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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Sunset didn't realize just how different other dimensions could be before going through the portal. Now she finds herself in a world where people never age or grow, they just attend high school forever. Whether she's entered a paradise or a nightmare remains to be seen.

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Shouldn't it be "Wondercolts"?

This seems similar to another fanfic

However it is great that it won’t be a one shot story
I’m looking forward to seeing what the lore of the universe is
You always have me hungering for more

I'd be very surprised if no one had done a similar concept before, but I do think there's a few unique things about this one at least.:derpytongue2:

While not a one-shot this one is going to be shorter than most of my other multi-parts, maybe like ~20K based on the 17K written so far.

10538303 There was a short fan fic in an alternate universe where a unhinged Twilight defeated Sunset and placed the unicorn in a magical simulation to reform her. Everyone was shallow and NPC like. Sunset was stuck in a loop and it was driving her insane. She beg to be let out or killed. No dice from Twilight.

At the end of it, Twilight's "warden" program which was Sci Twilight had a enough of this bullshit and promised to get Sunset out. Story just ended there.

Oh I hope Sunset reacts to seeing Vice Principal Luna for the first time

Are you dumping the rest of the story soon? What chapter will pick up from where you left off on /mlp/?

What the hell is going on here? Very interesting premise, I'll have to follow the story to see what explanation you have for this. I'm glad I decided to click on this story, you certainly drew me in!

I'll be posting a new chapter every couple days to maybe pick up a few readers. The rough draft you saw goes up to maybe chapter 10. I might keep posting rough drafts on 4chan if that thread doesn't die.

There is also Bloom Filter where Pony Sunset for more and Princess Twilight get stuck in a universe that's locked in a timeloop(a whole year repeats every time perhaps for more than a thousand years).

They have no idea whats causing it or are able to leave and suddenly Applebloom starts to change into a pony......:trollestia:

It's the whole Sunset doesn't seem to age thing starting with her origins comic where she seemed to be older than twilight but didn't get older till the first Equestria girls Movie.
It makes a lot of fun theories.

So if the students are all eternally 16 years old, what does that mean for any canonical younger siblings?


The people at the school range from 13-18 but don't age. Sweetiebelle is 13 forever and has 'always' been 13.

That makes sense.

On that note, I can only assume that puberty is not a thing in this reality.

That story is incredibly confusing, but great fun to read. It inspired me to get back into writing fanfiction, funnily enough.

Ooh, eldritch CHS. These are always fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the concept.

10538327 10538343
There's also The Fishbowl, which does some pretty wild things of its own.

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This is so trippy, I love it.

I remember reading that story, but I can't recall the title or the author. Do you happen to know either of them?

This holds so much promise to be amazing. I really enjoyed your AI story so I'm hopeful here for a fun and interesting mind bender. If nothing else, with this first chapter you have hooked my intrigue and curiosity. Also, I completely relate with Sunset at the end of this chapter, and was gratified that she, unlike so many dense characters in other media, immediately cottoned on that she should bail if she can.

Dug around in my favorites and I am sure this is the story:

That's the one! Thanks!

This is super interesting! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Nice start,
Can't wait to see where this goes.

Well. That was....interesting. Gonna have to keep an eye on this one. Looks quite promising.
That said, is it wrong of me that I had the chorus of “Hotel California” playing in my head the more this chapter went on? Did maybe Sunset stumble onto “High School California”?
Welp, keep up the good work and see ya next chapter!

:trollestia:dont you stab me with your steely knives young lady!

She left the building, and she ran. She tried to get as far away from this school as possible.

Why didn't she try going back through the mirror?

It needs 30 months to recharge, but that will be brought up later.




Think this is the STORY that your talking about.

This is looking to be yet another must read!

Cover art source?

It's the cover of the March Radness IDW comic.

Well now, color me interested. This is great so far, very intrigued to see where this is going.

I was here for the greentext, sucks that the thread got archived, but I'm definitely happy there's a place it can continue. Can't wait to see the rest!

You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave...

We're still waiting for a repairman to fix the doors.

Welcome to the Truman show, where roadblocks and stormy weather will continue to stop you if you try to leave this perfect little town.

Sunset had a house?!

"I'm homeless."
"No you're not."

Teens that preferred school to summer break? That had to be the biggest sign something horrible was going on here. At least it didn’t sound like she was going to explode if she played hooky.

Oh absolutely.

To the north were tundra and snowy mountains. To the east was desert and a canyon. To the south were swamp and jungle. To the west was a beach and ocean.

So you're saying it taps for any color of mana. :trixieshiftright:

But yeah, this universe is definitely the deliberate work of some unfathomable intelligence. The question is what it wants. And why.

I mean, I'd be hunkering down for the thirty moons and just playing along until then, but what do I know?

Well then. That’s...something. Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Sunset. Minus the Sparkle tho. For now.

Oh yeah. Just read that. 10,000 years in the burbs would be enough to drive anyone mad, even if they were surrounded by real people instead of cheap droids.

Was a fan of the green, glad to see it made it's way here.

Oh god this is some sorta prison dimension

I am intrigued. Tracking.

Wow... I didn't think I could like this story more after that first runaway hit of a chapter. But here we are. I'm really loving your characterization of Sunset here. Her response to the answer of what's beyond the border question being nothing had me in stitches. Keep it up!

What do you know? Decades of tropes and seeing outlandish situations and their consequences via mass media, you have way more real life experience as well. :) it’s good to be genre savvy!

OK, why does this place sound like southern California (with extras)??

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