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After trading in a memory-erasing magic artifact for a second chance, all of Wallflower Blush's social insecurities were quickly forgotten.

Except for the part where that didn't happen. Instead, Wallflower now has to confront old grudges she's held against the students of Canterlot High School, along with the reasons she formed them to begin with. Some are petty, some are painful, but to Wallflower, they're all real.

Up until now, confronting them has always ended badly. However, after several chance meetings, Wallflower's odds look slightly better than usual—especially after bumping into a quirky indie movie director who seems to really enjoy her company.

Can Wallflower's blossoming friendships—and sudden romance—make up for the sadness and mistakes of her friendless past?

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Cover Artwork: Gabbslines

Chapters (17)
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It's here! :raritystarry:

I'm about to clock in for work, though, but I know what I'm doing during lunch in a few hours. :raritywink:

Edit: This is a bit of a late edit, but I'm absolutely looking forward to more of this story! :heart:

I can empathize with Wallflower to an embarrassing degree. Even now, it takes an effort of will for me to overcome reflexive excuses and actually go out and do things. Even things I know I'll enjoy. I'm not even successful all of the time.

In any case, eagerly looking forward to a pairing I don't remember ever seeing before. (Though, considering half of it, that's kind of appropriate...)

Do I smell shipping? Because that looks like shipping. What would you call this ship? Rainbow Zap? Indibow? Either way, I like it.

Omigosh, you too?! I swear, you and I are like two electrons in the same orbital.

... That sounded better in my head.

Nice job another great start to another great story cant wait t ok read more

I'm just glad the students didn't laugh at her when she tripped over herself on stage.

All the ships, eh, Bookish? :derpytongue2:


I'd kind of like to know more about this Wyldmares thing. I'm assuming Juniper is involved somehow?

Being invisible means Wallflower gets to see and learn more than most people think. What a burden that must be.


So this is during or just before Forgotten Friendship?

What are you talking about? There's not a single boat in this story!

Bookish mentioned it in Being Juniper Montage, I think. It's sort of a mashup of MLP and Transformers.

Not sure when I've last seen something that felt so much like a dream sequence that then wasn't. Magic hax messing with my pattern recognition.

It begins.

("It" in this case is a variable representing a number of things, including but not restricted to this relationship, this story, Wallflower's long term social awakening, and the return of my ongoing heartache every time the protagonist questions her self-worth a plot arc that is clearly starting from a low point and will only get happier as it goes.)

How long until Indigo and Rainbow start kissing? I want to see kissing.

I sense smooching setups! And not just for the titular protagonists, but background and cross-dimensional smooches too! ¬3¬

I wonder just how much of Wallflower's anger might have been admiration-turned-resentment for Sunset's confidence and seemingly unbreakable ability to command attention. :derpyderp1:

Is this the same continuity as Being Juniper Montage?

Those who really like Juniper in this fic can read BJM for a deeper dive into her if they wish.

But this was written as just as much a standalone as all my other EQG fics, specifically because I know almost no one read BJM XD

Wasn't BJM featured by the Royal Canterlot Library, though?

Edit: Yeah, it was.

it sure was :pinkiecrazy: And EQD.

Much like Valkyria Chronicles or Beyond Good and Evil upon initial release, It was definitely a critical darling and I'll aways love it for that. And for how therapeutic enjoyable it was to write.


I very much wish it was a real show. I'd watch it.


Same with me. I should really watch that special...

I already have a separate fic up where they kiss, and yet another fic where they kiss more than you'll ever need (but you'll have to look through my stuff with the you-know-what filter off for that second one). :3

9022165 So do most MLP shippings.
Sunlight (Sunset x Twilight), Apple Pie (Applejack x Pinkie), and others.

Luna shook her head. "That, unfortunately, is not how it works." She took the microphone. "Settle down, students, and allow Wallflower to finish her presentation." The students quieted down instantly—no one ever wanted to be on the wrong side of Vice Principal Luna's wishes, Wallflower included.

This looks like she is just stubborn again. I mean the only reason for telling Luna this before the presentation probably would be to get some ideas on how to win over the crowd, but Luna makes it sound as if this was only about them allowing it or not.

I think it it was only about Luna and Celestia allowing it then after the presentation is as good as before it.

Did she erased her own memories or something`?

Sunset seems to be making a career from realising that she has stood in the place of the Villain of the Day and that it is difficult to not see her own face looking back at her.

Wallflower really has problems, hasn't she? She's become so isolated that she's come to hate having people around her. Not knowing how to deal with it, she's become almost phobic about it. It doesn't help that I strongly suspect that she became addicted to the dark magic of the Memory Stone. I genuinely wonder who was controlling whom in that particular case.

Wallflower shouldn't feel too bad. I don't think anyone who suffers from introversion would do well whilst in the presence of powerful personalities like Rainbow, Indigo, Rarity or Pinkie.

Poor Wallflower! These first steps are going to be the hardest for her, I think. Overcoming the habits of a lifetime and opening her heart to those who might hurt her!

Meanwhile, in the cavernous Headmaster's Office at Crystal Prep, Principal Cadence raises her head. "I've got the strangest feeling..." she murmurs to herself before going back to reading the endless formal complaints from staff about the chaotic after-effects of the Shadowbolts 'attempts to bring The Magic of Friendship' to the school.

Because no-one else is there, there is no-one to see the pink wings and pony ears that briefly manifest themselves on her.

There's not enough words here, and I fear there never will be as I grin like an idiot at my phone.

This is almost painfully cute. I love it.

(Also, FiM meets Beast Wars? All of my yes.)



So Transformares involves debates instead of fighting? Where does action come into it, then?

The waitress walked by and placed a single glass on the table, filled with green liquid. The glass was twice as wide as everyone else's. Two straws landed on the table before the waitress walked away.

Both girls blinked at the table in silence for several moments.

"What," Juniper finally said.

ALL the shipping! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm smiling, trying to stop but I can't while I keep rereading this chapter

This story is just too cute!!!

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