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When a human from Earth, by an unknown set of circumstances, ends up in a world upon a separate path of history and evolution, not only must he survive the different species that call it home, but the change in which his species, humans, are seen and treated.

But as he moves day by day, he will find he will play a role in the future of the world of Equestria, one that will determine the fate of both ponies and humans.

((Inspired by MadMaxtheBlack))

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This seems like your human and you

I've said ot it bofore and I'll say it again, stories like this make me want to murder every pony in the mlp universe. but I like that.

I heard somebody say that it would be the equivalent of seeing a stray dog and calling the pound. And then I thought about it. Who the fuck calls the pound without even considering that they could just keep it and not have to pay anyone else shit. Its a free dog. FREE. Niggas ain't ballin like they used to.


Humans are quite a bit bigger then Dogs. She may not have the facilities to keep one around.

This seems to be different in several key points, but I will wait for another chapter or two before making any firmer decisions


Just finished re-reading that earlier today.


4815896 its a great idea unless you dont want the dog

4817366 po-tay-to po-ta-to / sell to Chinese.

All am going say is that I'm like the story you and your human That he will right away, somehow, tell them that he's intelligent and not some dumb animal.

Imma toss a favorite out there and see where it takes me

Does anypony else stop reading and pretend to beat the crap out of the guards and aj

NOBODY FUCKS WITH HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I have to go kill some ponies :facehoof:

Hmm nice writting. Most of the story looks coherent and it does not lool like one of.those "human superiority" YHaY spin offs, that is a positive for.me.
But that the guy is.mute looks a bit artifitial. Also the SG1 syndrome(aka all the multiverse speaks english) is a negative in my opinion.
Anyhow I'll give it a chance and add it to favourites ^^

This seems like a great story.

I do hope Flutttershy gets him, now that will make for an interesting story.

Seems pretty clearly inspired by Your Human and You, and that group of fics. Human from Earth gets mysteriously sent to Equestria; he is mute and only superficially similar to the local humans, who are sometimes savage or sometimes kept as pets.

This seems like it could be decent. I'm a little wary at the moment as I'm less than a fan of the Your Human and You story. But you're a different author and it's so far been pretty okay. You also hint at some interesting cultural ideas along with a few world building items that are new. So, I'll stick around and see where you take this for a bit.

You forgot the part where the protagonists, for some reason, decide to not bother scratching messages into walls or use any other less conventional means of writing to convey they can communicate in a fashion.

You might like Your Human and You: I Will Not Comply. The protagonist in that is pretty quick to get some communication going and he doesn't irrationally try to remain under the radar.

4820855 I think this is realistic if human are considered pets in equestria. In most stories I see the character go with the flow. I myself am semi erratic so I kinda am hoping for a break out or a kin to it. But there would be consequences for this. Then if he doesn't do anything it can move the plot along faster either or hope to see more and this isn't necessarily your human and you as long as the author doesn't use close same characters say made OC's. Plus human and you is just a base to accumulate close stories that have similarities for people to read.

Good sir. You have captured my interest.

Interesting. liked and fav for now

Did you mean the "I Refuse to Play" one? I have that story on my to read later list but given how awful YHaY fics always are I haven't been very motivated to try it out. Well, since I've heard of it again I guess I shall take the plunge then.

Whoops, yes that's the one.

((Inspired by MadMaxtheBlack))

We're fucked.

Two in one day? Don't mind if I do.

Thanks for the double chapter. Kinda want to see how Castus' morning is going to be like.

Can't wait to see how this turns out for Castus. What better setting than Fluttershys cottage than for the big reveal. Thanks for the second chapter!

Huge thanks for the double update! I'm really looking forward to this story. I've noticed you switch from first person to third person and back without warning. It'll make it a LOT easier on the brain to follow the story smoothly if you choose one OR you leave an indicator for when you shift perspectives. BESIDES ALL THAT, I'm enjoying this immensely! Carry on!

Find an editor for your grammar and word choice.

Otherwise it seems okay so far.

Great chapter.

Impressive update rate :)
And you are keeping the quality that is good :)
Now i wonder: the ponies are anthros with the same sice and proportions than a human?

Why again did he give up his pants? :rainbowhuh:

Just thought I should mention: at some point, you might want to address the question of why Castus doesn't just whisper to the ponies. He's not deaf, and the story gives every indication that he's physiologically and mentally capable of it.
It's one of the things that's always kinda bugged me about the (tangentially related) Your Human universe. But then, I guess there was the "because magic" excuse.

Okay, so, good luck with the rest of the story.

Waiting for more. This is good story and a good update rate too, keep up the good work

You ask the right questions!

'I swear to god if I turn into a rabbit vampire thing, I am going to be pissed.' He thought. He really hoped that wasn't the case.

We are already aware that he is against turning into a bunny vanpier. You don't need to tell us that he "hoped it wasn't the case" since you already told us that "he would be pissed" if it happened.

4823550 You do know that the story says he's mute, right?

I'm not sure where you are going with this, but discord's hand in it kind of limits your options. Since we know he did it, we know who can send the human home already. We also know that he can bring others back and forth at will, which may lead to other humans or visits. Or, maybe you will work around it, I don't know.

There is also the obvious question about why he hasn't tried nodding, thumming up/down, or pantomiming. He also isn't trying very hard to get something which he can use to write on a surface, but that could just be procrastination on his part..

For a second, I thought that was Link in the picture...

... yes? But muteness isn't necessarily that simple. There are different kinds of muteness, but any kind that would leave you able to cough and form words with your mouth should still allow you to whisper (or use esophageal speech). You know, probably.

I'm not trying to nitpick or anything, but it just seems so obvious (and so critical in the character's situation) that, if it doesn't come up in the story, I'm always going to be wondering about it.

4824756 Well it was stated in the first chapter that he had to use sign language since he could not talk (like at all) but I see your point.

The thing I find somewhat odd is why didn't he look for a paper and a pen so he could start writing, considering he had thought about it already in the pound. but then again, new place and all guess it just sliped his mind

Wonder what's with the pills...:rainbowhuh:

4824901 Will he choose the blue... Or the red?

4824901 protein probably.

"Oh the screaming and the running. Oh the sheer panic! When I brought that creature here, I didn't think he would be so funny!" Discord said, taking a moment to catch his breath.

Wait a sec... something's not right here... :trixieshiftleft:

"Oh the screaming and the running. Oh the sheer panic! When I brought that creature here, I didn't think he would be so funny!


Oh the screaming and the running

Could'a sworn he was a mute... :trollestia:


Who said it was screaming from Castus? This is Discord, if he wants to add screaming to an image he is watching for his own enjoyment, he can do it.

Or maybe Discord is able to hear the thoughts of other beings and heard Castus' mental screams.

Or maybe he was talking about the screams of the scared ponies when he entered ponyville :P

Why didn't he try to communicate with Fluttershy when they reached her home? It's obvious that they understood English, both written and spoken, so Castus could at least be able to communicate with her and maybe get some help, at least....

Been calling this guy Cactus for the first two chapters. Gotta love dyslexia

Is there going to be human magic in this?

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