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A personal social museum · 12:07pm Nov 22nd, 2021

Hey, everyone. Sorry for being so quiet lately. I've been a little tired in general, and I've wanted to take a break from fanfiction for a while, not a big break, mind you, just for a few weeks, and I've sort of been doing that, but I've also checked in most days to check comments, and nagging myself that I should write, so... it's like the worst of both worlds, not doing anything, but also not relaxing and not worrying about not doing anything.

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No, it was just generic exposure to filth. I've had several jobs like that, it's just that one time was really bad. People who work around mold will recognise this.

Hope you like it :twilightsmile:

I don't know what that could be. Did you ever get it checked?

And I shall read these horse words... after some sleep.

At least workaholism makes you money, rather than costing it. The most sick I've been was something I don't know if there's a name for, just all the symptoms of a cold or flu, but really bad, from working filthy jobs.

Horse words were released, currently waiting to see if anyone has any thoughts to share about it :eeyup:

I believe the worst illness I suffer is workaholicism. Incurable, or so I've been led to believe. Migraines are nothing in comparison. But you've piqued my interest, what does hold the first place ribbon for illnesses you've suffered? No need to answer that, I'm quite content remaining in the dark if you so choose.

More horse-words. Certainly a much more sunny topic, and I can't wait to see what they have to say.

Yeah, it was the second or third worst sickness I've ever had. At least the timing wasn't so bad, I had nothing special planned. You have allergies too?

In better news, I have 6200 words written for my next chapter for my Sunset Shimmer story. With a bit of luck, I'll be able to publish it soon.

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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