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You are an ancient god who dates back to the times before history was recorded. Along with your other brothers and sisters, you lived in a time of paradise and happiness. You lived in harmony and ruled over the mortals without a care in the world. Until war broke out. A war that would last for centuries and caused the near extinction of all life in Equestria. During a last ditch effort to defeat your enemy you receive a grievous wound to your already tired and withered out body, which caused your body to turn to stone. Where your body would repair itself and recover your lost energy. However it's been centuries since the war, the world and people you had once known and loved has faded into history along with your existence, but the world has gone too long without you and it's about time you return.

Need help with grammar, please comment if you see any mistakes. I'm sure there are a lot.
Anthro- ponies still have horns, wings, etc
Some chapters will be comment driven

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Can we have the option of remembering some things but not everything because if we can then I choose that option.Also awesome story so far.
P.S have some moustaches.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Well, this is interesting. As for what you remember, can we have it like what Pat3 said? Where you remember somethings like how you are? If not, then I vote for having your memories.

2930057>>2930044 Yeah you that option I'll make sure to put in there. Also thanks for liking my story :pinkiesmile:

His arms were drooping lifelessly

Celestia kneeled down and placed a hand onto gods shoulder.


Alright, with that out of the way, I really like this story's premise. I agree with the other comments about remembering only bits and pieces.

Also, my "Gods Power Rating Scale"
1. My "Gods"
23. Your Elder Gods
24. The Rest of Your Gods

My "gods" are very powerful.

2930255 The story is anthro so they have hands and stand on two legs. Also thanks for liking the story

2930289 Don't refer to them as alicorns, then. An alicorn is a tall, winged unicorn with powerful magic.

2930296 They're still tall, winged unicorns. They just have hands.

2930319 So they're winged and have horns? This story is confusing. It would help if you put somewhere that it is Anthro and that they still have horns and wings.

the name of this god is Typhoon, God of the Sky and Weather. The Guy Whos Both Fire and Ice:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::raritywink::eeyup:

I vote for keeping some memories as well.

I say that our god remembers bits and pieces of the past. He doesn't forget everything and he doesn't remember everything.


Dang it, and here I was hoping it was Death...

2932065 It's whatever I wanted to be :derpytongue2: A God of Death makes for a good plot but so does all the others so i'll just flip a coin :moustache:

he was defeated during a war so it would be more interest for him to have a more warlike mind be it violent and vicious or cold and calculating especially considering the fact that equestria is more peaceful now

I always like a good bit of lore to contribute to my headcannon, however, there were multiple grammatical errors that periodically made it tough to understand. It certainly has a lot of potential though: a story of an ancient god, a shell of their former self, struggling to regain the power and memories they once had. Its a very grandiose idea, one I would very much like to see done well. If you decide to have them keep some memories, then you have access to devices such as flashbacks and residual personality traits. It would also make for an interesting meeting between them and any currently living gods, such as Celestia or Luna. While I would like to see that route more, you could still write an excellent story with a main character entirely deprived of their memories, you would just have to guide it in a different direction.

Has only some of his memories and I'd vote god of death


Think about it, a God of Death sacrificing himself that someone might live... How can you NOT go with that? Besides, just make him a Reaper that comforts the dead and guides them. "Death is a natural thing. Yes , its sad you lose your friends, but only until they join you in the next world. Besides, I would love to be your friend until they come." Also, since you have a romance tag he can say" I'll be you constant companion, and never leave your side. We will be together always."
That actually sounds a little creepy, strike that last part. :twilightoops:

But either God you choose, I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. (Choose Death!)

2933894 I was actually about to go with death anyway, just got like a massive boost of ideas to work with

Personally, I feel like amnesia would make for a better fanfic.
However, I don't think that this story should be review-driven; rather, for major events(every 10 or so chapters), you should have something like a braching-off, where you write the more "popular" choice, all the the way until the finish, then go back and write an AU, and post it as a different fic.

Things are not going as I had written. Someone is changing history and I tend to find out.

I wonder who...?

Tempora watches over Equestria, a manic grin on her face, as she rewrites the very fabric of time. It was time that her subordinate learned his place. The insane Time Goddess merely watched as events unfolded.

In case you didn't know, Tempora is one of the 'gods' of my stories' (as I will write more) mythology.

I hav'nt read anything yet, but i hope this god likes "The Electro Gypsy" :P

Yes! It is Death! Thank you so much for choosing to explore Death's point of view!:pinkiehappy:

Here, have a 'satche :moustache:

I smell Percy Jackson references..... :ajsmug:
And good job so far! :pinkiehappy:

You've got a good choice of emotions between death he can care and .has respect for people but also shows he is a force not to be reckoned with. So overall cares for people , and darksider 2 death mixed tougher. :D

have a like and fav:pinkiehappy: yaaay im death! my favorite god/daemon:heart: i can just tell this is gonna be awesome:pinkiehappy:

So which element did Death wield?

I just read the first chapter and I was so expecting this to be an Injustice: Gods Among Us crossover. I'm kinda disappointed it isn't

2942299 there is no element. Death is the embodiment of Death and mortality. He controls who lives and who dies. Thats what makes him so powerful.



Is the Tragedy tag for events in the past being recollected? Or are there potentially future plans with that tag? Always wary when starting a story with the Tragedy tag.

Princess Luna. Death deities like this one tend to have more of a relationship with the deities of the night, moon, or darkness. It's one of the few reasons death deities are viewed the way they are in the populace.

The closest one at hand, that way it's not favoritism.


Just because shes younger and she can tell him why she was sent to the moon.

Agree with Deathblade, ask which one's closer to you and go to that one. If I can't do that, then Celestia.

luna, also you seem to have inconsistency's in your plot. in the first chapter where you say that forever is a girl, but in later chapters is a boy. or in this chapter where it sometimes is as if our protag isn't present when they meet with persephone.

if you are rushing to get these out, dont. im sure your readers (me included) would like a more complete product over fast releases.
otherwise, keep up the great work:pinkiehappy:

also, have a gif


Not necessarily. In stories like these, gods could often change from on appearance to another, from little boy to old woman, wothout a bat of an eye. And if endless is the oldest god, well, he's a little mysterious.

2947052 yes but still wouldent he have said so or atleast mentioned it at some point?




problem solved :twilightblush:

oh, and before I forget, Luna.

2947218 Thanks for pointing this out. The original 3rd chapter i had made was deleted. I did it on accident while working in word document :facehoof: so the current one is a little rushed. I'll make sure to edit a few things and take my time to revise my chapter to make sure every thing adds up. Sorry for the misunderstandings

6 billion years old, huh? My 'gods', the youngest is several trillion years, and the oldest is several google. And yes, a google is a valid amount. It is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (that's 100 zeros).

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