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I wouldn't consider myself "insane" but I do like mlp, computer engineering, quantum physics, writing and art. So I try to do things which combine ALL those things. That's sane... right?



The sequel to this story: Sweetie Belle and the Quest for Knowledge is now available!

When Sweetie Belle finds a mysterious artifact of a now lost civilization, how will she come to terms with the wealth of knowledge it provides? It says it can be ignored, it says it will never try to influence her, but can an artifact of such power really be so harmless?

Book I of III

Prologue and Chapter 1: Thanks to TheOtherSideOfFluttershy for pre-reading and editing.
The whole story: Thanks to RaylanKrios for editing.
Chapter 4: Thanks to AuthorGenesis for editing.
Thanks to Malefactory for editing.

Chapters (16)
Comments ( 921 )

Ok you officially have my attention. I can’t wait to see where you go with this.

I solved the area of the triangle without the answer. :3
A= 3/1 times 8/1 times 1/2
A= 12 units
Also, in one paragraph there were two mixed up words: noes and tones. Did you mean notes and ones?

Wonderful story


Thanks :twilightoops:, has been fixed :twilightsheepish:

edit: Don't use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue :applejackunsure:

So it can subliminally teach a child all the math from algebra to differential calculus in just a few hours? I'd be a bit worried about this thing's capabilities. But I still want one.

This is interesting. I don't find very many Sweetie stories. I'll have to keep this one in mind.

Ffffff, I knew I sat on this idea too long.

When I saw the description, the first thing I thought of was the Companion Cube, which will "never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

Then again, gem finding was apart of Rarity’s special talent.

Should be "a part"

Hmm, the CMC about to gain about to gain access to future tech... There's no way this could end badly :scootangel:


My first thought was 'Omni Tool'.

Because Omni Tools are awesome and I would trade all of your organs for one.

She and the rest of the CMC only spent an hour researching for their Geologist Cutie Marks before they realized they really didn't care about the difference between igneous and sedimentary rocks.

Somewhere, Maud Pie is crying. Almost imperceptibly.

Unfortunately for Rarity, she wasn't careful enough. Regaining her wits, she found herself falling not two feet from the gem wagon her sister had been carrying. Immediately behind her, Twilight teleported into the cave.

This hole should be renamed the Bellesbane. Or the Bellesmouth. I notice Twilight made a much smoother entry ...

She didn't mean to sound so annoyed but she had spent enough times cleaning up Ponyville of their antics that she felt she earned the right to be a little short when it came to Rarity’s sister’s behaviour.

Just be glad, Twilight, that Spike lusts after Rarity instead of Sweetie Belle -- or Spike would be getting into trouble alongside the CMC.

its should promptly crash upon encountering pinkie

I WISH I HAD THAT TABLET. Also, this story made me realize I'm rusty with my calc..... again. DAMNIT.

As they and the glow of their horns left, the room remained dark, the light of the lamp that enveloped Sweetie Belle permanently extinguished now from age. It had finally fulfilled its purpose. Now it and the crumbling ruin could finally sleep, its meaning forever lost to the sands of time.

Why is its meaning lost forever? Twilight knows where is the ruin and can always take archaeologists back to the site, can't she?

I was really hoping the tablet was going to be an ipad with siri; that would have been great.

Her blue mascara she wore had run down her face from earlier crying, obviously for her.

I don't know how I should feel as a guy that knows this, but mascara is that black gunk Rarity puts on lashes. The blue thing she wears is eye shadow and it can't be dissolved by tears, as they don't have direct contact with it.

4 hours, 23 minutes and 36 seconds

Shouldn't there be "2" in the beginning if it was the whole day?

‘Wait, you can solve math problems?’

To be fair to Sweetie Belle, Equestria is a pre-Information Age society, so she doesn't know why the answer to such a question, addressed to a near-sapient AI, should be obvious.

Cheerilee's well-educated -- she might not remember the details of calculus, but she'd know it exists.

Interesting story so far. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I do hope Sweetie gets to eventually reveal the truth of he new tablet :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

I think it was 1 day, 4 hours and a bit; so 28 hours.

