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It's hard to do anything in life. The first step to doing something is to get up and out of bed.


Found the fandom in 2013 with the release of the first Equestria Girls on Netflix. Grew into watching the show, and found the FiMfiction community in 2020 when I got bored with the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. I am new to writing and am completely prepared for a sea of flames when I make idiot and controversial fanfiction.

I came up with my first fanfiction, Around The Multiverse And Back, lying down on my couch eating pizza with TheRadBrad playing Uncharted 4 in the background. One thing led to another, and I said screw it and hopped on to make an account and start writing the fanfiction.

I have a tendency of bouncing around incessantly, creating convoluted and idiotic fanfiction ideas. Instead of making one fanfiction and sticking to it until it is done, I will bounce around and make chapters as I come and go. One day I could probably just write a random one-off chapter and stick it in my 'Random Tales' story, another I could write an entire story and set myself up for a series spanning several books.

I never tried drawing in the past, called it too time-consuming. But with the fact that this pandemic is still going on, I've dabbled on it on the side and might decide to post them here alongside other stories.

And as if I don't have enough on my plate, I never shy away from writing whatever I want. To that end, I have a habit of writing a ton of continuations or re-writes of stories that were canceled, finished but in a way that I didn't like, or if it was finished but I think there is the potential of continuing on the same story, commenters and fans of the original story be damned.

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Blog Posts

  • 100 weeks

    Oh god it's been how long?
    Hi everyone, how have you been? I've been doing alright myself, what with school and other stuff and everything.
    I kinda just wanted to hop on and say hello, considering I left so much stuff here unfinished and so many readers (probably) unsatisfied.

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    2 comments · 215 views
  • 119 weeks
    Everything is cancelled

    My interest in writing MLP is gone, no thanks to school (Standardized tests suck) and a general inability to follow a decent update or writing schedule. Sorry to disappoint you :(

    2 comments · 178 views
  • 150 weeks
    Forgot to mention

    One more thing, I'll post one more fic.

    The Renaissance Contest I said? I'll be putting in a submission for that. My last sendoff to FiM I guess

    I'm sorry, I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, and now I'm feeling sad because of that.

    If you need to see me after I threw everything on hold, try and check out the Overwatch fandom in AO3, I might poke in there sometime

    0 comments · 179 views
  • 150 weeks

    So, I know I said I'd come around to update every day, but right now, I'm feeling moot.

    I had a cup of coffee, and a notebook where I keep basic plot ideas in, all ready to go, and threw up FiMfiction to check what's been going on before I start writing, and then I saw the Renaissance Contest blog post, where we're supposed to write about a coming-of-age fic where we connect the time after FiM to the new Gen 5 coming in September.

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    3 comments · 347 views
  • 150 weeks

    End of year BS.

    I wish school can be over with

    Next Cheer Princess chap will be out tmrw or I'll del my youtube channel

    0 comments · 203 views
  • 150 weeks
    Cheer Princess update

    Alright, so I gotta push the next Cheer Princess chap back till tomorrow. Why? Because I need to set up the next major event in the fanfic, and I am having a hard time debating on Halloween or the Fall Formal or Thanksgiving, as depending on what I choose, I could write the fic in an entirely new direction.

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  • 150 weeks
    No one-shots

    So, I can't write any one-shot for the life of me. All fanfics that come out of my keyboard are almost always set up to be multi-chapter fics. Thus, I'm going to scrap that part of the schedule and just go from The Empresses to Cheer Princess Reborn on schedules.

    BTW: New Cheer Princess Reborn chapter tomorrow than, I believe

    0 comments · 151 views
  • 150 weeks
    No updates

    Yeah, I don't have any updates for today. I spent too much time planning out what I should do in the next Empresses chapter, and by the time I settled on the next plot point, it's 5:45. Thus, I'll cancel publishing a chapter today and I'll throw in a new one-shot fanfic tomorrow alongside another Empresses chapter

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  • 150 weeks
    Schedule Proper *EDITED*

    So, just realized that if I post one chapter a week, I'll be graduating Middle School before I finish a story, so let's change the schedule around, shall we?

    We're going to keep the same lineup, except I'm going to put Unknown on hold because I have to edit that starting chapter. Even I know the cringe of random casing letters.

    So, this is the lineup:
    Around the Multiverse and Back
    Cheer Princess Reborn
    The real Twilight

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  • 150 weeks
    Schedule Proper

    Alright, it has come to my attention that I don't have a proper schedule in place for updating, so I might as well make one now.

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List of Fanfiction I plan on continuing (And screw you if you don't like me doing it!)

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Thank you for the fav! ^^

I stopped writing MLP fanfic for awhile now. Sorry to burst your boat

Just curious you said you were going to do your own take on this dead story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/69510/alcohol-college-and-the-elements-of-harmony is that still happening?

Thanks for the fav on 'Baby... . Anon-A-Miss?'. Hope you have a good day!

Thanks for the Fave on A Trip to the Lady (un)Luck Casino

Thanks for the favorite on Canterlot High's D&D Club! I hope you enjoy the story!

Thanks for the fave, my friend! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the follow! Glad to have you aboard. With you at our side, world domination is in sight! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave.

Thanks for the favorite.

Appreciate the favorite. :pinkiesmile:

thanks for the fav!

Okay then...... Mind to review my story?

'Unknown' I understand, don't worry I'm trying to clean it up slowly.

Now, the other one, it's intentionally BS because that's a dumping ground for all of my preferred endings, and I know for a fact that won't stand well with the fans of the original fic. Don't worry, it's doing it's job

Well yes I like your idea of story.

The "unknown" and the ... Most dislike one :v

Just asking and review your story

I see that you are an EQG fan right?

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