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Wallflower only erased the memories of the humans at Canterlot High. She completely overlooked the animals. When Sunset Shimmer shows up at the beach and is shunned by her friends, Spike comes to her aid. With the help of the others who haven't forgotten about Sunset Shimmer, they'll need to get to solve the mystery of the missing memories.

(Totally not inspired by the TV continuation of Disney's "Aladdin". Especially not the episode called "Sandswitch".)

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She could have Tank and Opal to help but it's so far.

Totally not inspired by the TV continuation of Disney's "Aladdin". Especially not the episode called "Sandswitch".

I knew someone was going to do this eventually. And I was right.

"Angel and Winona have spent so much time with you...they HAD to have remembered all the times we spent together!”

Hey! What about Ray?! Y'know, little guy, yellow and black spot, ray of sunshine?

Oh, me likes, thought I wish that Dog Spike could have gone with Sunset so he could visit Equestria, i bet he and Dragon Spike would have gotten along real well. Also why didn't Sunset ask them about how they defeated the Sirens or turned Sci-Twi back to normal when she was Midnight Sparkle?

Don't forget Ray. He is Sunset Shimmer's pet, leopard gecko.

Ray is Sunset's pet, and given that Sunset doesn't have the best reputation at the moment, her pet doesn't, either...but I'll admit, I was tempted to put him in the story!

This is a very interesting concept. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out. Well done Darling :raritywink:

How interesting. Wish this could've been part of the special

Wow, this is an awesome start.

When I watched the special, I only focused on how Sunset’s friends and most of the people at the school were affected by the stone, but I never even thought about Spike.

Sadly, that’s kind of how it has always been with Spike on the show, for the most part.

Props to you for catching that, and for writing this story. I’m definitely getting behind this one. I do hope you finish it.

Interesting concept, you have my attention.

This is a really good premise for a story. I really am interested to see where it goes next!

what is Transient global amnes

Give credit where credit is due, they started fixing that issue with Spike in FIM starting in season 6. And from the looks of it, he gets even more love in season 8.

A Forgotten Friendship what if story with the good memories of Sunset were erased from everyone except for the animals including Spike and now Spike is going to help Sunset solve the mystery?

This is awesome.

Have Spike bring up the 'Dance Magic' music video and maybe the 'Daring Do movie' cameo.

Should be fun to see how this house of cards collapses. Oh, Juniper Montage and Daring Do.

Ooh, Indigo Zap! Nice touch adding her - especially after her absence from "Dance Magic."

Five pages, almost reached the bottom of page two!

Must...stretch...essay...out...to...look...pretty... *dead*

odd she is un effected but she did miss out on the dance thing so its all good

I can't believe we forgot about the Shadowbolts, let alone Indigo Zap! Kudos to you!

Nice bringing Indigo Zap in. Not having her in Dance Magic was just an outrage.

You would think someone from Crystal Prep and the music video would've been enough to convince them... but alas... they still don't believe it. :facehoof:

Also... SCREW YOU TRIXIE! :twilightangry2:

Stupid Trash Hole Portal!!!

Indigo is now involved! This just got awhole lot more interesting!

Don't worry dude, Beowulf is kinda over rated. Just slap some stuff together about fighting evil equaling honesty or some crap.

This I’m gonna follow.

I remember that episode of Aladdin

Yeah, Starswirl should really stop dumping Equestria’s problems on the other side. I mean, there’s only so much magical monsters people here can deal with before their sanity unravels.

On the flipside, Sunset’s experience as a monster-hunting, magical girl gatekeeper is pretty important.

It was actually Clover the clever that stashed the memory stone there this time, with instructions on how to use it. So We can blame him for this one.

8747780 For being the father of modern magic, Starswirl is dumb enough that he’s essentialy dumping Equestria’s equivalent of nuclear waste on the other side. I wonder if Equestria WOULD like it if actual nuclear waste was dumped there!?

For a genius magic user he is remarkedly short sighted.