4815668 no the time it took was one day 4 hours 23 minutes and 36 seconds.what your thinking is either what a day is equal to or like this 28:23:36

When I said "2" in front, I meant 24 hours 23 minutes and 36 seconds, so it would perfectly fit the "whole day" exclamation. And it's more believable that he forgot to put one number in there, instead of "1 day" or "one day".

uggg I find it sad that I know that math pretty well. Im off to differential equations next semester. hurray:pinkiesick:


What your brain thought was one day, 4 hours, 23 minutes and 36 seconds

CheshireTwilight did put "one day"

Yay!!! You are teaching us math in a fun way :3 :heart::heart::heart:

So, basically, Sweetie Belle now has access to a light version of the Akashic Records?

That's actually kinda awesome. :rainbowderp:

This is interesting...and it has my attention, nice work.

Always remember kids, Differentials a day keeps your transforms Fourier :derpytongue2:

It will be explained a bit later but the process which resulted in the artifact inhabiting Sweetie Belle permanently destroyed a large section of the system (which is why the lamp turned off). Although Twilight will learn much from the rooms, she will never find out its true purpose (although that doesn't mean that the purpose might not be guessed at).

You're right :twilightblush: Rarity would cry me if I didn't fix that :raritycry:

My interpretation of their society exists somewhat near our time-period in development except electronic applications are replaced by magic and petroleum doesn't exist. As such, Cheerilee would have required post-secondary education to teach and would have likely learned about Calculus from a friend who studied there.

I think I'll change it to "1 day" instead of "one day" to avoid confusion in the future :twilightblush:

I've never heard of that before... :trixieshiftright: will need to use this in upcoming chapters...

You might be surprised, it's not quite what you think (there's a reason why there is no human tag :derpytongue2:)

And will be fixing Daring's name (I had assumed it was like Ditzy's :twilightblush:)

I want to ask. Can you see por- video on the Tablet? :scootangel:
Like, fav and :heart:

I'm happy to see this published and I am enjoying what I have read so far. Will we learn more about this tablet of knowledge in later chapters?

In this case, as you know, f(x) is the function created by the two lines which peak at the 3 unit mark (f(x) = 3x/a, x <= a, and f(x) = -3x/b + 24/b, x >= b). You get this by imagining two right-angle triangles which cross at x=a with slopes 3x/a and -3x/b. The bounds of the integral ensure that only the necessary parts are kept. For the latter triangle, you need to solve for the y-intercept otherwise it won't account for the shift in x (the y-intercept here being 24/b).

There is probably an easier way to get or prove f(x) here but I wanted to make the solution simpler (any other way would require me re-drawing the triangle in order to explain it).

Da Rules - Beacuse without it, Sweetie Belle (like Timmy Turner) would have probably already taken-over/unleashed Tartarus on/blown-up the world by now :twilightblush:

Sorry, that goes against "Da Rules".

The dialogue would go like this:
"Can you show me 'XXX - Mares (totally not) gone wild'?" :pinkiehappy:
"...Why isn't it showing up?" :fluttershysad:
"*The video command to play 'XXX - Mares (totally not) gone wild' has not been given*"
"Can I give the video command?" :rainbowhuh:
"*This tablet can only answer questions*"
"...awww..." :fluttercry:

Yep! :yay: Although all the functions have been explained (question/answer mode, and super-study mode) the breadth of its knowledge, its purpose, and its origins will definitely be focused on in later chapters. :twilightsmile:

No, not trigonometry per-se. It's just that with right triangles, there is a side that goes straight up-and-down (line BC below). That way, you are only integrating on a straight line (AB) and don't have to worry about discontinuities (like the "peak" of the triangle in the problem). I actually don't know if you can integrate a discontinuity but integrating lines this way is probably easier.


"So I can now solve any math problem except the problem of how I learned how to solve any math problem?" :unsuresweetie:

"We will totally not abuse this new ability of yours by copying your homework from now on!" :scootangel:

"Dang it, Scootaloo! Mah big sister tells more believable lies than that!" :applecry:

"You three do realize everypony can hear you shouting like that, right?" :facehoof:

"Ah heard that all that complicated flyin' is really tricky and they use lots of fancy mathematics."

She has no idea just how right she is. To even qualify to be a pilot, you'd need at least an Associate's in basic mathematics.

I love it!:pinkiehappy::yay::pinkiehappy:
But I demand the right to call it The Tablet of Infinite Knowledge
That just sound so much more epic

That's what I called it at first actually :twilightblush: cause it really is epic :derpytongue2: The only reason I ended up not calling it that because I didn't want people thinking it an Omniscient AI.

Maybe Sweetie Belle can out-logic the tablet's Terms of Use. If there is no company left to enforce it, then she won't be harming any company secrets!

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