facehoof:


She didn't think. She just jumped through the portal.

Now her torso was poking out of the floor and her butt was hanging from the ceiling and a sarcastic computer was being a smartass at her.

*No. I will not fail you, Sunset Shimmer. I will not have another Nightmare Moon on my conscience.*

I will banish you to the surface of the Sun instead of the Moon.

*Biped. Non-hooved species. Human, I think it was called? No magic, no wings.*

Fingers. Toes.



"I think I'll just leave you here to cry and whine while I see what this world has to offer," Sunset sneered.

Crime! Taxes! Internet!

Celestia swallowed. "I...I don't have anywhere to go," she admitted. "I'm not from around here."

"I'm from another dimension."

The woman raised an eyebrow. "You're talking rainbows?"

Celestia fixed a steely gaze on her. "I'm talking... puppies."

The woman gasped. "Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puuuhh..."

Celestia sighed. "It's... gonna get a little weird."

Celestia frowned. "There are...dangerous individuals who lurk in the darkness?"

"You could say that," Luna said mildly.

"He dresses like a bat and terrorizes innocent party clowns and gardeners."

Celestia eyed the carriage warily.

It was a mere four-cylinder with five doors and a standard engine. She never got out of bed for anything short of a six-cylinder coupe.

"Seat belt," the woman said.


"Seatbelts. They're my favorite Neighponese band. And I'm about to blast them at full volume. Just a warning."

"School?" Celestia asked. "No, I—I don't go to school."

Luna frowned. "A dropout, huh? Can't say I approve of that."

"No, I—" Celestia paused.

"I'm homeschooled."

"Well, that's better, then."

*If I try to tell her I'm the ruler of an entire nation, she'll probably think I'm insane.* "I, umm...finished school a long time ago."

Luna groaned. "Ugh. One of those. Kid prodigies...never liked 'em. They make me feel stupid. We had a kid come into CHS a few years ago who was nine. Nine! Graduated before he turned twelve. Little brat."

"He rules an entire nation, now. Can you believe it?"

"How about some music?" Luna fiddled with something on the console in front of her, and a wall of noise assaulted Celestia. It sounded similar to the rock and roll she'd heard a few times in Equestria, only harder and louder.

And with a lot more bad words. At least, words she discouraged her subjects from using. Words that Sunset used often and with a singular joy.

Several minutes later, the vehicle slowed, turning into a shorter stretch of pavement that led up to a medium-sized house whose outside lights were on. Celestia studied the house absently; in the dark, she couldn't make out many details, but there were trees in the yard and hedges here and there.

Had it been a bit lighter out, she would have seen the splotches of ichor blood on the walls and the crude signs warning any and all to stay away.

The house was full of things Celestia didn't recognize, as well as some she did. There were large, boxy chunks of metal in the room they'd entered, over which sat wooden cupboards. Through a door, they walked into a room full of countertops, steel sinks, and more chunky metal things—one of which Celestia recognized as an oven, and another which looked like a refrigerator. There were others she couldn't place, but it was obvious to her this was the kitchen.

How unusual that it had a long metal table, and that the entire room was covered up to the ceiling in plastic sheeting...

More lights came on, and Celestia followed Luna into what had to be the living room. The floor had a dark wine carpet,

To better hide the stains from spilled wine, of course.

"I don't suppose you have a cell phone?" Luna asked as she walked through the living room toward a hall on the other side.

"I don't know what cells sound like. I know what ponies sound like when I imprison them in one, though."

The adult Celestia looked at her in stark disbelief, eyes wide and mouth slack. She blinked twice. "Luna? Who...what..."

"Celestia," Luna said in a dry tone, "meet Celestia."



Sunset Satin

*Rogal Dorn voice* Cloth ponies would not work very well. They are soft, but fall apart easily in water.

Ooh boy! Looks like the fickle finger of fate has intervened and altered things! Ha ha! Jk. What I meant to say is that it looks like many different "routes" are being taken in this alternate Equestria Girls verse!

Well actually she's be a pile of dust since humans can't live for thousands of years, but let's just overlook that, shall we?

Celestia's eyes softened, and she leaned down to brush the girl's hair out of her face. "If you really are me," she whispered, "I know how badly you're torturing yourself over your mistakes. I hope...I hope we can help you."

*Sniffle*:fluttercry: OMG THAT HIT ME RIGHT THERE!:raritydespair:

Keep up the good work!


Princess Celestia shook herself and tentatively reached for the bucket, pulling out a chicken drumstick and eyeing it dubiously. She gave it an experimental sniff. "What is this?" she asked curiously. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear it smells like meat."

"It is meat," Luna said as she dumped a huge spoonful of mashed potatoes and gravy on her plate, then plopped two large, golden biscuits next to it. "What, you've never had fried chicken?"

"One of my best friends IS a fried chicken."

