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24/05/18 Update? · 2:36am 6 hours ago

Hey all, sorry for the silence once again. ^^;

Long story short, I'm feeling like I am on hiatus once again, thanks to feeling unhappy with the quality of my works. I've been trying for over a week to write something, but every time I pull up either Reborn or The Cello and The Guitar, I find myself unable to write anything for them. I've even tried editing chapters on the other account, but same thing.

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Thankee~ ^^

I hope you like any of my other stories as well~ ^///^

Your phoenix story was fantastic!

Thanks for reposting the story again.

yay phoenix is back

Please don't punish your loving readers because of a few ignorant dumbasses, your story was awesome and we don't want to see it deleted. :raritycry:

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