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In an Equestria where the mirror portal didn't exist; a very different fate awaits Sunset Shimmer.

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I'm interested to see where this goes.

Hmm, Sunset seems to have a lot of resentment conscious and unconscious relating to Celestia as well as what seems to be more than a fair amount of anger and resentment towards the ponies of Equestria but try as she might can't feel those feelings towards Twilight herself.

That makes for a interesting dynamic actually, I can only imagine how that is going to play out later.

Sunny is a fuse ready to blow up.... Great story, keep going!

Great start, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

The cover art makes it look like she'll become demon Sunset. Looking at the tags for it, there's only 57 stories of such, so I'm interested in seeing how a ponify demon sunset story unfolds.

Oh man I’m so excited for the next chapter! This
Story is great I always love evil sunset

As a person who got bullied a lot in school, I don't mind said bullies getting badly injured. Similar for the ponies who inherited their wealth.

Oh my god Sunset is 'bout to go off, AND IM GONNA LOVE IT.

Hmmm... well, isn't this a lovely bit of chaos? I believe I'll see where this goes.

“Sister...” Celestia said gently, nuzzling Luna. “You know as well as I that I... that I did not know you as well as I should have back then. I neglected you, and ignored your pain. A mistake I will not make again.”

:facehoof: Горбатого могила лишь исправит.
Garbatava mogila lish ispravit.
Only the grave can straighten the hunchback.
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Well, this is getting interesting...


Okay, I know this may be impolite, and not to point fingers or anything....

Celestia 99% of this is your fault.

agreed, Celestia you should have been with sunset more so she wouldn't have gone down this path to try and get your attention.

Its basically what happened to Luna. Sunset is done being "The Other Student" in this case.

yes but this time i dont think what sunset did can be reversed.

I really love this story, and am greatly looking forward to more.

Quickly skyrocketing into my favorites list too.

for some reason i get the vibe she's a vampire now either that she's a thestral alicorn. i really hope its the last one.

Who is on the top hardly and rarely can understand what feel those who always "second one" and "just other".

Woah. Okay, that was awesome. I'm in. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sunset spun to face her, fangs glinting in the light from the door, but Celestia hardly noticed them. No Celestia’s focus was on Sunset’s eyes. The were wide and filled with a single emotion. Fear.

Without warning her horn lit up with a crimson light and magic swirled around her like blood red flames, hiding her from view. When the cleared, Sunset was gone.

I'm really curious now would Twilight in this verse become an alicorn years later, then she meets Sunset again and it becomes super awkward. Kinda like this:

Yes!Yes!Yes! The writing, the story, the characters! Yes!

Please tell me this has been planned out and/or has a release schedule. I would be so depressed to see this go months with out update, only to eventually languish in incomplete limbo for all eternity.

Me aswell more like her demon/pony form.

And another pony that Celestia cared about yet inadvertently neglected potentially falls to the dark. Celly, you missed it with your sister, and you missed it with Sunset. Are we starting to sense a pattern here?

Looking forward to where you take this. I can't wait until Sunset meets Twilight. Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work; I'm definitely enjoying this so far. I noticed a couple of minor errors and missed words though it's a lot better than many stories I've read.

How had he not noticed her, especially with how brightly her horn was glowing.

I think something is missing here

and since I’ve been around for so long, and have had so many unsuccessful suiters over the years, he may believe you to be… an easier conquest, so to speak.”


When the cleared, Sunset was gone.

You missed a word here

Love it, love everything about it. I can't wait to see where this is going.

That was fantastic!

One little thing though:

Headless of the danger, Celestia surged forward

You may want to change that to heedless, otherwise Celestia has no head.

No! My plans to behead the solar tyrant have been discovered! :pinkiegasp:

I must say, this has been quite the read. Looking forwards to more!

*Slow clap* Well… better late than never, eh Sunbutt Sr?

As for Sunset, I was afraid that would happen from the way to described her last chapter. Hopefully she's still got enough wherewithal to stop the two ponies she attacked from bleeding to death.

“It could very well usher in a new age for Equestria,” Luna said solemnly.

And then Sunset's "arch nemesis" Twilight and some baby named Flurry Heart successfully become Alicorns and Sunset's mind completely breaks.

I’m glad someone shares my opinions on the use of the word ‘thestral’ in mlp fics. Though, I’ll admit my feelings are much less reasonable; I hate Harry Potter as a franchise, so I in turn rather dislike references to it. Also, I usually prefer use of the ‘hippo-‘ prefix... because horses, but whatever float your metaphor. Maybe something like hipponycht... I don’t know Greek, sorry.

At least Twilight’s transformation makes sense in this world.

Let's hope her responsibility and kindness win over her fear and denial so she can take those two to a hospital before it's too late - this isn't tagged as tragedy after all.

I just hope Luna can help her without making her lose her life's work. That would break Sunset in an untenable way :fluttershyouch:

Nah, this Sunset seems to be sane enough to realize they'd have no guilt or true agency over their new state.
It would make her rather more pissed at Celesta and the archmages, with reason.

Interesting points regarding the thestrals/bat ponies/notcturnes.

Also, loving this story so far.

Mmm, interesting take on an alternate path for Sunset.

I'll be keeping an eye on this.

One small error I found.

But no, she’d been at a dinner party for foreign dignitaries that hadn’t even had the curtesy to send word ahead of time.

curtsey -> courtesy

Loving this story so far. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Why Luna on the moon?

Is it bad that I want Runic Passage to roast on a open fire?

Pride and abandonment will certainly take their toll on Sunset and Canterlot alike, maybe even Equestria as a whole.

And honestly? I can't but think this is fully Celestia's fault. She fucked up badly, drove someone to the deep end and now others have to deal with the consequences.
Sunset might be guilty of those that suffered for her to get the energy, but everything after that rests on the sun's laurels.

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