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I am a self proclaimed horror and dark fantasy fic writer. You want darkness, death, and despair? You've come to the right place. Also an eternal Twilight Sparkle and avid Lovecraft fan.


Within our little corner of the multiverse are several agencies all funded by the Crown along with other 'backers' whose names you won't find in any public files—organizations that exist to handle certain tasks at the behest of Her Royal Highness. Many of these agencies work behind the scenes, out of the public eye. They strive to keep not just our country, but the world itself safe from the more dire threats that plague it.

There is an infinite number of universes that exist, some of which have been explored and countless others that we know are out there but have yet to see with our own eyes. There are those that are trained to take such risks. venturing into the unknown and unknowable for the sake of our continued prosperity. And then there those that deal with the nastier things that slip through from time to time. There are ponies and other creatures that specialize in dealing with those things—more often than not eldritch abominations so obscenely hideous and mindbendingly horrifying that the mere sight of one can drive you insane or kill you outright from the fear alone.

While there is some general overlap, I am not officially part of either of those groups. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am a newly minted agent of P.O.U.T. or the Procurement of Outlandish and Unearthly Treasures. My role is just what it says on the tin. I find and seize mysterious and often deadly artifacts that have been classified as 'not of this world', preferably before they end up in the hooves, claws, or paws of innocent and hapless civilians who have no idea what they're dealing with.

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Definitely interesting. I'll write more as it goes on, but the descrip of Twilight seems bang-on, especially for a being as limited in compelling descriptors as I find myself so often.

I'd love to see more from you on this story.

Interesting indeed. I wonder if they ever found Rainbow, most likely methinks, Rainbow's always been happy to retell her exploits to anyone in earshot.

And as always, how does this affect You Know Who's return?

Twilight Sparkle: Agent of Pony S.H.I.E.L.D.

If Celestia wants to make far-reaching plans for her student, she should base them around somepony with a slightly less lethal occupation.

Ah teleportation tag, a common game among near god-tier unicorns

Oooh, that smells of a good SCP Foundation crossover! *squees in anticipation*

Curious... Also, while this part of the story is always going to be the most popular to rewrite I'll definitely appreciate another perspective. I'm liking the idea of the shadow organization.

I am extremely confused. When are we?

If you're talking about the starting point of the story, it's about 4 months after Nightmare Moon should've returned (stars aiding in her escape and whatnot) but because this is a heavily AU story with a heavily AU history (I'm assuming you read the last chapter) things didn't happen the way they were supposed to in the way that they were supposed to when they were supposed to.

TL;DR: A lot of things are different than canon.

Well we sure kicked that can down the road, didn't we?

I'm nothing short of amazed that Celestia got those things to respond to her again.

Wait- Is this Sunset?!

Also, an interesting chapter. Awfully soon for what seems to be a major arc to occur though. I honestly expected one or two entries of filler 'missions' but I'm not complaining.

Think of it as a series premiere. You know how Nghtmare Moon returns in canon at the beginning? This is my AU version of that basically. More or less.

Pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to operate that relic. They should be glad they ever came back at all.

I just hope you don't go blabbing about my little secret to anypony else...

Murphy’s Law, anyone?

I bet that the thing she feels like she's missing is in the cannon universe

EHYYYY Tempest.

Also, Mad-Alicorn Twilight? Sounds like Starlight's Plan worked in this universe then. Perhaps that is how this Pseudo-universe exists? Hm...

Rainbow's braggadocio makes for the perfect cover, nopony would ever believe that she's more than she appears.

And it seems they had a run-in with a timelost Twilight. Always troublesome they are, iterations that for one reason or another passed beyond the event horizon into the infinite expanse of possible timelines. It's a tragedy really, especially when they can't find it within themselves to accept it.

I like how the jargon is managed, it feels official and I like how it just ties in these agencies and how they all cooperate for the most part. The story is a great mix of the SCP Foundation, Men In Black, X-Files etc. I dunno if you ever plan to follow up on the other Twilight, but I like the implication that this shows this world is just a bit more 'off'. Compared to the original MLP timeline.

A few other anomalies that Twi could investigate.

Mirror Pool - Another anomalous artifact to investigate and potentially place a site over to keep it hidden.

Alicorn Amulet - Clearly a dangerous artifact contain it asap.

Abandoned Rainbow Factory - Based on the Creepypasta, a dark and dillapdiated version of the Cloudsdale Weather Factory is discovered, containing the bodies of hundreds of murdered pegasi. Used to make the rainbow liquid. And still being operated by a few crazed employees, including a madmare variant of Rainbow Dash.

Previous Generations - Ponies that have the designs of the previous generation, MLP Ponies.

So... if Prism Streak is RD. Does that mean Rainbow just killed Starlight? Because if so. Props. :rainbowdetermined2:

Ah, that thing again. Lovely.

Nice crossover! :twilightsmile:

Hey, at least it was secured and contained before it could do too much damage. If anything, this Equestria got off relatively lucky. Things could've been a lot worse...

An innate connection between the same pony, despite the alternate universes they live in.

An interesting reaction. I wonder how the Princess Twilight fits into this.

Not a bad story, who doesn't love a little eldritch/cosmic horror, even if it's more of the Lovecraftian variety. Another nice entry into Twilight's secret journal.