8747848 That’s what I said, but okay. I’m starting to think that power is inverse to common sense.

Just thought of something. If Equestrian magic caused Spike to speak and they don't remember anything about Equestria, why aren't they surprised/horrified that Spike is suddenly speaking?

No, because:

Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash remember Princess Twilight and that she came from Equestria.

Human Twilight still made the amulet that absorbed Equestrian magic. Fluttershy and Twilight still remember how Spike gained the ability to talk, and this is a memory that Sunset isn't in, so...

"But what about in 'Rainbow Rocks' where Human Pinkie put her head through the portal?" That was just a gag.

Also, it's Pinkie. Don't question it, for the sake of your sanity.

There is also Timber Spruce and Glorioso? Also, Fluttershy's pets would remember Sunset. I wonder what will convince them that their memories of Sunset were erased?

Well, Twilight saw Spike speaking separately from any interaction with Sunset, so that's a memory that wouldn't be affected by the Stone.

I have to agree, that line "why is she still talking to us" came off as really mean and passive-aggressive to me.

5. My head canon: only Equestrians can go between worlds. Evidence? In "Friendship Games", Human Twilight places her hand on the portal and it ripples, but she doesn't move through it.

Because she wasn't trying to go through it.

(I know you're going to say, "But what about in 'Rainbow Rocks' where Human Pinkie put her head through the portal?" That was just a gag. So were the "Friendship Games" bloopers.)

No it wasn't a gag. It was canon. She could have easily walked through it then.

“It’s almost like the glasses are a tool used by some unknown force to distinguish the two because the unknown force thinks the rest of the world is too stupid to tell them apart unless they look different,” Sour Sweet muttered. Everyone (except for Sunset, who had her face buried in the book) stared at her. “I mean...I’m sure there’s a reason for why that is~”

Fourth wall be bucking damned!
Also, first!

“This is the girl who managed to make fake pictures of someone trashing our school’s gym! She obviously edited that video and sent it to Indigo Zap!”

Trixie... those fake Photos Required replacing one image with another... That requires significantly less skill than full on video editing you stupid trick turning whore.

A minor and a major plot hole you might want to look at in this chapter.
The minor one is Wallflower's picture. In the special she stood out to Trixie and Sunset because she was the only one in the yearbook without a picture of her taken. Could be explained away if they saw her in a group photo or the page of the gardening club here, just wanted to point it out.
The major one is that... There's no real reason for them to single her out here, especially if it's not for the "no picture available" thing. I don't know if you had an explanation in your head and accidentally skipped over the paragraph when you wrote the chapter, or if it got lost somewhere else, but the way it looks right now Lemon Zest is pointing at a random girl none of them should even know by name, much less any possible motivation she might have. Only Sunset even goes to CHS, and up to the pre-final confrontation she didn't even remember her name or face, much like everyone else in the school.

Aside from that, the chapter was good. I liked the interaction with the Shadowbolts and that you brought in Juniper Montage.
...also, does that mean that Sunset's friends now think Starlight Glimmer alone saved them all from that mirror? Sacrilege! :pinkiegasp:

Um...Trixie was the one who said that line, not Dash...

No, Juniper Montage is the one who found the picture of Wallflower, not Lemon Zest (Lemon Zest was just holding the book). And yeah, I didn't specify what kind of picture it was...I might go back and fix that later. Thanks for your input! :D

Juniper Montage looked down at the ground. “When I found the magic...I felt like my chance to shine had been stolen by Sunset and her friends. I felt...invisible, and I would have done anything to get noticed. When I found the magic mirror, I saw it as an opportunity for both...and Sunset Shimmer, you said that you brought magic into our world because you felt like you had been robbed of an opportunity, right?”

Great use of Juniper Montage in this story. I really liked that quote from her, and the role that she's played so far in figuring out their best lead on the culprit.

Alternate explanation for the glasses - Equestria has magic "Lasik"-equivalent surgery that Princess Twi had when she was younger.

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