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Compared to their past heists, this one was going rather badly. It takes an armored truck being driven by their "handler" to get the crew out of this one. But before they could celebrate yet another pile of money in their possession, one of the strangest things happens...

While all of the politicians, scientists, and the military are worrying about the portals that opened up to some kind of alternate dimension, the crew blends in with the crowds of people coming to this world full of "ponies".
But of course, the allure of more heists presents itself even here...
So it's time to load up and grab your mask. It's payday.

Ignores the season 3 finale, and as such the entirety of season 4

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 491 )

What's the crossover? I don't recognize it.

Payday... oh sweet Jesus.

Finally, a PAYDAY crossover.

2315610 Agreed!

Bring in the Reinbeck!

Hmm...okay. I'll keep track of it.

This story contains large amounts of yes

Comment posted by BronyBrother0228 deleted Mar 31st, 2013


Keep going.
I wanna see some top tier heists out of these guys.
And they're lucky they didn't have to pull off the No Mercy heist!

I'm very much enjoying this. Hot damn, we just got objective Alpha, KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!

Comment posted by PBY_Jacko115 deleted Apr 2nd, 2013

Just because of this I'm reinstalling Payday to run through the heists again.

I've put too much time into it already. :facehoof:

But on the story, it's badass. Don't stop being badass.

Seriously don't, many a sad person will be found if you do.

I have no clue what Payday is, but I loved the story regardless :rainbowkiss:

This is the only crossover I've read without knowing the original game/movie/book that I've liked. Props for that :ajsmug:


Payday is a awesome video game


I'm terrible at that game but FUCK YEAH!! :pinkiehappy:

Let's do this. CONTINUE WITH THIS STORY. :pinkiehappy:

Robbing ponies, like a boss. Killing Cloakers, like a boss. Taking hostages, like a boss. Yelling, 'Get THE FUCK down.', like a boss. All these things describe Wolf.



I can't wait for the one where they fuck up and Bain just apologizes for everything.

So what next?
Sugercube Corner that holds all the gold?
Rarity's stash of gems?

no moder how mech money you put in to it they met as will giveing them more money to burn, they live action

That was amazing. I'm so happy that someone finally did this right.

Would you be offended if I said I came everywhere?

watch out we got a badass over here


Had this on my 'read later' for months because I was so worried you'd screw this up I didn't want to risk it.

I'm not disappointed :moustache:


twice as potent as heroin- and five times as addictive.

Shit, I hope Equestria does actually exist.
Cause I want some of that.


Get a hold of that recording and wipe it from the internet! Don't let that unicorn figure it out! :twilightangry2:

Or alicorn, I guess. Hold on. Gotta read that again...I'll be right back. :trixieshiftleft:

Ah. I see. Pre-season three or did Twili just lose her wings when the portals opened? :trixieshiftright:

Because the second one would be badass. :rainbowdetermined2:

and the best part is that changelings are a threat to ponykind, so it should be legal to kill them and harvest their blood

Changlings (as far as I know in the story) are not considered a threat, they are just considered enemys of equestria. And in war, you need to treat prisoneres of war the way you would treat your own wounded.

twilight knows to much we must dispose of her quickly and quietly

What do you mean 'with a saw'?
You mean you saw the changlings open with it?
No, just, just no.

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