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Sunset Shimmer is best human, pony, princess, and siren. Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Columbus Blue Jackets fan. Manga connoisseur and aficionado. Plot creator and wannabe writer.


I drink my Chai Tea with CBD and Covid-19. · 3:50am March 28th

So, yeah, another update. This one is a quicky one I promise.

So, real quick. I got 3 A's and a B+ for my final grades last term. My next term starts on Wednesday.

I was supposed to go home last week. I'll likely go home on Monday. Progress is obviously going slowly on the story until I get there.

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Thanks for the favorite on Sunset Shimmer: Kunoichi !

Thank you for adding An Overlord Aaprt to your Library!

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

I normally have some sort of cute or funny achievement to give people for one of my works. Having experienced the worst depression I've ever been through coupled with a string of anxiety attacks while also experiencing homelessness, I can confirm that depression to the point of suicidal inclinations is no joke. I am literally only alive today because of my girlfriend choosing to be with me and keeping my depression from spiraling into suicide. I'm glad you're enjoying my story, please spread the word to everyone you know that depression is a real problem and there are resources if someone finds themselves in that particular place emotionally.

Thank you for the fav in The Seven Myths of Equestria! :twilightsmile:

Well, if you want something super new and unique, Queen Chrysalis and Sunset Shimmer is still an option. Instead of jumping into the portal, Sunset spurns Canterlot as a whole, and Chrysalis with all her spies decides to take an opportunity to really get some payback against Celestia.

And what better way to get revenge than to swipe Celestia's former student / pseudo-daughter and turn her into a lover and the conqueror of Canterlot?

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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