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This story is a sequel to My Life as a Bipedal Quadruped

Gabrielle Eleanor Desrochers and Studded Armor are back in Equestria, trying to come down from their trying experience and settle down into a sensible life again.

They're at least partially successful, but complications keep arising, such as their growing number of obligations, some fame, their own relation, and the fact that their home, Ponyville, is also slowly but steadily becoming a more complicated place.

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“And they beat the Nightmare?” Rainbow asked eagerly.

“No, I did, with my guitar. Made a rather satisfying sound, too.”

"literally or figuratively?"

I imagine it looked a lot like FLCL :rainbowlaugh:

Here I am!

... now, to lurk for the next chapter.

Happy to be here!

Now, if you'll pardon me, Highway To Hell is my jam. It be playing, and I must dance.

And onward we go! Looking forward to the future endeavors of Gabe and Armor. Meeting the family is going to be... interesting. If I remember correctly, Gabe and Armor's grandfather started off on the wrong foot.

Well... sort of. Plate, Armor's grandfather, thinks Gabe is a swell little pony, and Gabe was initially put off my him, but she started warming up to him the next time they met.

Glad you're looking forward to it though :twilightsmile:

El Kabong. Quickdraw McGraw's alter-ego, who whacked badguys with his guitar.



Congrats on ticking that 'complete' box, by the by. Damn fine story, and I look forward to watching Gabe and Armor desperately dodging a duchy.

Not a character I'm familiar with. Maybe I'm just hungry, but I read that name as Elk Kebab :derpytongue2:

There are similarities though, definitely. A small talking horse whacking people with a guitar :eeyup:

I guess the easiest way to get out of this with as few headaches as possible is to get a duchy over a region that requires little to administration, like an empty mountain or something. Or perhaps somewhere where the bureaucracy functions without them :twistnerd:

Thank you, it's been a journey, I can say that much :eeyup:

Can I have another?

Yep. Gotta whip one up first though. Haven't done that yet, but I'll put your order on the list :raritywink:

Yay! I'll be eating these delicious cheddar biscuits while waiting for this main course.

Still not sure about the age difference between Gabe and Stud. Seems kind of... cradle robbing-ish.

Hmm... Sequel to a good story is like... ordering big juicy steak in restaurant, you finish eating it but then they bring you another one for free.
Crap, that got me hungry! XD

We were about to respond when our stomachs growled in unison.
“They’re plotting something,” I said, looking down at myself.


“... Where did that come from?” I asked.
“It shot out of the ground when the element bearers used the power of friendship to unlock a mystery box, defeated Tirek, and rode a rainbow across Equestria and restored everypony’s magic power. Didn’t you read the newspaper?”
Armor and I stood in silence for a moment.
“That makes sense,” Armor said, while I just shook my head. ‘Ponies.’


Great start to the sequel! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

And yeah, ponies are silly sometimes :derpytongue2:

Same here. Glad you liked it though :twilightsmile:

Yeah, but it would be good for him, getting a little older and more mature woman to look after him :eeyup:

9730590 It was supposed to be a serious question. Numerically, he is several times older than she is. Physically, he is several times older than she is. I'll go back and reread the entire first story if you want me to be specific about the number of years separating them.

Twice as old as she is, so kinda like Ritchie Blackmoore and Candice Night when they got married, except Gabe and Armor are both considered young.

What was the question though? Where I'm planning on taking it? How I feel about people being romantically involved with people of different ages? What other characters think about it?

“That makes sense,” Armor said, while I just shook my head. ‘ Ponies .’

I am Gabe in this scene :moustache:

“No, I did, with my guitar. Made a rather satisfying sound, too.”

“ Awesome .”

I am RD in this scene :trollestia:

“... My family,” he said. “They say they want to see me.”

Just you ? :ajsmug:

Also finally, I have wanted to meet them for a while, especially Dress Armor :trollestia:

Yeah, looks like it can lead to drama. Only time will tell :derpytongue2:

Sounds like you liked the fic though :twilightsmile:

Yes, yes I do :moustache:

9730768 I was asking about how socially acceptable a relationship like theirs would be in Equestria. Would anyone be upset or consider such a relationship unacceptable? Are they considered old enough to be in a relationship?

I apologize if I came across as rude or anything.

It's okay, it's just that the question was unspoken, so I was a little confused.

As for their relation, this hasn't come up yet in the story, but its my headcanon that Harmony makes it so that ponies can't be in unhealthy romantic and/or sexual relationships. So if Gabe and Armor start move beyond spooning and occasionally kissing, like openly making out, or even more, people might think that Gabe is very young, but they're not disharmonious, so clearly they're doing something right. All the best to them.

Like with the original story, I don't plan on taking it very far, It being E-rated and all.

9730878 Okay, thanks for clearing that up. I would assume that the more physically... squishy, intimate aspects of their relationship happen off screen.

Yeah, Like, I imagine that they don't actually do the deed in the course of the original story, and probably not for a while after, but I've also not confirmed or even hinted very strongly in the story whether they will or won't, and when, because I think that would take the reader out of it and feel like I'm talking to them, and because, as we tend to see in fandoms, a lot of people are happy from imagining that characters they like are intimate, and I see no reason to deny them that.