So, is Sound Mind an inter dimensional being?

I’m any case, this was a great connection to “Sleeps Beneath Foal Mountain.” If this story serves as a nexus point for all of your other stories, that would actually be kind of cool.

With what happened with my alicorn self, the incident with Nightmare Moon, and now this, I'm beginning to think the universe is trying to tell me something. It's stupid, but hey, you never know in this line of work, right?

Hmmmm..... This is an interesting piece of info. Methinks Twi’s disappearance with the Nightmare Cult incident has a hand in this.

The Universe: This is all wrong, how did this happen?! Fix it fix it fix it.

Now, if the changelings manage to sucker-punch this lot, I will laugh like a hyena.

If you haven't already, you should give the game Control a look. I think it'd provide some great inspiration for the story.

Already have it, that's part of what inspired the story among other things I've read/watched/played.

Ah Yes. Mare-In-Black Twilight is definitely just being paranoid! I mean, nothing ever goes wrong in Equestria! Ever!
Except Nightmare Moon, Discord, Tirek, Sombra, Chrysalis, Sombra again, Grogar-Discord, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis Again...

Ooooh very nice, happy to see another Control fan. Now all we need is some documents detailing various containment procedures for OOP and AI. XP

I suspect this is going to be the Alicorn Amulet or maybe a reference to some other fictional Red stone, like a philosopher's stone or maybe the Red Stone of Asia.

Hmm maybe Sombra’s horn or something else from the Crystal Empire?

Hmmmmm.... my working theory is the Twilight in Spike’s dreams is a Twilight of a different universe (whether it’s the canon one or not, I’m not quite sure.). Her Spike fell through a portal during the Nightmare cult incident and lost his memory.

A new day, a new world ending threat... but only after my 9:00 coffee. Thus ends our otherwordly exposition and our diary of a nerdy mare unofficial records first entry. What terrible and mysterious events lie ahead? May we see it ever onwards! Also, fan theory: if ever done this is a prime candidate for the key point to Into the Twiliverse... I can dream! I think you gave but one hint... its all I need!

Ah tag... a game so simple it transcends dimensions. It is possible to wax on poetically about the implications but I'm damn sure K.I.S.S. transcends space too. It's nice to get the Celestia that is warm but calculating. Enough talk now is the truly important question... if left to go indefinitely would Sunset or Twilight win TT? Sunset does have a lead... but Twilight catches on so quick! I simply can't decide... until then, onwards!

Oh ho ho! The premise and plot slowly reveals itself and by Celestia am I excited! Thaumic anomalies, humdrum cults, and a whole mess piling on ahead! Im unsure if this was done on purpose but every entry leaves me anxious of the next! Who knows... the next page could be an obituary! Excited to read more ever onwards.

Remember when I said this format makes each turn an anxious affair? What a coincidence! Harsh too... a missing mare case and a bloody affair with a fight! What I would give to see such a duel... nervous to find our mare's fate... soon. Onwards!

Ah! Our author returned worse for wear and a haunting chekovs feeling. The fate of our feeling shall only be seen... until then, we have a semi-resolved story. Too many loose ends to leave a taste so lets dive into this dish! Onwards!

For every success there's a failure hanging in the multiverse... never considered the fact that Twilight's table troubles would have sent countless numbers of Alicorns pinballing across the multiverse in this story. With every triumph another errant flaw lingers... and this one was simply around too long. I pity that Twilight. Oh well. The future begins one step forwards and thus we move onwards!

Luna bless this story keeps throwing haymakers. Every entry a mind bending twist with elder beings and a new hook. How do you keep creating so many interesting leads and giving just enough to be satisfied but ever yearning for more! This whole thing feels like a snowball gathering monstrous momentum but to what end? We'll have to see! Onwards!

Imagine living your best life and the universe starts getting angry. Like a parent fast tracking a child on a doctorate. What will come of our dynamic duo... most likely science! Not much to say but to move ever onwards!

Paranoia is the name of the game and Twilight is a master! It's nice to have a breather... or is my breath only hitching? What lies ahead I have a hope its a extinction level event! I'm a sucker for a sense of dread until I wind up dead so lets go and arrive onwards.

The journal, a simple yet effective anchor to sanity but hark! Betrayal! Sometimes ruminating leaves less room. Anways, wind up the hype train for some spectacular crystal cadet catastrophe! Or Twilight handles it with ease... we'll only see moving onwards.

Mission status: ongoing. Addendum: Twilight has amnesia or simply has not connected the dots. There IS another... how pivotal Twolight is remains to be seen. I have only good feelings. Only one way to see! Onwards!

So, we’re in the “Assembling” stage right now.

Gotta get the Mane Six together before we blow the mystery wide open.

This story feels like a puzzle. One with all the pieces, but shuffled so well I can't yet figure out the picture. Every chapter feels like it is going to answer the questions, but still manages to keep me in the dark by the end.

Oh Rarity, such a way with words! To leverage yourself onto a secret mission not to mention reading Twilight like a book horse! With that too I must say great job on the writing! Felt like I got to hear dialogue without so much as a peep. What lies at the end of this mysterious escapade? Well... I know, you know, but the dramatic irony demands we suffer so. There's only one way too see and that is onwards!

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