"She also doesn't know what seat belts or cell phones are," Luna said, rolling her eyes. "Hey, Tia, pour us all some sodas. You, uh, do at least know what soda is, right?"

"Yes, of course," Princess Celestia said as her counterpart stood and walked to the refrigerator. "We do have it in Equestria. I'm afraid I don't have it very often. It's terribly frowned upon in Ca—err, in the city where I live."

"Not since that incident with the three thousand year-old dragon, the pop rocks, and the soda bottling plant..."

Princess Celestia sighed as she struggled to emulate the way Luna handled her own fork with less than complete success. She managed two bites of mashed potatoes before she started picking at her biscuit with her fingers.

Annoyed, it poked back. Then it scurried under the dresser and fought the spiders for dominance.

Princess Celestia stood up and slammed her palms on the table. "I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!" she yelled. "My kingdom, my subjects, are without their Princess for the first time in three thousand years! I cannot return home and have no way of assuring them that I am alive! My entire kingdom could well descend into chaos!"

"You don't know ponies! They may look cute and cuddly, but bubbling beneath the surface is a savage beast that will tear its neighbor hoof from hoof just because its mane was fluffier and its rump was bouncier!"

Principal Celestia and Luna fell silent, staring at her, then at one another, with wide, startled eyes. Principal Celestia wiped her mouth with her napkin and cleared her throat. "Why don't you start at the beginning?" she asked gently.

"A-all right. Ahem.... Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night..."

Over the course of the next two hours, Princess Celestia had spoken at length to the human counterparts of herself and her sister. She had, in her despair and vulnerability, told them everything. Who she was, where she came from.

Her weight. Her measurements. The name of her gardener. Her hair stylist's secret jam fetish. What she had for dinner last night.

"Well, the bad news is she wasn't carrying any identification at all," Luna said with a grimace. "I stripped her bare-ass naked and other than the dress, shoes, jewelry, and panties she was wearing, she doesn't have anything. No identification, no phone, not even a bra."

"I kind of noticed the lack of a bra," Celestia said with a dry chuckle.

"And another thing," Luna said. "The hair's natural." She glanced significantly at her sister.

"And it... it waves in the breeze."

"What... all of it?"

"It was like abstract art."

"Mine doesn't do that!"

She showed Luna the article, which had a photo of the missing teen. "Is that her?"

"I didn't get a good look at her," Luna said, frowning. "All I really saw was a leather jacket, maybe a streak of red hair..." She tilted her head.

"All I know is, I was craving bacon for a long time afterwards."

7188408 her coutnerpart is principle of the school so if they are translated into the age of their counterpart Celestia would be an adult. not a teen.

7188421 Please stop. You've made your argument. Let it go, alright?

Interesting, but I'm kinda turned off by the sex tag.


7188431 Read Moth's explanations about this issue. The "Sex" tag means there might be sexual content (like discussions or jokes), not that there will be the act of sex.

Missed one little detail: Sunset was not made a 16 year old teenager like Twilight since, by the time Twilight shows up and becomes a teenager, Sunset had already been there for, what, a couple years or something. Basically, Sunset was made younger on arrival and aged naturally to become 16.
It's weird and a plot-hole in the movies. Sunset is older than Twilight, if you are to go by what the comic's show, Twilight was a little filly when Sunset was a teenager or young adult, and yet, both entering the portal at different ages and years apart still had them being the same human age when they meet. It boggles the mind.
I guess the best you can do is say it's coincidence it happened this way and the portal assigns ages at random.

Principalestia has really good anti-aging cream.

7188462 One theory i saw i a story is that the human versions are as old as the pony versions but magic makes humans not question how long they have been the heads of the school (including themselves) or why they don't age.

"She's bringing home fried chicken," Luna announced.

That's probably going to startle our princess-turned-human.

It should be interesting to see how she becomes popular with her good looks partially damaged. Sympathy card for being injured to make them let their guard down, perhaps


You know, there's this great thing called creative expression, where the author can create whatever story/ world he wants to in his work of fiction, without applying real life logic, cannons set by the show, and even other headcannons.

In the world the author has now created, Celestia is a teenager. That's how it is, and that's now the new cannon for this story that the author himself has established. Doesn't have to make sense, doesn't have to be logical, you don't even have to agree with it or like it... Honestly if you're going to read the story all you have to do is accept it... if you're not willing to do that, then don't read the story, it's really as simple as that.

Luna said with a grimace. "I stripped her bare-ass naked and other than the dress, shoes, jewelry, and panties she was wearing, she doesn't have anything. No identification, no phone, not even a bra."

Maybe leave out some details when you're talking to the police, Luna.

"And another thing," Luna said. "The hair's natural."

Like that, for instance

This is a very interesting idea, one I haven't seen before, so I'm definitely curious to see where you take this.

I'm not at all surprised this hit the feature box.

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