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Sunset Shimmer, or Kyoku, as she was called now, found a much more unforgiving world beyond the mirror. Believing herself betrayed by princess Celestia, she was picked up by none other than the Manipulative Orochimaru.

Believing herself to had been saved by him, Kyoku served him wholeheartedly as a spy in the Sannin's former village, Konohagakure. Join her as she finds herself entangled by the webs of lies and commitments during her journey to find out what was most important to her.

Art was taken from clipart.com and a random google image moon background. Created by Powerpoint.
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It’s a good start. I appreciate showcasing how Orochimaru got her loyalty but only stuck to the main points instead of getting bogged down in multiple chapters of set up lol. Man, having her only friend die after months of learning from her must have been awful. Simple but effective way to gain her loyalty and adoration by ‘saving’ Sunset in the aftermath.

I kinda like this, take it slow though seems rushed.

Alright the stage is set and I’m excited for more. Thanks for writing!

An interesting start. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Damnit man, I have homework to do! Reading this and your other newest chapter make me wish I had the time to write!

Well, you know how much I love crossovers like these, so I obviously can't wait for more!

Orochimaru has got one mighty weapon. Someone with power and cunning.

Just one question. Since Sunset is taking Sakura's place, does this mean that Sakura no longer exist or is Sunset going to take Sakura's spot in everything.

I guess what I am really curious is...

Is Sunset going to end up becoming Sarada's new mom by the end of all this?

Seeing ambitious mislead Sunset is going to be interesting.

Excited to see where this goes, you're so good at writing pre-reform Sunset. Curious though, you said she's taking Sakura's place so does Sakura just not exist in this universe?

Alright! This looks promising! I just dropped the other Naruto/Sunset story I found as it wasn't very good, so this came out with almost perfect timing!

Learning friendship from ninjas that kill for money is so hilarious to me. I’m just imagining at some future point where she introduces them to Celestia who’s just internally screaming in some unholy blend of confusion, happiness, and worry lol. But that’s a major assumption on my part. I hope Ino, Shikamaru, and the others will eventually be able to get through to her. The Will of Fire seems like a decent analogue for the magic inherent to friendship.

think yellow looks good on her, don’t you?” Said a purple haired kid, Ami, the group of girl following her about laughing in agreement. She was pretty much the boss of one of the biggest cliques in the school, with the majority of the girls following her about and agreeing with whatever she said.

I frowned at her, paying close attention to her body language and expressions. No signs of hostility, but a healthy dose of condescension. A standard bullying attempt then.

I know she's a kid (probably 8 or 9), but seriously, a flower? Sunset (Kyoku) is literally orange and has flaming hair, and she goes for a flower!? I hate normal bullies, but I hate stupid bullies even more.

Looking great! Also if Sunset's not using a fake age, then this is probably the youngest I've seen her crossing the mirror. If she's 9, she's been, what, 3 years since she crossed? At least 1 as Orochimaru's experiment, and 1 more in training?

Still… It would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it? Ostracizing the Jinchuuriki would very likely cause them to turn upon those that antagonised them in the first place. Would it not be much more logical to make the Jinchuuriki feel more appreciated? So that the chances of them turning on their village would be less likely?

I mean ideally yeah but it's not like Ostracizing him was the end goal, more of an unfortunate side effect of the adults being unable to separate the child from the monster who had taken so much from them.

This story seems to have a lot of potential, having Sunset be her manipulative self from before reformation in the midst of the friendliest and most honest group of child murderers is hilarious.

I am quite interested in how will things go forward, and I feel that the exam is going to be the breaking point. Sunset, unlike most of the ninja under Orochimaru, actually knows what a real loving family is and while she is currently loyal to Orochimaru, if he does something too overt she will notice and start having doubts.

With Sunset purposefully befriending all the rookies, we not only have a lot of interactions with the bests part of Naruto, Orochimaru also has another way to take over all the important parts of Konoha in a subtle way. Trough Sunset Orochimaru could easily call both Sasuke and Naruto to his side, as he had no real problem getting Sasuke in canon and Naruto can easily be swayed with the kindness that Konoha has never shown him (as long as he doesn't see the brutality that Orochimaru does).

But will he? Orochimaru seriously sucks at his empathy and he doesn't really care about Sunset, so I can see him going with his original invasion plan. If he does, I don't think Sunset would follow him on that, with the danger that it causes on her new friends. But there is also the fact that the ninja world doesn't take well to spies. Ahhh, sweet sweet drama.

Looking even more in the future, Sunset magic and her possible ascension will let her keep up with the boys MUCH better than Sakura ever could, keeping team 7 relevant instead of the Naruto and Sasuke love story that it devolved into.

I'm really loving the way you portray pre-reformation Sunset's conflicts, both in this and the Warcraft story :heart:

Wait, how many spells does she know? I don't mean how many she can currently do, I mean how many she could practice. She doesn't have an efficient way back to Equestra, so she can't learn them from books, she'd have to go based on memory.

Mmmmh, well, she knows most of her basics, and some of the advanced spells(which she can't really use right now.) . Just think of her as a dnd wizard without a spellbook that was forced to become a narutoverse shinobi. XD. Oh, and to your previous question, Smile Agents are pretty much the MI6 of MLP, who hunts monsters.

Aight! Thank you for your support!

I gotta wonder if writing Sunset into Naruto where she takes the place of one of the main characters, is easier to write then just having Sunset exist in the Warcraft universe and figuring out how to get her involved in major events.

Granted I know very little of Warcraft lore so maybe its actually easy to insert Sunset but I gotta think it's pretty simple with Naruto since she's in position to get involved with major events from the beginning without much effort needed. Though I suppose that could change depending on what happens when we finally get to the Chuunin Exam.

