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Just a little fairy that has fun reading. Nothing much to see here.

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No.. better yet.. we'll turn the patriarchy on its head and put a matriarch above the patriarch, then become the shadow femenists! We shall call ourselves.. the uh.. Illuminafems? I don't know. Something with fem.. something with illuminate.. even though illuminate would be extremely counter-intuitive to a shadow organization

Yey! More girls on the site! ^!^
Soon we will take over the Bronies' man-space and turn it into a place of feminist propaganda! Aaahahahahahaha!!!

Thanks for the fav! :D

Hey there! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for making a favourite of The Heavenfall! If there's anything at any point during the story you'd like to point out or have a question about, be sure to leave me a comment. :twilightsmile:

Once again, thanks! :scootangel:

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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