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Sunset Shimmer is best human, pony, princess, and siren. Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Columbus Blue Jackets fan. Manga connoisseur and aficionado. Plot creator and wannabe writer.

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Sunset Shimmer's plans of revenge against the Princess had everything going right, up until she came back through the portal. She thought the biggest problem would be the crown being given to Celestia. Instead, she does the right thing, to the shock of everyone, and is now dead. But her uncharacteristic sacrifice and unique origins has created an opportunity for the Spirit Realm. Under the employment of Botan, a grim reaper, and Koenma, the heir to the Spirit Realm, Sunset is unknowingly given one last chance to earn the crown and wings that she so desperately coveted once before.

Author's note:

Hey everypony, just wanted to thank you all for checking this out ahead of time. I loved watching and reading Yu Yu Hakusho as a kid. For the last year+ I've had this thought lodged in my head that kept pushing Sunset as an incredible Spirit Detective. Out of all the unpublished stuff I started, this was one few crossover ideas that I'm surprised has never been replicated by someone else... so a few of my friends finally convinced me to polish it up and publish. So, here it is!

It takes place in the mid/late 2010s and not in the 1990s. Additionally, no Yusuke, Keiko, and Kuwabara... the rest? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Character tags will be updated as the characters are added into the published stuff.


I want to thank BronyOverlord and Michael Ravencroft for helping me fix my mistakes. I also want to thank this silly bozo for continually pestering me until I finally hit submit on something, along with this guy for doing something similar! All four of them are immensely great at what they do, and without them, I never would have pushed that 'submit' button. So go check them out!

Chapters (2)

This story is officially and now completely canceled. I was thinking about doing a rewrite but after going through the entire piece, the only thing even worth salvaging is our lovely CA pony. Which is why that she will be the only thing I'll keep. If you want to read the story still, go for it. But it won't be edited or changed or such from what is currently on there (I haven't checked in ... a long while). I know it's bad of me, but it is what it is. Hopefully the horrible writing and countless issues don't detract from my next story (when ever that will be).

--- (Original Below) ---
Steel has been in the Lunar Guard for months, working hard and doing all the right things. He gets the chance of the lifetime to prove himself for the Commanders. However, all dreams come with a cost and sometimes even worse, nightmares.

Cover Art is a work in Progress. Current picture is of a main character.

I would love to hear it from everypony! So please leave comments on what ya like and don't like, the more criticism the better!

I want to thank my good friend Coffee (Canvas Shade) for providing art for my story and reviewing/editing my story. I will be changing over editors for my other chapters due to his popularity based off his ongoing adventure. (Seriously, its a great story, so go read it!) (Link > http://www.fimfiction.net/story/45880/Committed%21- )

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