For all ye Total Annihilation and Planetary Annihilation bronies! I personally haven't played I HAVE BOUGHT AND PLAYED Planetary Annihilation by Uber Entertainment, and it is a worthy competitor for Total Annihilation's sequel. So, all that aside, this is a group for old school gamers who love RTS games! The primary focus of this group is for PA/TA fics, but please stick other pony/RTS fics in the 'other' folder. I'm sure we'll all enjoy them!

Probably not going to have that many members, because, as I know, there are few TA fans out there, and even fewer TA bronies. Well, live long prosper, and completely DESTROY the other side!

And if anyone wants to use the forum as a war room to find people to play with, be my guest. If you're going to play original, Gameranger is a good choice. But another thing, look into the Spring project, lovely lovely engine. Balanced Annihilation is a worthy remake of TA, with all the same units (and many more!) that you remember! Plus beautiful 3D graphics!

Alright, enjoy the group!

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I play TA & TAK online.

Wish there was Spring for TAK. Would love to play the campaign with the engine.
By the way how many people play TA Spring, BA or others online?

Well, this site looks promising :derpytongue2:

this group was made for me im in:pinkiehappy:

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