Regardless, loving this so far and looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Actually, I find inserting her into the WC3 universe a lot easily, mostly because I am a fulltime Warcraft geek. Well, was a full time geek anyway. Still, this story was extremely fun to write, mostly because I wanted to try a new kind of Sunset. A more cautious one as opposed to the cocky one in my other story. Main problem I be facing here would be how much things would be derailed in a way that it makes sense hahaha.

I usually don't touch the crossovers with Naruto but I like this one.

You accidentally spelled her name as Kyuko at one point. Other than that the chapter was enjoyable. The picture is pretty good as well, thanks to the artist for sending it in.

Wait, Sunset or Celestia wrote 'I am sorry'?

You tease!

You little tease, you...

Excellent chapter as always, and I can't wait for more! As always...

One interesting difference with this Sunset, as opposed to the canon and warcraft one, is that she seems to have gotten over her lust for power and it has been replaced with loyalty towards Orochimaru. Wonder how that will further affect her personality, and what would happen if/when she realizes she was played and her loyalty misplaced.

“Thank you.” I nodded and smiled in response, earning myself another grin from him.

“Hey Kyoku-chan, stop ogling my dad and come help out!”

I opened my mouth. Blinked. Closed it. Blinked again. “I…” That was all I got out as my face burned with the familiar heat that came with embarrassment. Her father was not helping things either, shaking off at the side with barely concealed laughter.

Hey, nice DoS reference.

Sunset keeps reminding herself so hard that the affection his "dad" shows him is a lie and that she cant have friends, it is a bit heartbreaking. It also shows how damn BAD is she going to be as a traitor if Orochimaru actually goes and starts the invasion like in canon.

I do wonder how genuine the affection from his "dad" really is and how much (or little) would he go to protect Sunset. Anyway it goes, it is going to be a defining moment in Sunset life once it is time to test that affection.

She looks cute! Also poor Sunset, I'd hate to have to deal with two love crazed stalkers "rivals" who think I was gunning for their love interest.

Welp, this will change everything, so I assume that during the chunnin exams shit will hit the fan, and Sunset will find out about orochimaru, anyway, I wonder where the dazzling are, if they are still around, then they must be freaking powerful, consider the times, Twilight would be appearing in the shipuden timline, that is if sunset steals the crown; so I'm wondering, are the humans counterparts in the ninja world? That would be interesting :D.

That would be Celestia. Sunset aint the type to apologize when she left Equestria.

DoS? Sorry, may I know what that refers to?
Well, there are no human counterparts in the world, sorry about that, but I don't think I will be putting them in for the foreseeable future.

Dreaming of Sunshine, one of the most important Naruto fanfics and pretty much the mother of the Naruto Self-Inserts.

I supposed it was a reference since the part I quoted was almost a word for word of a similar event in DoS.

Ooooh. I actually tend to avoid self-insert fics but seeing you talk about it as the ‘mother’ makes it sound like a cut above the rest. Guess I’ll go check it out.

It is really good, and a lot of its worldbuilding has efectively become canon in my mind thanks to its quality. It hasnt updated in almost a year (shame really) but it still has more than enough chapters published to be an entertaining read.

Also, the mother comment was because it came out in 2011. Most of the ideas that define Naruto SI stories come from it.


Ironically, that could drive her back into villainy and ruthlessness, thinking that "trust" and "loyalty" were just a means to control her.

Ooo this is fascinating. I'm sad to see her only friend died infront of her

Well, the fight scene felt alright to me. And glad to see Sunset's presence is already making ripples!

Quick question about the timeline: How old was she when she crossed the portal in this story? And how long has passed? In your other story she was 14 at first but I'm not sure if she can pass as part of the younger class at that age.

Sweet, things are changing, meaning that people that lived get to die and people meant to die will live, so can we expect Haku and/or Sabuza to live?

so...… what's sunset's plan at this point when she gets better acquainted with her new friends?

Well, she was given the body of an eight year old, give or take, when she arrived. Took a few liberties with the magical mirror here actually, as it was capable of turning an 18 year old twilight sparkle younger by a few years when she crossed the mirror, like about four years? So with that in mind, mentally, Sunset should be around 13 years old when she came over, but her body was reverted to a 8 year old.

No spoilers! But i will not deny that I will be changing up things drastically.

Well, for her 'friends' is still stretching it abit, but as for her current goals? Get a high rank so that she can help her 'father' and Orochimaru, she is a long term informant-type spy after all atm. But whether those goals will change will be another can of worms altogether.

Bravo, I like how this is going. Let's all hope that friendship will prove far stronger than Orochimaru manipulations.

Also that bravo means a lot cause I'm Italian so it is the best bravo you will ever get XD bravo again.

I liked this chapter. While you may say that no proper development happened, there was still development. One, would be the skills Team 7 have. Naruto getting better at Taijutsu, both Kyoku and Sasuke getting more training in handling a larger group of enemies, and all of them getting better with teamwork.......Okay, last one might be a stretch, but this chapter still had a whole bunch of development, intended or not. But, that's just my own take on this chapter. In any case, keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more from ya.

OK, proper development, meaning it will be a couple of chapters before the real mission :D, waiting for it. :D

Well there is a theory that the portal turns the create that crosses through to become the age they act. Hence when sunset crossed she was doing so as a tantrum like a child. It would explain why the ages in the human world are so close. And twilight was rushing to get the job done just like a young adult. I think it is a sound theory that however you are behaving when you cross for the first time it will be the age you become.

Telekinetic weapons? I like the sound of that; very LittlePip.

Something tells me that Sunset is going to get a good old-fashioned talk-no-jutsu from Naruto before she betrays Orochimaru...

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