9730927 Fair enough. It's your story, bro. I'm enjoying it anyway.

So why is Redheart at the castle? Did Raven run to Luna, Luna send a Letter to Spike, Spike tell Twilight and Twilight went and got Redheart (but not the CMC)?
Or did Readheart and the 6 become friends and were just hanging out? I don’t think we’ve seen much of her social life.
For how long were they gone anyway?

Yeah, that's pretty much what happened, they knew Gabe and Armor were coming and went and got Redheart. The CMC will show up soon anyway, don't worry about that :twilightsmile:

As for how long they've been gone. Not that long I think. Probably after Castle Sweet Castle though. Gonna have to look through season 5 again for a good spot to reintroduce Gabe into.

Before episode 7's Make New Friends But Keep Discord, at least. The Grand Galloping Galla would be a perfect moment to switch back to Canterlot and show Sombra's first introduction into a public celebration, as well as give Gabe a good reason to visit her royal mom (and probably dad too, come to think of it).

I'd say... either shortly before or after Appleloosa's Most Wanted. It would explain the Crusader's absence (they're either packing or resting from their adventure) and the break between that episode and the Grand Galloping Galla would allow for some laid back misadventures in Ponyville.

Yeah. I don't have to have Gabe interract with every episode either. In fact, perhaps during a majority of them she can be involved in other things, like meeting Armor's family, furthering her research, helping her patients etc. It could be fun if I have have the same approach to the events of Make New Friends But Keep Discord as I did for Equestria Games, where it turns out she was there all the time, but just outside of frame.


The human club chapter first though :eeyup:

That sounds lovely, yes. Too much interference with an episode always has a chance of running into the "The OC is the solution to everything" problem that drags down so many HiE stories. MLAABQ has always managed to avoid that, which I believe is one of its strengths.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

And yeah, the two approaches I mostly went for when interacting with the events of the show was either for Gabe to see glimpses of the events or their repercussions from a distance, like Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3, or to have engage a little bit, mostly between the scenes, of episodes that I didn't mind making a little more interesting, like Equestria Games.

However, this story will eventually run into what could be the biggest obstacle of all, and which might bring it down and get it stuck with a big, red "Cancelled" tag, and that is Starlight Glimmer. I just don't know what to do with her :ajsleepy:

Easy, don't have Gabe involved with her primary episodes. The map has no reason to call Gabe to Our Town in The Cutie Map, and Starlight would avoid getting Gabe involved in her revenge during Cutie re-mark.

Now after that, we're back to casual slice of life interactions. And on that front, Gabe and Starlight share common ground in their social awkwardness, which could be grounds for them to bond. Starlight also presents a way for Gabe to meet this world's Trixie, and unlike Twilight, Gabe has no reason to dislike Trixie (quite the opposite, even) which can lead to the duo becoming a trio of friends dealing with social awkwardness.

Yeah, and The Cutie Map has already happened since that's before Castle Sweet Castle. The thing is, and I haven't seen all the episodes yet, but all the episodes I've seen with Starlight Glimmer, Gabe would just solve instantly, so I'm going to have her not be able to spent a lot of time around Starlight.

Not in the episodes, no, but outside the episodes you have all the freedom in the world to have the two interact at your leisure.

And I'm getting ideas for how that would play out now :eeyup:


Really looking forward to this after rereading MLAABQ to include the final chapter. I always felt that the transition from a slice of life-ish story to action and adventure was perhaps premature, so I'm looking forward to this setting.

we’ve shoved a few too many balloons down sarge’s toilet for you to call me that?”


“Alright, see you around, Acorn,” he sad, and we walked down the hallway.


Armor and I looked at each other, and chuckled a bit sheepily.


Some time later, we had finished our meals, consisting of thing we didn’t have an opportunity to eat


Half of ponyville was overcast, with a team of pegasi clearing the clouds. The grass looked damp, and and several ponies on the ground emerging to put laundry out again.

Ponyville. Delete extra 'and'

“It shot out of the ground when the element bearers

Element Bearers

It looked similar to the buildings in The Crystal Empire

the Crystal Empire

This was followed by Pinkie Pie shouting “I got it!”.

Delete unnecessary period at the end.

something large and pink pounced us

pounced on us

Glad you're looking forward to it. And thanks for the heada ups :twilightsmile:

I'm not much of an HiE guy but my friends have been pestering me to read your work for a while now and I finally took the plunge. Tore through MLAABQ last night and the day before that––this whole story's delightful. I love the characters and your worldbuilding, and I'm very excited to be here for the next chapters.

Aaw, thank you, and thanks to your friends as well. It seems they've said nice things about it :twilightsmile:

I'm gonna take a little break so I don't strain my writing muscle though, but I plan on continuing this :eeyup:


El Kabong is also close the sound made when clobbering evildoers with said guitar. I'm pretty sure you can googgle up the cartoon sound effect without too much trouble... (I have it in my Effects folder but I haven't used them since I upgraded out of Win XP although Derpy as the animated windows cursor is always installed)

I found a compilation on youtube. There's a lot of life left in that guitar. Too bad it didn't sound like that when Keith Richards went all FLCL against that guy who slipped past security and got up on stage once :rainbowlaugh:

Moar? Plz sir?:fluttershysad:

I'm planning on continuing it. I just need to recover from writing all of that.

Oof.:ajsleepy: Then take as long as you need.:pinkiesmile:

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