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Hoennshy at an end. · 12:41am Jan 14th, 2013

This may come as out of left-field for all of you, but I can't see how I could continue on with Hoennshy, especially with its current incarnation and beastly length.

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650789 Well I look forward to your triumphant return. I may not have wanted to hear it but reading about the cancellation was alot better than it just being left hanging. I definatly will have to re-read in case you ever do start writing again because I sure as hell would be lost. Good luck with schooling and the like. See you around bro.

Thanks for reading my blog post about the cancellation. I've gotten a lot of messages asking why I cancelled the story, and it's nice to see someone taking the initiative. I'm sorry though if reading it was something you didn't want to hear.

About restarting Hoennshy ... man, I have thought about it and thought about it as I was in school. Right now, I don't want to say definitively whether or not I'll be able to continue it, but it's still something I think about to this day. I'm going to be in school during the summers starting next year, so I don't want to promise anything that I can't deliver on. Thanks for reading it and being invested enough to want to know what happens next! It's a great feeling to have as a writer, even if I can't continue for the current foreseeable future.

Damn I'm just going everywhere and stories are being cancelled all over the place. I'm sad but I respect your decision. I know it's marked as cancelled but is there any possibility of you getting into a situation where you can write again?

~Sincerely your loyal reader(and I more than likely will re-read), Halo003qd

Wanderer D

This might be a generic message that I'm leaving all over the place... or maybe, just maybe it's intended only for a select few. You might, or not, be one of those few. But, here it is.

Merry winter celebration of your choice! :heart:

And yes, you're awesome. Along with everyone else that got this. :raritywink:

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