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I wouldn't consider myself "insane" but I do like mlp, computer engineering, quantum physics, writing and art. So I try to do things which combine ALL those things. That's sane... right?

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Sequel to Sweetie Belle and the Tablet of Knowledge. · 1:56pm Apr 4th, 2015

It has come to my attention that making a chapter promoting a sequel is against the rules (which seems silly but anyway). So I have posted that 'chapter' here.

The sequel to this story: Sweetie Belle and the Quest for Knowledge is now up!

Click on the link to enjoy more Smartie Belle!

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Hello, are you going to continue on making more chapters for the quest of knowledge? I hope Sweetie Belle is able to focus on being smart and able to go to Twilight’s castle to study with her

Will you ever work on quest for knowledge again?

do you think you're ever going to continue writing?

Hey! Thank you so much for favouriting The Worst of All Possible Worlds! :raritywink: I am eternally grateful!

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?


A proven, horse-famous, excellent writer who's works I've had in my favorites list for, like, EVER is a fan of...*gasp* MY works!!!


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